Period 9 Fengshui

Period 9 prominent trends after 4 Feb 2024 

Period 9 in I Ching is South represented as Fire 离卦火 (li gua) 外实 内虚 

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feng shui after 2024

This is based on San Yuan principles 三元九运.  After 4 Feb 2024 for the next 20 years is under the influence of South – Fire element 离卦.

Li Gua consist of 1 Yin 阴爻 sanwiched between 2 Yang 阳爻 top & bottom.

Yang is tangible-solid 阳为实 and Yin is intangible-empty 阴为虚. Thus li gua has a tangible exterior and empty interior symbolises 外实内虚. This trend already gradually filtered in after 2019.

fengshui timingLook around you, what business model has a “real” front i.e. a proper setup Company without existing stocks and having minimal staff under their payroll. Guess you know the answer online shopping sites or service sites or online stores such as, eBay, shopee, Uber, Deliveroo etc.

Another trend is cryptocurrency such as bitcoin which is not a “physical” money per se. It is digital currency that has a value in the market place. Consider also “cashless” payment where there is no “physical dollar” exchange.

离者 火 fire 文明 civility enlightened 南方 south 丽也 beauty 眼睛 eyes 心脏 heart 血管 blood 太阳 sun 为日 day 战争 war 电electric 中女 middle age woman…  

Another characteristic of fire is it burns rapidly and requires assistance (附丽)” to burn.

Thus well developed media platforms like youtube, facebook, watsapp, instagram, twitter spread like wildfire is the new norm in digital marketing.

It is to no surprise that in the near future, a digital celebrity could be more famous and earned more than a movie star.

Another leading trend is the rejuvenation of civility 文明. The world has progress so rapidly that many have forgotten or even written-off moral values, societal consciousness, environment etc.

Period 9 is an awakening call & reshuffling of new priorities in life. Language, values, culture, higher learning/education, ethics, morals, environmental consciousness re-surface as top priority. Some of these trends already taking baby steps like electric car saving Mother Earth.

Symbolic to fire is the Sun, daylight and brightness. It represents heart, blood and eyes. Female age group from 20 to 39,  2nd daughter. Thus during this era we see female rising into power positions in all front be it political, business and military etc. Your loving daughter today can be the next prime minister!

Home feng shui Destiny is base on 玄空三元九运 XuanKong Luck period. This formula divides 180 years into 3 eras i.e. upper, middle and lower 上中下元. Each era consist of 3 periods of 20 years. We are currently in period 8 2004 to 3 Feb 2024. This formula uses iChing 周易后天卦. Based on this formula period 9 starts from 04 feb 2024.

二元八运 先天卦运 period 9 started in 2017?

There is another formula school using 先天卦 二元八运 to define Period 9 started in Feb 2017 but this formula is questionable because 先天为体 后天为用.

what is hot & what is not

feng shui 2024Fire (亮丽) symbolic to beauty & light. Therefore businesses directly or related to beauty or light are good. If your business type are unrelated, try tweaking your marketing efforts towards providing “aesthetic lifestyle benefits”. Whatever your product or service it must look pretty!

Other trending businesses are facelift, plastic surgery, cosmetics, botox, fat freezing, rejuvenation etc. Industries related to A.I., robotics, education, genome, blood, heart, mobile apps etc.

If you are an investor consider stocks that belongs to the “fire” element industry and properties in the South or North.

health, culture, business opportunities

Feng Shui 2024 – in addition Li gua represents fame, popularity, creativity, emotions. Some examples are beauty pageants, makeup artist, modelling, performance arts, religious leaders, psychologist, beautician, cosmetic surgery etc.

Health, growing concern related to heart, eyes, blood, cardiovascular system, psychological/neuro-sickness and brain.

This era see increased interest in religion, spiritual, environmental and social concerns.

feng shui after 2024 predictionsLi Gua 离卦 further meanings

Li Gua also signifies Company’s culture moving towards a tough, competiting edge 外刚 to survive in the global market and taking good care 内柔 of their internal staff 中心向外发展, 外刚内柔.

I Ching draws the analogy on survival skills of living things with hard shell. These are exoskeleton species such as snail, crab, tortoise, crustaceans, clam, beetle. It is like wearing the steel armour like Iron Man to save mankind.

Due to the “fire” element influences, issues such as global warming, ice melting, forest fires, volcano eruption and even war possibilities.

Li Gua represents the 2nd daughter 中女 one can anticipate woman rising into power position in businesses and politics. Particularly those with beautiful healthy eyes because Li is symbolic to our eyes.

Singapore in period 9 feng shui 玄空 — 零 正 催 照 

period 9 fengshui


From 4 Feb 2024 till 03 Feb 2044 we are into Period 9 九运 for the next 20 years. Gua symbolism is Li Gua 离卦, Fire element and 丙午丁 south location/direction 旺气. 

So if you intend to buy a house it is advisable to get one with tall buildings (mountains) in the South direction and overlooking “water” in the North direction. Do bear in mind southern part of Singapore is surrounded by sea which is less than ideal. If you get this wrong i.e. in reverse positions i.e. facing water in the South direction, you are not supported by Earth energies for 20 years.

In period 9 Mountain (tall buildings) in South 正神位 纳旺气 represents health and benefactors. Water in North 零神位 纳水 represents wealth. 

Another favourable water direction (position) is Southeast 巽卦4催官水, particularly suitable for leaders, civil servants, CEOs where authority & power  is necessary. This is derived from luo shu 為友, 生成之數. Lastly 照神水合十五 used it with caution and certain conditions. 

In my humble opinion, countries overlooking south direction water (sea, ocean) economy growth will be challenging, whereas countries sighting North direction water & “enclose” looks promising.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon for a Period 9 Destiny Chart House

First one cannot change the fengshui destiny-energy map to period 9 today 2018. The future has not arrived yet. 

Don’t get excited over buying a house in Period 9  because there is “NO” DESTINY chart that possess both Positive Health & Wealth orientation 旺山旺向(到山到向). However one can get some “supplementary help” by using special formulas such as 合十, 城门诀, 七星打劫. However this supporting help other than 合十 is difficult to carry out because certain physical structure is necessary.

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