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When comes to feng shui there are 2 particular stars that you have to be mindful for a successful marriage. One is the “quarrelsome 3” flying star which sow discord to a marriage and the other “happy celebrations 9” that foster relationship. Find out from your regular Singapore feng shui master about the Destiny of your home combo where are these 2 stars. Are they missing or not activated or landed in the toilet? Accurate activation of the star also encourages tying of the wedding knot for singles that have been in a relationship for awhile. Besides the Destiny House feng shui one have to be aware of the influences of the Annual flying star too. This year 2014 the quarrelsome star 3 is in the South-East sector and happy celebrations star 9 is in the North sector. See illustration below.

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In Asian context, most single ladies are concern with their opportunities to meet their knight in shining armor and tie the wedding knot. Based on bazi teachings we look at the Day master root ( which is the marriage partner ) and the “Controlling Element” of her Day Master. Why control? This is because bazi teachings are written during olden days China, where female is consider as secondary to the male breadwinner. We are into 21st century ladies are equally capable if not more capable than man in many professions. As to the timing of marriage it depends on the 10 years luck pillar and annual luck pillar derived from her bazi configuration.

Chinese bazi call this 正官 (zheng guan where yin and yang matches) and in the absence  七杀 (Qi Sha yin yin or yang yang) which represents the potential husband. Therefore Zheng Guan is a perfect match because this is where Yin and Yang balance in harmony. In the above chart for instance a “Ding” fire Day Master, her Zheng Guan is “Ren Water”, Water controls or conquers Fire.

According to my past experiences, absence of “Zheng Guan” and “Qi Sha”, makes finding the right marriage partner difficult. On the other hand some may have more than one which increase the chances of separation or divorce. There are certain recommendations that could dilute the bad situations but results varies with each individual. One thing for sure is to soften one’s personality or expectations because marriage breakups generally are a two-person’s problems.

In Bazi analysis, to guage whether she enjoys a good marriage depends on 4 factors (a) Her Day Master Root whether is her favourable or unfavourable element (b) Her Guan Star ( controlling element ) position and influence (c) Her Guan Star whether is strong or weak and lastly (d) Is the Guan Star position.

feng shui marriage facialFor ladies who wanted to invite “romance and love” into their life, they can also do something to enhance their face so as to increase their chances of suitors. see the highlighted in yellow.

Feng Shui is the manifestation of environment Luck, and if a lady knowingly arrange her living surroundings in such a way as to promote good romance, marriage and family alike, she will improved her chances of meeting “Mr Right” that leads to a happy and contented family life.

Good bazi marriage luck configuration for women indicate that they will become happy first wives, even if the husband strays, he will eventually continue to respect and provide for the first wife and that his children. However there are some ladies birth configuration that are not suited to get married or they have to marry a foreigner or with a 10 years age gap.

Feng Shui advise ladies to avoid having mirrors in their bedrooms or having the store room or toilet located in the marriage or family corners of the home. These are guidelines from Forms and Qi Schools of Feng Shui.

A happy family life, where misunderstandings and quarrels are kept to a minimum between the husband and wife, and between siblings where children grow up to be filial and obedient – respecting their parents are part and parcel of the promise of good Feng Shui.

In addition, good feng shui balanced qi does bring balance into the physical bodies of individuals thereby promoting good health and a general absence of illnesses and disease.

Bazi compatibility and personality conflicts are the high influencers of marriage breakup although feng shui home does play a role to prevent this from happening.

Indeed, today there has been an unprecedented rise in broken relationships. In Singapore based on Year 2012 statistics there are 7,237 divorce over 27,936 marriages which is about 1 out 4 marriages ends up in divorce. So is it possible that 1 out 4 houses have bad feng shui that leads to divorce? Absolutely not! i remembered one client did asked me can she buy a divorce house and will her marriage be affected? i believed you readers are intelligent enough to know the answer. To use a reverse illustration, if this owner wanted to sell the house not because of divorce but because he just strike Toto $10 million dollars; do you think the new owner will enjoy the same windfall luck? Can a person past historical good luck or bad luck transported to another person?

