Myths and Taboos

Feng Shui myths and taboos

Li Chun Bank in money brings good luck is a myth

Not sure how the myth of bank in money on  立春 li chun brings good fortune for the whole year. It sounds too good to be true. Similar analogy can be said for  rolling of pineapple on initial door opening (key collection). Not that i have anything against imagination & creative marketing but misrepresenting something like that is far fetch.

Every year people queue up religiously to deposit money on the day of spring commencement usually 4th or 5th February. There were no feng shui historical data to back this get-rich formula. It is sad that minority of the knowledge-driven Singaporeans  believed in such things. This gimmick if happened during San Yuan *Period 7 era兑卦 – con artist 1984 – 2003 make more sense than now.  It is even more disheartening “if” this creativity originates from Singapore feng shui masters.

* Outdated兑卦 Period 7 dui gua symbolism/trend:   mouth 口 or   happiness 喜 or 取悦 art of persuasion  to induce good feelings, not by facts. Currently we are in Period 8 艮卦 (after 2004) which represent pause,  to think or to rationalise…whether any of these is logical?

One withdraw money (which is your money) and deposit on li chun day. If common sense prevails money exchange from left pocket to right pocket doesn’t increase your fortune.

Let’s be realistic make a resolution (just like new year) on li chun day to work harder, smarter, horn your craft, seem more likely to attract money.

Wearing Red – 犯太岁 if our zodiac clashes with the year

犯太岁 or clashes with the Year Zodiac (some call it Grand Duke), unlike what you heard is not necessary bad. It means major changes in your life e.g. relocation, wedding, overseas, new assignment, retrenchment. Wearing something red does not avoid the conflict, lucky colour if you believe depends on your birth profile (bazi) lucky elements 八字喜用神.

2, 3 or 5 pairing of items are inauspicious

Good imagination to associate 紫白 flying star numeric representations of 2 means sickness, 3-quarrelsome, 5-misfortune to items like number of light bulbs, fan blade, number of poles in clothes hanger…for that matter one should not put 2 pens, 3 boxes, 5 perfume bottles, 3 toothbrushes…the list can go on. Then life is really pathetic and feng shui is a waste of time because it is impractical.

Shoe rack/shoes should not be near to main door

The myth is it will “drive away the God of Wealth”. Think this way if the shoe rack is not  going to be near to your door entrance, where else can we place our shoes? The only thing i can concur is that you have to exercise personal hygiene by dusting your shoes, keep it ventilated and having a deodorizer in your shoe cupboard.

No fan particularly ceiling fan

The question is having a ceiling fan will disperse 财气 wealth energy (air) which conflict with feng shui principle to “collect” the air 藏风聚气.  Let’s go back to fundamentals. If we based on 三元风水 San Yuan school which emphaize on the importance of “timing” to distinguish between positive and negative energy (air) in the house. It divides luck period into 3 eras. We are currently in the late era  下元 7, 8, 9 therefore energy from West(7), Northeast(8) and South(9) are positives. The illustration below demonstrate the door’s inflow of energy, one can also plot another for windows or any ventilation that allows air & light.

From the above we can see 2 main energies one from North (period 1) which is obsolete  because it belongs to 上元 early era and the other Northwest (period 6 中元) which is less than ideal because we are in period 8 下元 but still better than N1. This is just one of the many ways to look at influx of energy. For clarity sake, i will solely based on one singular formula 三元纳气, disregarding house destiny flying star energy chart, 8 mansions, San He, Da Gua, Qi Men, bazi profiling and others.

From this example we realised energy from the main door is poor, thus we should consider using energy from the window which is from South – positive for this era. One of the way is to use fan e.g. ceiling fan, wall fan or even air-condition to draw South energy from windows. Thus one cannot make a sweeping statement that ceiling fan is not good for feng shui, the relevance should be the context to place at the right location.

In fact one should install the ceiling fan at our home xuan kong flying star (another feng shui calculation method) water star 8 “wealth” sector which helps to disperse 财气 wealth energy into the entire house. If your purpose is to “trap” wealth energy why not use water feature? The great grandmaster of feng shui 郭璞 quote “气乘风则散,界水而止”  energy (air) travels freely and only “water” traps it. In order not to confuse you, this will not be elaborate further because it is based on different feng shui school/s水法.

“thank you for your questions, hopefully this clears all doubts. please feel free to share & email me if you come across any general (not specific) feng shui questions that does not make sense


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