Office Feng Shui Destiny

Office feng shui 宅命 Destiny

When i first started doing feng shui on adhoc basis some 20 years ago, not many Singaporeans heard of the term “宅命” in feng shui translate literally in English means “Destiny”. Feng Shui “Destiny” is like “dna” inborn with the office. It is permanent and generic. Whether you are tenants or owners of the office, the 宅命energies will influence the occupants. The major influences of the energy are health, employee retention, wealth, reputation, cohesiveness and leadership.

Before considering buying or renting, do ensure that you engage a feng shui master to check the “Destiny” of the office. The importance of Office Destiny feng shui can be summarise by the Great grand master of feng shui  蒋大鸿 Year 1616-1714

天元五歌 Heavenly Songs of feng shui

人生 最重 是 阳基,  却与坟莹福力齐. 宅气不宁招祸咎,骨埋真穴贵难期. In a nutshell it is of paramount importance to choose the Right Home 阳基 just as important as burial. If the energy is bad it will cause chaos in the office.

The calculation of the “Feng Shui House Destiny” is based on the principles of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star school 三元玄空 八运飞星格局. This can only be measured using a luo pan to ascertain the orientation & sitting “degree” of the house. Unlike 8 Mansions theory which is broadly classify a house destiny by 8 sectors, Period 8 Xuan Kong Flying star utilise 24 “mountains” consisting of 48 combinations 八运廿四山四十八局. It subdivided per gua refining into 3 segments. Within this 15 degree segment only 9 degrees is use as a standard 下卦. Anything out of the 9 degree precision we use an alternative method call 兼向替星訣. 4 “standard” classifications of office destiny:

luo-pan-feng-shui-masterA. Excellent Destiny : 旺山旺向 Best of both worlds – positive influence on health and wealth
坐未向丑,坐丑向未,坐亥向巳,坐巳向亥,坐巽向乾,坐乾向巽。NE/SW & NW & SE but it must fall ideally within the “9” degree segment. Generally great for any industry-type office Orientations circle in red.

B. The Worst Destiny: 上山下水 Negative influence on health and wealth OR “ICU (intensive care unit)” 

坐戌向辰,坐辰向戌,坐申向寅,坐寅向申,坐坤向艮,坐艮向坤。Found in Northeast/Southwest & Northwest/Southeast orientations. The sub-segment shaded in grey are the bad ones. The ill effects of such an office destiny are sickness, poor business, disharmony and so forth. Negative rating on “Health” and Wealth aspects. “Health” in business represent’s employees well-being, staff retention, morale and team spirit.

C. 双星到山 Good health but negative help on wealth. Average units.
Excellent for businesses of mass-consumption goods or services.  retirees.

D. 双星到向 Good wealth and negative help on health. Average units. For business concern this is still a better choice than C relatively.
Since business is about making profits this orientations will be good for luxury goods or services.

Office Feng Shui Tips

  1. One fundamental requisite is that the external and internal “form” attributes of the office must fit with the destiny. Take for example if the office destiny classification is “D” then the main door should be located at the wealth sector, since the health and wealth star are both sharing the same sectors. Ideally the corridor or passage leading to the main entrance is unobstructed or even better comes from the Lift direction.

  2. It is wrong to choose an office based on owners birth profile lucky elements. Some of the reasons are the owner and the product or service offerings may differ in the lucky 5 elements, so which element should we emphasize on? Secondly for mid or long term expansion plans there maybe introduction of new partners but then the office feng shui only suits the ex-owner?

  3. Another wrong idea is to fit the owners or CEO by matching his/her Gua Number. If you read another article Gua Number is “flawed” because it is fixated with 4 positive sectors and 4 negative sectors. So common sense tell us that we rent an office 10,000 square feet and we can only able to use 5000 sq ft? To add on to the problem how about the Gua Number of the Office? If it concide with the owner you are only able to utilise 50% of the office and if it does not match the owner you are unable to use 100% of the office?
  4. If you wanted a short-cut generalisation (which is risky) choose the main door that is located (not orientation) in the North-East Sector, this is the Best choice in Period 8 (Year 2004-Year 2023) xuan kong feng shui theory. In chinese feng shui is call the True God 正神方 收山= 正神 ( non-religious just a term ) position. If the main door is located in the South-West and enjoys the view of the sea or reservoir then South-West sector 零神方 出煞 for wealth energies; if you are the CEO of the company and wanted to enjoy corporate leadership then an East door location call the illuminate God or 照 神方
  5. Getting an auspicious fengshui orientation of the house where the sitting and facing direction is “current” within the the 8th period (辅星纯清) or 9th period ( 弼星纯清)based on xuankong feng shui flying star. Some of these auspicious degree that belongs to the 8th period are 八运, 困, 节(102.5/105 degree), 贲, 旅, 复, 豫, 小畜(153/156 degree), 姤 that is within the red dot of the luopan 辅星 纯清 within the 64 trigram. Then you have to match this degree with the rest of your home feng shui furnishings positioning e.g. bed placement.
  6. Ideally the office main doors and all room doors (if it is not an open office) should be in the wealth, reputation or harmony sectors.
  7. Solely based on “Forms” school, having a broad spacious open space 明堂 朱雀 in front of your Main office door is a great idea for wealth enhancement. The front which is symbolic to Pheonix is positive if it is low and spacious allowing the free flow of energies. On the left hand 左青龙 (with you standing at your door facing outwards) side of the office should be either the same or bigger/higher than the right hand side 右白虎. This will benefit benefactors and mentor luck. At the back of the office should not be a toilet but a taller building acting as “mountain 靠山玄武 Snake Tortise” which helps staff’s loyalty to the boss and general health of the employees.
  8. Observe carefully the external landscape of your environment using your unit as the central focal point, is the external lift or elevators or walkways located in auspicious sectors leading to your office.
  9. The location of your main door (not orientation) within an auspicious sectors is also of paramount importance. 大门是至关重要的。“阳宅首重大门,  以大门为气口,纳气旺则吉,衰气则凶”。又云:“宅以门为吉凶,路为助,门向辨”.

*the above are useful guidelines many factors to consider as well


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