bad luck how?

How do we respond to bad luck?

What if you are make aware that your bazi structure or 10-year luck pillar or annual luck indication is bad. Most masters will probably advise you to wear your lucky colours, home/office feng shui directions, amulets, talisman etc etc to improve your luck

fixed bad luck

So if you were told that your lucky/useful element 八字格局用神 is “fire”, likely you are advised to  dress like a walking angpow even though you are a working professional. This is because red , orange, purple represents fire. Sleep in South sector, migrate/venture overseas towards South direction. Wear red gemstones like rubies. Carry a pot of fire everywhere you go, work in the IT industry because all these are fire element.

Does all these actions change your life outcomes?

To quote 在天成象,在地成形,變化見矣. What it means is your Bazi future is influence by heavenly energy (the stars) 在天成象 but the final outcome still depends on each individual 在地成形. 

Why outcomes of bazi predictions can be changed

Ponder this truth. You are NOT THE ONLY ONE one having this birth chart in the world. There are millions of people born with the same natal chart as you over the past hundreds of years and present. Do you think life experiences all happened at same year for every single individual. Career, marriage, kids, health, life expectancy etc happened on the same timeline ? 

Definitely NOT! Why the difference ? That is because of you altering it!

For example individual born in undeveloped countries is very different from developed countries. There are so many variables involved such as education, job opportunities, language abilities, cost of living, cultural values, longevity, marriage etc Other variables affecting so call outcomes or many call it “luck” are Global trends, age, education, friends, exercise, mentality and many others

What bazi is telling us are “likely” happenings


Why “likely”?  because outcomes are not cast in stone, here are some examples

Death prediction. One cannot forecast an individual year of death because advances in medical science prolongs life. One could lead a healthy lifestyle.

Marriage/Divorce. Cultural values are different. Divorce is unheard of 100 years ago. It is socially acceptable now.

Wisdom to make the right call. During Covid 19 the best way to avoid infection is staying at home.

A Good fortune 10-Year Luck pillar (十年大运). Get up and get out of your comfort zone. Do your own business if you have the right ingredients and risk-appetite.  In particular you can work extremely hard to make-money for that 10 years and retired early.  One lucky year is too short to make any real money.

The Truth about Bazi Reading

There are many more examples. The point i am trying to make is Bazi forecast tells you what will happen. It is up to you to take action by changing the space-time continuum. For instance, if you know this year is a money-breaking year, reduce you investments or lock your money away in a fixed deposit savings account! A bad year in human relationships. Talk less. It is that simple.

Bazi Reading cannot control what you do.

It tells you what will happen. How this event is going to unfold depends on you. We do have a choice to “decide and respond” to our forthcoming good or bad years. This is the true meaning of having a bazi reading. It is not about lucky colours and wearing lucky amulets etc.

Lastly don’t make feng shui the scapegoat.






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