Lunar 7th month

Lunar 7th month Chinese Custom or Feng Shui

I received numerous enquiries regarding auspicious dates for renovation or move-in during the Lunar 7th month. So is it true that during this month planet Earth stop rotating, the sun that rises from East and set in the West have to put on “pause” mode…

Of course not in fact from geomancy (feng shui) point-of-view certain 二十四山segments/orientation if we pick the right day & time are particularly auspicious for renovations, move in or even burial. Sometimes this method is used for solving issues like conflict with 太岁 三煞 etc

See chart below:

Lunar 7 month feng shui

The 15-degree segments involved are highlighted in red square. However you need to consult your feng shui master if you intend to use this method because the orientation of these segments are quite precise. The segment involved within the 45-degree sector are North-East, South, South-West and West.

Problem is most people mixed up between “customs” or “Chinese traditions” with feng shui. Partly is due to the overdramatised of feng shui beliefs when religion or chinese customs were trickle down from history.


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