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Feng Shui audit updated with “Science”

We are in the 21st century, yet time and again i see houses filled “commercial feng shui” items sold by feng shui masters or shops. Most do not even understand the root of the problem to start with. Just to illustrate i re-audited an apartment that is on the low floor situated very near to a rubbish chute; the client was told to put a dragon figurine (quite an expensive one) on the left hand side of the main door to improve family’s health because it is the green dragon position 青龙位. You see the root of the problem is the unsanitary rubbish station attracting air borne viruses/bacteria and smell. What he really need is a good air purifier that kills viruses/germs and clears the foul smell.

Geography, geology, physics, astronomy, mathematics & common sense

Let’s be objective feng shui judges (a) the physical terrain 地理 that we live in which is “geography”, it examines (b) the structure and quality of the building 土质 which is “geology”, it tries to enhance (c) the best possible layout in view of it’s surroundings e.g. wind direction which is “physics 物理学”, it observes the “solar system 天文” and make calculations like the flying star principles which is 数理学 mathematics.  One have to look at feng shui as an extension of environment study.  It is also common sense for example one should not place a mirror directly opposite the main door, it frightens you when you come back from a late night clubbing.

Understand your Home Destiny – positive and negative energy

Everyone knows that identifying the problem is half the solution. Hence feng shui audit is not about the nitty gritties of colour choice, ceiling fan, number of light bulbs…etc. You have to identify the “Home feng shui DESTINY 宅命” that causes the energy combo to collide or the Annual energy (time dynamic) that is affecting your home; which is discussed on the quick link above. Then you look into interplay between “FORMS 形 (visible physical attributes of the environment)” and “qi  气 (invisible energy in the house not only restricted to air)” ?  whether the habitat that you live in are in harmony or chaos?

Once you truly understand your house, you are able live in the positive side of the energy and avoid/dilute the negative energy that were caused by “physical forms”  or “qi (energy)” or both. Forms are stuff that we can see, smell, touch and hear e.g. a sharp angular (not 90 degree) wall pointing at your main door, T-junctions, convex roads, staircase, SCV/broadband power switchboard, expressways, MRT stations.

“Qi 气” chinese pinyin for “air”, not in the literal sense of word, I would rather term it as invisible energy or aura, something that you can only feel. It is complicated to explain “invisible energy” within the house but can be calculated based on 三元玄空风水Xuan Kong Flying Star principles. This feng shui disciple accurately predicts what happen to this house in a broad sense. Is this home or office prone to sickness?  quarrels? electronic malfunction? accidents ?  joint issues? lawsuit? insomnia? short-fuse?  Let’s try this, even you stay miles away from a Hospital but your window happened to face it. The psychology of watching sick people moving in and out of the hospital already make you sick. So there is this air of “grieve” invisible 气 energies floating around that overwhelms us with sadness and pessimism. Not forgetting germs & viruses are in the air that are invisible too.

The “science” & “unscience” about feng shui

Timber strip layout also bad feng shui omg.

poison arrow feng shui

I have recently consulted a house and was told by my client that his previous feng shui master consider vertical timber strip lay on the balcony as “poison arrows” because the short end is pointed towards the living hall. OMG.  The feng shui master advice him to re-do the balcony? Sounds crazy right? Hey,  there are not that many “self-created” bad energies in the house. Next time try to use some logic to it before frightening yourself.

When there are bad energies in the house, feng shui masters will come up with some feng shui products that he sell to cure. Why not consider using ordinary household items to rectify the problems like door mat colour, plants, pebbles, bronze, water feature etc? Some may be skeptical to think it must be something “extraordinary” in order to solve feng shui problems but if one is to study 易经-河洛思维 iChing principles one would realised this got to do with  形、意、象、数. Take for instance if the toilet door directly conflict with the bedroom door, one can construct a partition or reposition the bedroom door, no need to use commercial feng shui items.

Singapore trending architecture designs having a “hole”

interlace air pressure feng shui

Urgent need to update Singapore Feng shui applications with some science

Singapore is pretty backward compared with some countries i visited in terms of using modern techniques in feng shui assessments. Anyway the current architectural design in Singapore buildings comes with holes as part of aesthetic appeal. Consider the above as an illustration about the science of “flow energies”, the question is “will air pressure affects those who stay near the perimeter of the square gap”? Purely my own personal opinion, i suspect that if the direction of the gap is North-East or South-West, with the monsoon winds in Singapore the force could be stronger! it depends on the velocity of the wind and the width of the gap. Do you think the wind movements causing air pressure will affect the feng shui stability of those homes that is nearest to the perimeter of the “hole”. This is the part that we need to come up with a working theory to prove it and not just conclude with a sweeping statement that this is feng shui bad energy “煞气 sha qi”. One of the tedious means to find out is to conduct a home survey to at least 80% of those houses that are position nearest to the perimeter of the “gap” and check whether wind movements affect or does not affect families health, luck and wealth. Olden days houses do not have such architectural designs, hence feng shui needs to update.

