Misrepresented facts about feng shui

The very fact that you have reached this website is probably you have gone through a few feng shui master in Singapore but are still confused with certain feng shui principles. Another reason that i wrote this page is because there are so many enquiries to ask the same thing.

No such thing as “Key collection-Open door” in feng shui

The short version is since you HAVE NOT OCCUPIED the house there are no energy to calculate and no effect on you as owners. Imagine rich billionaires that own 20 houses do you think they are bothered to choose an auspicious date to “open door”? So do you choose an auspicious date to buy a car ? buy a stove? buy refrigerator? buy a TV? etc etc More often than not the answer is negative. Then why do you need to choose an auspicious open door date just for house?

Based on classical Feng shui principles you probably heard of phrases like this:

 “天人合一” “人傑地灵”、“一方水土養育一方人” so feng shui without anybody staying in there is no feng shui at all. LOL.

Annual Zodiac sign Fortune forecast

Do you believe that more than 5 million born into this world HAVING THE SAME ZODIAC SIGN shared the SAME FATE?

annual zodiac sign 2016 fortune

Annual feng shui items

Are you one of the many who purchase Annual feng shui items? After 5 years your home is probably filled with 5 x 9 products that you have to throw it away. Do you think it really work or make one feel psychologically good that you have done something for the new year? Do you think your luck would have improved just by merely putting these items? Have you considered your own birth profile, 10-year luck pillar and annual luck pillar?



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