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Why i recommend the use of plants in feng shui cures. Having plants at home offers numerous benefits like balancing the five element harmony, block out “unsightly forms” like sharp angular walls, reduce the glare of west sun, deflect certain air flows and so forth.

Humans and plants live in a symbiotic relationship, where humans breathe in oxygen and plants produce it as a by-product of photosynthesis process. At the same time, humans produce carbon dioxide as by-product of breathing and plants absorb carbon dioxide in photosynthesis using sunlight as the energy source.

plants in feng shui

The leaves of plant produces 5 ml of oxygen per hour. How much each individual plant produces depends on how many leaves it possesses. A single-leaf plant produces 43,800 ml or 43.8 L of oxygen in a year.

Fluorescent tubes provide the best artificial light sources available for plants in the home. Other light source such as sodium lamps may be used but are not normally available or adaptable for home use.

Plants improve your home or office feng shui

Why spend thousand of dollars to buy feng shui items that possess no “life” and is artificial. Worse still use it wrongly it backfires! Take example a client of mine uses “pi xiu” 貔貅 some even bother to differentiate their gender and call the “masculine” one as 天禄. I asked him after wearing it and use it at home feng shui for sometime now does it improve his luck and wealth? The answer is negative. I am sure based on the law of statistics there are bound to be 20% of people to find it work…the reason behind is not because of the feng shui item but that year happen to be a good year or the change of bazi 10-Year luck period.  This feng shui item is commonly seen in casino and is not suitable to wear it. It drains the energy of the individual that is wearing it. The main signature for pi xiu is that it absorbs any form of energy be it “good or bad”. Like my client first year he place it nothing happens (nothing good nor bad) then on the 2nd year accidents starts to happen and seek me out to do feng shui for him. This is because there is an on-going construction going on where the  pi xiu is facing. The pi xiu is absorbing the bad energies into his house!

Let’s talk about something that cost you less than $20 – plants, use sparingly it at home feng shui it improves the “qi” flow or energies. Real plants “breathe” thus creating an unseen vibes surrounding the plants. i have seen some clients putting artificial plants at home, this has no added value other than making your home look nice.

Tall plants place correctly can act as “partition” to prevent energies from escaping rapidly.

Water-grown plants can “trap” energies from the atmosphere.

However do not overdo it because indoor plants give out partial carbon dioxide at night. During their lifetimes, plants generally give off about half of the carbon dioxide (CO2), that they absorb, although this varies a great deal between different kinds of plants. Once they die, almost all of the carbon that they stored up in their bodies is released again into the atmosphere.
As you may know, plants use the energy in sunlight to convert CO2 (from the air) and water (from the soil) into sugars. This is called photosynthesis. Plants use some of these sugars as food to stay alive, and some of them to build new stems and leaves so they can grow. When plants burn their sugars for food, CO2 is produced as a waste product, just like the CO2 that we exhale is a waste product from the food we burn for energy. This happens day and night, but since photosynthesis is powered by sunlight, plants absorb much more CO2 than they give off during the daytime. At night, when photosynthesis is not happening, they give off much more CO2 than they absorb. While they’re alive, overall, about half of the CO2 that plants absorb is given off as waste.

Chinese astrology Feng Shui is based on the belief that all areas, large and small, have a distinctive energy that can be changed and guided by rearranging objects. This is to achieve a natural equilibrium to the forces of nature, which are mainly the 5 elements fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Olden days China the emperor palace is built to face south because it provides enough sunlight in front and the back which is North is protected from strong winds. Currently we do need to have this orientation because winds can be created artifically through air-condition and fan. When you apply Feng Shui to your space, you will diminish clutter, brighten up dark corners, avoid gloomy colors, enhance low ceilings, and completely do away with sharp, pointed objects.

Having say this, feng shui is still not science because there are lot more theories out there where it is difficult to prove or even unable to prove.


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