Key Collection open door

Uniquely Singapore “Key collection-Open door” ritual in feng shui

Until today there are still a lot of enquiries about the importance of “door opening” on key collection day. There are some who are even prepared to pay me an obscene amount of money just to roll pineapples, chanting, praying and dancing around in the house. Traditional feng shui principles stated the “TRINITY” principle i.e. heaven, 人 human environment.

天-天时的运用 Timing

Life to a certain extent is about “timing”. Doing the right thing at the right time with the right people. Sometimes the timing is perfect for something you want, example asking your boss for a raise in salary and the events come together perfectly. When opportunities are presented to you, and you have to make the right decisions at the right times. On the other hand when the timing is wrong, and it’s like you’re swimming upstream, same example asking your boss for a raise when he is in the midst of divorce is definitely wrong timing! Timing is particularly important when we talk about bazi and luck pillars.

Human 八字 大运 流年 性格 人品 人和

Our effort to pursue a good education or self study. Our doings, our attitude. our personality. How do we relate with people, how do we treat our parents, how we upbring our children, how we relate to our wife, family members. For those my clients i make a consistent effort to remind them to do good, personality upgrade and not unduly over reliance on feng shui or bazi to perform a miracle in your life or make things happen in your life!

 Environment 风水 Country, Culture, Custom

峦头 physical attributes include 内 internal physical structure and external 格局 environment. It also encompass “理气 energy” direction 方向 and position 方位. A person born in 3rd world countries is very different from a person born in Singapore given the same birth profile year, month, date and time, period.

The short version is since you “HAVE NOT STAYED” in the house there are no energy to calculate and no effect on you as owners. Imagine rich billionaires that own 20 houses do you think they are bothered to choose an auspicious date to “open door”? Are we so naive to think that by choosing an auspicious date to open the door and roll some pineapples into the center it will make us prosper 财运兴旺, 人丁平安, 事业及学业顺遂, 贵人高涨 and good marriage 姻缘 omg. Think about it this way do we choose an auspicious date to collect birth certificate for our babies, keys for a new car ? buy a stove? buy refrigerator? buy  TV? etc etc More often than not the answer is negative.

Then why do we need to choose an auspicious open door date just for house?

Based on classical Feng shui principles you probably heard of phrases like this:

 “天人合一” “人傑地灵”、“一方水土養育一方人” so feng shui without anybody staying in there is no feng shui at all.

Annual Zodiac sign Fortune forecast

Do you believe that more than 5 million born into this world HAVING THE SAME ZODIAC SIGN shared the SAME FATE?

annual zodiac sign 2016 fortune

Annual feng shui items

Are you one of the many who purchase Annual feng shui items? After 5 years your home is probably filled with 5 x 9 products that you have to throw it away. Do you think it really work or make one feel psychologically good that you have done something for the new year? Do you think your luck would have improved just by merely putting these items? Have you considered your house destiny fengshui, birth profile, 10-year luck pillar and annual luck pillar?



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