Myths and Taboos

Feng Shui myths and taboos

Not sure when it started there are people who queue up just to bank in their money on 立春 the commencement of spring season which is generally on the 4th or 5th February every year. There are no historical proof on any classical feng shui scriptures stating the necessity of banking in money to improve your wallet. It just make no sense that you draw out money from date A and bank in on the stated date. Why would you waste your time to do this gesture thinking that it will fatten your wallet?

Feng Shui with scientific method

The rule of thumb to test whether the above hypothesis – “enrich your wealth if you bank in money on the date of Spring commencement” is simple. Make an observation, conduct a research with the people who queue up, do a simple questionaire & test the hypothesis. Record it and you can draw a conclusion for yourself whether enrich individual’s wealth is really that simple!

Wearing Red underclothes for good luck – 犯太岁 if one zodiac clashes with the year

Definitely no such thing. Wearing something red for good luck depends on your Birth profile Lucky elements 八字喜用神.

Shoe rack or shoes should not be at your main door way

The myth is it will “drive away the God of Wealth”. Think about it this way if the shoe rack and shoes are not going to place at your door entrance where else can we place our shoes? The only thing i can concur is that you have concern with hygiene by dusting your shoes before place in the cupboard and have something to remove the foul smell if you have lots of shoes.

Ceiling fan should not be installed based on feng shui principles

This comes as a surprise to me because, Singapore is pretty warm and humid and having a ceiling fan does keep the temperature down. The argument is that you are unable to “contain” the 气 air in the house. Problem is there are negative and positive “qi” so are you “containing” the positive ones or the negative ones ? And the fact is one should have a ceiling fan or air condition at the “wealth” sector because it helps to “distribute” the “财气 wealth energy” into the entire house isn’t that nice? If you want to “enclose the positive energies” why not use “living water”? The great grandmaster of feng shui 郭璞 quote “气乘风则散,界水而止”  so if you place the water correctly it will enhance your wealth why worry about 穿堂风 exaggerated by youtube feng shui drama. Just remember this the positive one must be active 旺则动, the bad ones passive 凶必静 which again makes common sense. Playing “down” the weakest link.

Key collection choosing an auspicious date

It is a myth to choose an auspicious date to collect your keys or first time opening the door of your house. The reason is simple, you have not stay in the house and there is no consequences of the home feng shui energy affecting you.

Cleansing the house before shifting in

This is only necessary if this is an old house or some bad stuff happened before. As for new house such as BTO it is unnecessary to do so. I do not perform such ceremony or custom. For those who wanted “peace of mind” can follow this simple method.

“please feel free to share & email me if you can think of anything that does not make any sense to you but being passed down by generations. Please do not ask me specify questions about your home feng shui “


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