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With the current sluggish growth in Singapore retail business, most are opening up shops like mushrooms in suburban part of Singapore hoping for some bottom-line improvements? One note of caution to your marketing ploy since this is not the prime shopping area, one have to be careful with the choice of location suitability whether your product/service offering is “ying or yang”? With the rampant intrusion of internet retailing, intense competition and info-hungry consumer you might want also look at some useful business feng shui tips found here to redefine your retail feng shui game plan.

Multi-Discipline Feng Shui interface, Science & Psychology
Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd feng shui consultation integrates various schools of feng shui principles & science that are efficient over years of practical experiences. Some of the common principles are San Yuan flying star, Zhi Bai, Da Gua, Ba Zai and other classical feng shui teachings. Different theories render different solutions to certain problems. In addition “science” & “psychology” solutions are used to solve where classical feng shui principles are unable to solve.

Value for Money retail feng shui audit services

No Feng Shui items to purchase. No Hidden Costs. No GST.
Calculate and identify the Destiny of your shop feng shui and what should be your ideal product mix.
Advise on how to place these items (product mix) on specified sectors that brings in the best sales results.
Rectify any bad physical environment attributes that affects your retail business.
Activation of the wealth sector to increase sales.
Locate the sector for customer service so that shopper will have a more enjoyable experience with less complains.
Identify a more advantageous negotiation sector for high ticket item if there is.
Identify the KEY CHALLENGES of your shop that impedes your Sales and Profits. Simple, Direct and Focus.
Bonus Bazi Tips (Birth profiling) 八字 with relevance to shop feng shui for CEO & 1 key personnel.
Customised birth profile enhancement if you have your own enclosed cubicle.
A soft copy of a detailed report with pictures will be given after consultation.
2018 Annual boost/cures for quick activation of Wealth / Reputation / Networking.
Provision for auspicious dates and times to renovate for new shop opening.
Improve sales staff retention and prevent high staff turnover or loss of good staff.
Prevention of embezzlement of Company funds and petty thefts.
Increase productivity by improving on the co-operation among sales staff.
Advice on Corporate Logo if necessary, signboards, point-of-sales materials

Email required information for QUOTATION

  • Company Name and Size (area) of your shop
  • Type of business
  • Business address
  • Number of Key personnel that requires bazi bonus (limited to 2 persons)
  • Contact number
  • SCAN COPY of your shop floor plan prior to the appointment.
  • Key personnel birth details (with time, solar calendar), stating name, designation and gender if you want birth profile enhancement
  • If you are the owner, the Year & Month of Shift-in to this shop
  • If you are the tenant, the Year & Month that your landlord last done a major renovation on the premise or date of purchase.

Due to the number of enquiries everyday, i will give priority to those who send me COMPLETE information. Information is required at least 3 days before onsite visit

Day of site visit
Kindly take down notes for better understanding. It normally takes about an hour to two depending on the size of the shop space. Please prepare Cash payment on-site, no cheques are accepted unless existing clients or prior arrangement.
If yours is a new shop kindly feedback to me your progress in 3 months time. On the other hand if yours is an existing shop you can do so within 1 month. The longer duration is because for new shop it takes time for your to settle down and be connected with the feng shui environment.


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