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Auspicious Baby Name Case Study

i was recently asked to refund amount paid by a client. The reason was he/she  disliked the list of Chinese Characters given and complained that i did not performed the name reading “service”.  I have explained in great length on the Bazi Name service in my url that it is based on a fixed algorithm, a certain structure 三才五行 and the Chinese characters are extracted from Kang xi 康熙字典 dictionary. The list of Chinese characters are prefiltered based on fixed number of strokes and the lucky 5 element that the client needed. Please allow me to show you the report that was given below with all the client confidentiality masked out purposely.

baby lucky name sample singapore

Due to the extensive list there are bound to be certain chinese character that an individual like or dislike…but that does not mean that i perform a poor service? Moreover THE LIST OF CHINESE CHARACTERS that i have provided is not within my control given the number of strokes to conform and the 5 element harmony chain by Kang Xi Dictionary. This is like in English language you got great 4-letter words e.g. “nice” and the “f” vulgar word. All the client needed to do is not to choose the Chinese character that he or she emotional disliked but it is my responsibility to provide as many choices as possible. See if i do not provide the entire list (edited/deleted those with zodiac sign/birth profile clashes) then there are people who are not happy with the limited choices given.

Well “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

This is like an individual who booked a package tour but disliked the places of interest that the tour operator bring. The itinerary of the tour package is fixed and the buyer should be aware (caveat emptor) of it before making payment for the tour.

In auspicious name selection service it is not within my control that certain Chinese character evoke certain emotional personal preferences. What i merely do is to provide as many choices as possible eliminating all the incompatible element Chinese characters for my clients to choose. Problem is if i reduced all those that are emotionally unappealing to me then my client will be left with only a few chinese character. Take for instance i personally dislike 龙 to me it sounded very “chinese” but to others they may like it because most traditionalist will like to have a child like “望子成龙wàng zǐ chéng lóng” hoping that their child will grow up to become somebody in life. As for my responsibilities i believed i have fulfilled my job to come up with the “best possible structure” and “maximum number of choice chinese characters”. Moreover for this client the best part is they did received a sample of the report (with client name masked out of course) before engaging me. So ignorance is not an excuse at all.

Incidentally over the last decade doing this service, this is  first time and an isolated incident that a client complained about the characters furnished are not suitable for baby naming. The exact words quoted were “TOTALLY UNUSABLE” FOR BABY NAMING”, seriously lol.

Not sure if the client is trying to pull a fast one saying that she is an “advanced chinese teacher” and wanted a cheaper price due to the chinese characters being unusable; so the client negotiated for a “discounted price”, half to be exact, i did better i give them 100% refund on the full price although i did not feel that in any part this is bad baby naming service at all! To give them at a discounted price to me is an insult to my integrity acknowledging that my service value is substandard. I rather give them for free as part of “charity” service! Well what goes around comes around…

Well in life it is perfectly normal that there are people who are not appreciative for the work that you have done and take advantage of you but “what goes around comes around”. Luckily for me this is like 1 out of 1000 clients that i consulted.


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