Like a meteorite entering earth’s gravitational field, marriage and family relationships are disintegrating. The worst thing we could do for a relationship is to start nit-picking and get into a debate about who is to blame: the individual or society, affluence or secularization. As adults we know that in order to truly love, you need to withdraw yourself from your ego and create room for another person in your life. A relationship is not about control. When one partner dominates the other, demanding of him or her to conform and suppress his/her personality, the possibility of a relationship is snuffed out. Genuine love not only respects the individuality of the other, but actually seeks to cultivate it. Love, like the act of creation, is the courageous act of creating space for the presence of the other. It is the very shortcomings and imperfections of your spouse that allow you to grow into something larger than yourself?

Every home has a marriage sector unless is missing or out of shape. This is represented by the Trigram Kun 坤卦(202-247 degree), which symbolizes the Mother Earth. Kun is also symbolic of strong Yin energies and represents fertility. It directly complements the Trigram Qian Gua 乾卦, which means the strongest Yang energies. The marriage corner is thus represented by the South-West corner of the home. However there are other considerations regarding marriage harmony for instance the flying star combo of individual sectors such as the bed position and the main door. In addition the orientation of the destiny home also influences relationship status. Should the marriage fail is usually not only one single cause but multidimensional influences from various 9 sectors, bazi compatibility and 10 years luck pillars/annual luck pillars of both parties.

Generally speaking homes with missing sectors in the North-West and South-West increases the potential of divorce. North-West represents the head of household and South-West represent the female head of household. Missing sectors also means the person that is symbolic to that sector  are distant apart. Not forgetting it also represent certain parts of our bodies. In some cases if the NW sector is missing it can be interpreted as the Male owner is seldom at home or dislike to stay at home or outstation.

To activate your marriage corner and increase the chances of serious romance into your life, first locate your marriage corner. Generally speaking, if you live in a house or apartment, ensure that your toilets/bathrooms or kitchens are not located in the South-West sector. It affects the female head of household. Toilets are particularly harmful, since it literally means losing out on marriage potential and affects the health too. However this is just one part of the entire whole. Feng shui has other remedies to seek out the representations of marriage luck on other sectors too, so don’t get unduly worried if South-West sector is a toilet.

It is interesting to note royal and wealthy families in olden China, the toilet is located in another building than built-into the house. There were no bathrooms, bathtubs were filled with water by servants and maids and brought into the bedroom if the Master needed a bath.

There are other sectors using feng shui remedies to improve one’s marriage prospects. The best is having your bed placement in that particular sector. Other minor methods that supplement the potential of tying the wedding knot or maintaining the marriage are having cures like rose quartz, Chinese marriage knot or having the Chinese characters signifying double happiness. However bottomline is still to rectify the destiny configuration of the house rather than looking at one particular sector.

Marriage partner Compatibility and Income

This is one interesting insight, because birth profiling can tell the person’s innate character, talents and 10 years luck phase; you can use this tool to check your fiance’s wealth creation capabilities! i know it sounded too money-minded. But love is not just fresh water and bread. In fact the water that we drink is not free.

i have clients approach me to assess his or her fiancee 5 elements compatibility and financial standing. Sometimes an individual have too many suitors and are spoilt for choices. You can use this advance technique of birth profile analysis, to help you to make a better decision.

By understanding your marriage potential partner’s personality and characteristics, you will be able to gauge the “harmony” of your relationship with him long term. As the saying goes “love is blind” sometimes we cannot be objective about the person when we are in a deep relationship. The flaws would only surface after married for a few years by then it may be too late when you have a child.

A lot of my clients requested for this “financial compatibility” service because of their bad experiences they had with their previous marriages. Statistics show that divorce rates are on the increase in Singapore and more often than not this is due to financial problems and domestic violence. 


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