Qi Men Dun Jia

Qi Men Dun Jia 神盘 天盘 地盘 人盘 

Qi Men Dun Jia is a well respected forecast tool. It combines the help from 9 heavenly stars 天星, 8 deities 神, individual effort the 8 doors人 and time-interaction with 9 palaces 地. This metaphysics formula was originally applied in war strategy, so you will notice the terminology used are related to battle.

There are 2 mainstream models to this formula one is using 飞 fei 盘 pan and the other 转 zhuan 盘 pan. Fei Pan focus on the “process” leading to what happen whereas zhuan pan emphaise on the result. Both are good formulas. Fei Pan comes in handy when the ruling star flies into the center and placing it on which palace invites controversy till today.

What is Qi 奇 Men 门 Dun 遁  Jia 甲

If we translate the Chinese hanyu pinyin to English literally. “Qi” means magic or a miracle. “Men” represents the 8 doors. “Dun” means hiding from it’s enemies to protect the emperor represented by “Jia” wood. So in any QMDJ chart you will not find “甲 jia”- the emperor.

Year 2020 QMDJ chart 

Qi Men Dun Jia

Why QMDJ a powerful forecasting tool when apply correctly?

It combines the power of 4 main factors. Assistance from heaven, deities, timing and using the chosen sector/direction to achieve your objectives. 

Oversimplified utilisation of Qi Men Chart can be risky

Most feng shui enthusiasts would use 3 positive Doors i.e. “Life 生”, “Open 开” “Relax 休” doors. This is risky because sometimes all sectors are unusable for the month. Take year 2020 qi men dun jia year chart for example “open” door in the East sector. Open door is for activities such as travelling, attending important events, marriage, relocation, seeking crucial medical aid etc. Notice the East sector contain a negative star “天芮 tian rui” which is a “sickness” star.

In life there are two sides of the same coin. Let’s take “Death Door 死门” as an example which is associated with death, sickness, hardship, trouble matters, abusive relationships, bad luck etc. So the usual advise is not to use this sector actively. This is true in most situations. However there are certain occupations who can utilise the “positives” of “death door” energy. E.g. Doctor, repairman, trouble-shooter, marriage counsellor, surgeon, physiotherapist etc. The reason is that these jobs solve problems on a daily basis. The negative energy associated with “death door” is useful to them because that is what they do.

宇宙万物,  相生相克, 一物生一物,一物克一物, 水可载舟, 亦可覆舟


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