Myths and Taboos

Feng Shui myths and taboos

feng shui myths and taboosFeng shui myths and taboos got no place in today’s knowledge economy. At present we are able to print human organs or tissues with a 3D bio printer or manipulate our immune system to fight cancer. But it is pathetic that authentic feng shui teachings are lagging behind. Masters are still promoting feng shui concepts that are…imaginative but make no sense.

Myth number 1 – bank money on Li Chun day brings good fortune

The figment of one’s imagination is to bank in money on  立春 li chun day brings good fortune for the whole year. Similar to the  rolling of pineapple on initial door opening (key collection). Not that i have anything against creative feng shui marketing but presenting misleading information like that is irresponsible and unprofessional.

Every year people queue up religiously to put money on the day of spring commencement on 4th or 5th February and then withdraw within the year or next. It is nothing more than a gimmick to make you happy without any feng shui basis. This gimmick may have work in *Period 7 era 兑卦 1984 – 2003 where con artist are rampant. Currently we are in period 8 (after 2004) 艮卦 symbolic to pause 止, think, to rationalise and be smart.

* Period 7 dui gua means to please you 取悦 by making you happy 喜悦 through manipulation of your feelings not facts.

One withdraw money from other or same bank and deposit on li chun day. If common sense prevails money is exchange from your left pocket to right pocket but it doesn’t make your richer. Let’s be realistic make a resolution on li chun day to work harder, smarter, horn your craft, seem more likely to attract money.

Feng shui Taboo No. 2 – Main door facing windows causes wealth loss 破财 (穿堂风)

feng shui tabooSounds correct. But the keyword is “wealth loss”. Please allow me to put in the right context. Wealth lost does not literally means you lost your wallet. It means money depleted. Thus one must have money to begin with before it gets lesser. A person with just enough to get by or insufficient income would not have this problem of “wealth loss”. Because he has not generated sufficient money. Thus my feng shui philosophy is first you must be able to “attract” wealth into your house like a magnet. Then worry about wealth lost. If you can draw abundant wealth through feng shui then spending money (wealth loss) on an expensive family holiday or buying a bungalow house is not a problem but a form of pampering yourself. Moreover going on a family holiday improves family harmony and buying a bungalow is a form of investment.

Lastly if your home destiny happened to be a wealth door than blocking it, is preventing wealth from coming in which pose a bigger problem than money loss. One can’t generalise main door faces open window is bad.

If we use 三元风水 San Yuan formula school that stresses on the importance of “timing” to differentiate between positive and negative energy. One should not block positive energy from entering your house which in this era is Northeast (2004-2023) or South (2024-2043) door.

Ceiling fan not allow in feng shui home

The feedback to me is installation of ceiling fan is unable to entrap wealth energy. Let us put this trapping of wealth energy on pause mode. Consider this, would you want your entire house to fill with wealth energy? Placing your ceiling fan on the wealth spot can do just that. Feng shui emphasize on the importance of “motion & movement” to bring good fortune. I Ching : 吉凶悔吝,生乎动, 有变动而后有吉凶. Good or bad feng shui is dependent on things in motion e.g. doors. A motionless or non-living object e.g. cupboards does not create energy thus will not create good or bad luck. Finally in feng shui we do not use fans to retain wealth energy but distribute it.

Wearing Red undergarments if  your zodiac signs clashes with the year 犯太岁

犯太岁 or clashes with the Year Zodiac (some call it Grand Duke), is not necessary bad. It means major changes in your life e.g. relocation, wedding, overseas, new assignment, retrenchment. Wearing red does not avoid the conflict, lucky colour if you believe depends on your birth profile (bazi) lucky elements 八字喜用神.

2, 3 or 5 pairing of items are inauspicious

Good imagination to associate 紫白 flying star numeric representations of 2 means sickness, 3-quarrelsome, 5-misfortune to items like light bulbs, fan blade, poles in clothes hanger…for that matter one should not put 2 pens, 3 boxes, 5 perfume bottles, 3 toothbrushes…the list can go on. Then life is really pathetic and feng shui is a waste of time because it is impractical.

Shoe rack/shoes should not be near to main door

Another feng shui myth or taboo is that shoe rack should not be place next to main door.  The feng shui myth claim that by doing so, it will chase away the God of Wealth. It sets me to wonder where should we place the shoe rack then? The only concern to me is hygiene. Thus by practice of good habits such as dusting of shoes and keeping the shoe rack well ventilated.

“thank you for your questions, hopefully this clears all doubts. please feel free to share & email me if you come across any general (not specific) feng shui questions that does not make sense to you.


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