Period 9 Fengshui

Period 9 feng shui after 2024 离卦意象-火

feng shui after 2024Feng shui forecast after 2024 is based on Xuan Kong luck cycle 玄空三元九运. The formula divides 180 years into upper, middle and lower 上中下元 timeline.

Currently we are living in the lower era 下元 , period 8 from 2004 to 2023.

After Feb 2024 we are into Period 9 九运 for the next 20 years. I Ching call Li Gua 离卦, the fire element and south location.

So based on 玄空卦运South location is 正神位True God (literal translation can’t find a better term) position should have high physical landmarks like tall buildings NO water. Seeing water in the south location/direction represents wealth loss 正神下水.

The opposite direction North is the Null God 零神水 on the contrary should have “gentle” water in sight for wealth enhancement. Thus countries or homes sighting water in the North direction (location) is consider auspicious after 2024. Using Tribeca by waterfront as an example North direction is the Singapore river. In contrast the opposite Kim Seng park sees water in South direction.

Another favourable water direction (position) is Southeast 巽卦4 in Period 9 for people needing fame or status 照神水-催官贵 e.g. writers, politicans, celebrities etc. This is derived from luo shu 為友, 生成之數.

Symbolic to fire 炎上, the Sun, daylight and brightness. It represents heart, blood and eyes. Female age group from 20 to 39,  2nd daughter. Thus during this era one will see female rising stars in this age group taking on prominent roles in political, business and military positions.

Period 9 – an awakening call to what matters

One unique characteristic of fire, it requires “assistance (附丽)” to burn. Take for instance candlelight requires wax, bbq requires charcoal. It conveys the concept of “cooperation” & needing each other in order to survive.

feng shui after 2024One leading trend after feng shui 2024 is the rejuvenation of culture 文明. The world has progress so rapidly that many have forgotten or even written-off moral values, societal consciousness, environment etc.

Period 9 is an awakening call & reshuffling of new priorities in life. Language, values, culture, higher learning/education, ethics, morals, environmental consciousness re-surface as top priority. Some of these trends already taking baby steps like electric car saving Mother Earth.

Li Gua 离卦, fire element respresents bitter, liquor, corn, apricot, goat,  loose in form but sturdy substance. Colour of red, purple and orange.

Feng shui after 2024 – Hot business opportunities

feng shui 2024Fire (亮丽) symbolic to beauty & light. Therefore businesses directly or indirectly related to beauty or light are good. If your business type are unrelated, try tweaking your marketing efforts towards “aesthetic values & benefits”.

Other trending businesses are facelift, plastic surgery, cosmetics, botox, fat freezing, rejuvenation etc. Industries related to A.I., robotics, education, genome, blood, heart, mobile apps etc.

Trending businesses – Health, Culture, Occupations, female

Feng Shui 2024 – in addition Li gua represents fame, popularity, creativity, emotions. Some examples are beauty pageants, makeup artist, modelling, performance arts, religious leaders, psychologist, beautician, cosmetic surgery etc.

Health, growing concern related to heart, eyes, blood, cardiovascular system, psychological/neuro-sickness and brain.

This era see increased interest in religious and new found social concerns.

Li Gua 离卦 meanings

Li Gua is “one yin symbol sandwich between two yang symbols. It signifies having a soft spot (内柔) for staff (internal organisation) and competitive in the global marketplace (外刚 external) 中心向外发展, 外刚内柔.

I Ching draws the analogy on survival skills of living things with hard shell. These are exoskeleton species such as snail, crab, tortoise, crustaceans, clam, beetle. It is like wearing the steel armour like Iron Man to save mankind.

Due to the “fire” element, issues such as global warming, ice melting, forest fires, volcano eruption and even war possibilities.

Refocus on southern area of Singapore 

Lately some old clients wanted to know whether they should relocate after 2024. If you are staying in a good feng shui home, it is not necessary for to move out. Unless your concern is property investment then consider southern part of Singapore. Ensure that you are not facing water in the South direction.

A professional audited feng shui home does not require you to move house every 20 years. In Period 9, star “9” is the ruling energy and we should focus on it instead of “8”. However do check your home feng shui destiny chart that “9” is not in the center of your house or worse missing. Another feng shui tip is to ensure your home is not missing the South sector.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon for a Period 9 Destiny Chart House

First bear in mind that one cannot change the fengshui destiny-energy map to period 9 today 2014. The future has not arrived yet. Moreover for a fast paced life of today i believed you don’t want to see results in 10 years time. A standard home feng shui consultation, one should see improvements within 3 months unless external environment or bazi or 10-year luck pillars are really bad. 

Don’t get excited over buying a house in Period 9  because there is “NO” DESTINY chart that possess both Positive Health & Wealth orientation 旺山旺向(到山到向). However one can get some “supplementary help”  for Period 9 Destinies by using special formulas such as 合十, 城门诀, 七星打劫. However this supporting help other than 合十 is difficult to carry out because certain physical structure is necessary e.g. Main Door in South and there must be windows in East & Northwest.

Considering all objective possibilities in terms of energy management, ease & realistic implementation for Period 9 Destiny charts. Period 8 Destiny offers “less risks” than Period 9.

Let’s cross that bridge when one comes to it.


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