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Singapore Retail shop feng shui principles

Besides the usual principles to select a good business retail unit are location, foot-traffic, size, wide frontage, rental, anchor tenant, you also have to check the Singapore LTA and Master plan on zoning and road structures. Singapore is one economy that is evolving so rapidly, the sudden construction of a viaduct or MRT or expressway or flyover can affect your business profits. Take for instance the construction of  a viaduct gives motorists a short cut instead of patronising your shop. In feng shui this is call “artificial water” which are roads that either bring you wealth or divert your wealth away. On the other hand a pre-planned MRT exit constructed right in front of your shop, brings foot traffic and is usually good business feng shui!

Before jumping into being your own boss, have someone to read your bazi birth configuration and understand your own “personality”. Are you better off partnering with somebody or flying solo? Some people just don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the willingness to take risk with the right amount of effort and talents. While others need to do business on their own to succeed. Check out your 10-years luck period projection and your business favourable element i.e. wood, fire, earth, metal or water. Obviously make sure you hop into your bazi “10-years golden period” before firing your boss.

good retail shop feng shui

How to choose a good Singapore retailing shop?

1. Does the Destiny 商店 宅命 of your retail shop support upmarket products or mass-consumer products. If your Shop Destiny supports branded products and you are selling fast moving consumer products then your business will not flourish.

2. Is your shop located on a busy street with wide pavement, huge but slow human traffic. Take Ngee Ann City building in Orchard road (picture above) as an example it has a very wide pavement, crowd is huge and slow. Notice the clever use of metal & water to prevent the qi from escaping. The left and right hand side of the building on the background looks like palms of hand to embrace the fountain of wealth. It is also symbolic to the Green dragon and the white tiger based on “form” principles. The five flag poles to prevent “bad energies”. This is consider to be very auspicious for retail business. If the pavement is narrow than the wealth leading towards your shop is limited. If one cannot do well inside such a complex with such good feng shui it must be something wrong with the product or the sales staff.

If your shop is one of those that is located at the dead end of the road cul de sac; in feng shui this is call “yin 阴” place. It is more beneficial for female entrepreneurs and the merchandise that you are dealing with should also be “niche-market driven”. In other words not mass consumer impulse buying goods.

3. Besides a high human traffic volume, from a feng shui “water” technique point of view the walkways leading to your shop must be from an auspicious origins and the outflow should be bringing inauspicious energies away from your shop.

4. Mountain of the feng shui, who is the anchor tenant, who is the developer, what are the amenities of the infrastructure, did the owner of the shopping mall consulted feng shui to ensure the main entrance is open at the auspicious water “flying star” “8” during this period till year 2023. In chinese classical teaching this is call “山富沙旺” business feng shui infrastructure.

5. Choose the shop that has a bright illuminated level lobby, spacious main entrance. Signboards are bright and clear.

6. It is common in shopping malls with escalators and lifts. Do not choose one where your door faces an escalator. As for those retail shops that faces the lift it depends on your door orientation and what energies of that door sector. If you are door energies are “wealth” than it actually amplify your wealth.

7. Choosing a good brand that represents your niche of business, you can use our auspicious chinese name service to enhance you business luck. The strokes of the name should be auspicious and the colour of your company name, logo should be favourable to you the owner and to the business.The shop front of the retail shop feng shui is important because this is where the “qi” energies are trapped and people wanted to linger at your shop.

8. Ideally choose the shop at the ground floor because “water” flow downwards. In feng shui the “water” which are the lifts, escalators are important components to enhance the business of your retail shop. Get a shop that the road/human pathway leading towards you meanders instead of long, straight and narrow.

9. The illumination of your retail shop should be balance; warm bright lights is good but not to the extend of blinding lights that are uncomfortable to the eyes of shoppers; creating disharmony to the yin yang energies, too dim the place is not attractive to shoppers and your employees are probably feeling sleepy.

10. if your business is suitable to water usually is because “retail business” belongs to the water element unless yours is online internet gaming arcade. You can choose a good wealth spot and energise it with water.

11. Before you start operating the business please make sure you choose an auspicious dates for commencements and make sure the date is favourable to your birth profile lucky elements. Instead of conventional methods to choose the dates, you can consider engaging a feng shui master to use “qi men” or “xuan kong 玄​空飞星​​择​日 or​ 玄空大卦择日to optimise the wealth energies.

12. If you are choosing a retail shop, one side of the road is a row of shops whereas the opposite is an empty piece of land or a park. Then the location is not suitable for general retailing. The reason is 孤阴不长,独阳不生 in feng shui it means sole “ying” or “yang” energies does not grow and prosper. In the above illustration, the road where the shops are “yang” energies, the opposite of the road facing a garden are “yin” energies. The only chance to survive in the retailing business is to have a “specialise” shop for e.g. a specialty restaurant, gaming internet cafe , a designer boutique but not a generic retailing shop.

13. Do not choose a retail shop that is facing a tree or even worse a dying tree. This affect not only the prosperity of the business but impedes the health of your workers.

14. Do not choose a the shop that is facing a street light, “street light” is fire element it will disrupt the harmonious qi and creates a “quarrelsome” environment. Tempers will flare for no reasons, as for health it will affect the skin, heart, eyes and even fire hazard.

15. If yours is a 2-storey shop and your window is facing the “head of street light”, in feng shui is like facing a snake head. Health wise it will cause skin problems or even stroke. The feng shui cure is have an “eagle caricature” facing the “snake head”.

16. Lastly if not the most important choose a business that is not only suitable to your bazi 5 elements but it should be going with the latest trend and in demand. For instance most people do not rent a a video right now, they go online and watch a movie.

17. If the shop frontage is slightly narrower than the back chances of wealth is better than a large frontage and narror back end of the shop. The frontage and back equal in size is alright in business feng shui.

18. Check out with your existing feng shui master and ask him to help you with a shop that possess “strong wealth” destiny matching both “forms” and “energies”. Choose one that is suitable to your 5 elements by taking the orientations of the shop sitting and facing directions.


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