Hence feng shui is not something that we assume, imagine or make some wild guesses. We must go through a process of exploration, experimentation, gather feedback from occupants that are staying inside to be to come up with a working hypothesis. Unfortunately i have only seen a few houses in this new condo and none of my clients are staying near to the perimeter…so i do not have a large enough statistical sample population to deduce whether those units enjoy good feng shui or suffer bad ones. If you happen to stay there, please tell me so that we can learn together. Thank you.

“Un-Science”- feng shui cures 呼形喝象 (hu xing he xiang)

art of feng shui

This incident will refute what i just mentioned above using “science” to solve feng shui problems. This is to present to you the “art side of feng shui or to un-science it”, because not all feng shui problems can be solved by science.

Recently i got a call from an old client of mine who mentions that for some freak reasons her family members fall sick easily over the last 3 months. I went through the house looking at the past feng shui report, thinking that they might have shifted some feng shui remedies that i did a few years ago. After going through there were nothing wrong with the feng shui and birth profile of occupants. Only over a cup coffee and some small talk then i observed that there are 2 rock lions facing my clients place. It was a pretty long corridor so i did not see it the first time. My client told me that her neighbourhood shifted in 3 months ago and it coincided with the bad stuff that happened to them.  The feng shui cure is easy dangle a piece of “bak kwa”(any dried meat) in front of the door.

Some of the objects may not seem so straight forward, for instance if you see those olden TV antenna wires hanging loose it looks like centipede. So you have to introduce a rooster to solve it. You may still think that i am kidding, this concept originates from the “heaven 5 songs 天元五歌”  “或取喝形来点穴,此是堪舆真妙诀”. what it means is we see the shape of the object and guesstimate what is it symbolic or looks like and administer the cure accordingly.

Fundamental Yin 阴 and Yang 阳 energies make a difference in feng shui

In feng shui theory, we acknowledge the flow of Yang energy and Yin energy, which is different.  Yang Energy when reaches a “solid” it will stop, deviate, deflect, circle or drop, recycle 阳气随空而窜,遇物而止,绕、落、回流 whereas Yin Energy will halt when reaches the water surface and seep through solids 阴气界水即止,穿物,渗水.

Some examples of Yin and Yang energy

Male and Female
Sun and Moon
Day and Night
Hot and Cold
Water and Fire

Just to use a simple analogy to help you to understand, if your house feels warm during the night, it means your home have excess “yang” energy, on the other hand if your house is cold even during the day then your house possess too much “yin” energy. 黃帝內經: 阳胜则热,阴胜则寒,寒伤形,热伤气.  The acid test for a good feng shui master is that within Yang energy there must be Yin energy and Within Yin energy there is Yang energy. Feng shui is a matter of balancing the Yin and Yang energies.

阴阳运动 是万事万物 的 运动规律

Water and Fire confrontation in kitchen feng shui

feng shui water and fireThere are so many different interpretations concerning “water and fire clashes 水火相冲” in the kitchen that many are bewildered not knowing which concept to adopt. Please allow me to use the illustration of a washing machine. Most masters will associate it as “water” element. Thus if the washing machine faces the stove (fire) they will consider it as sha qi or unlucky energies because of “water” and “fire” clashes? Now let me ask you this, what happen if the washing machine comes with a built-in dryer? So dryer produces heat which is fire and the washing is water, so would you consider this machine as water or fire element? If based on their interpretations one cannot buy a washing machine cum dryer because the item itself is 水火相冲. Feng shui audit is suppose to make your life better and not making it inconvenient. Many of these fallacies if you think over it, does not make any sense at all.

Please do not get me wrong, i am not against traditional chinese feng shui teachings but we need to understand the rationale behind it. There is a house that i have seen that is filled with feng shui products and crystals…i asked him does it works? He told me he is not sure. I told him to keep only a few, place on certain sectors and the rest either keep it inside storage or give it away. Guess what happen his business immediately improved!

Most people thought that they have to cure every bad sector in the house hence the house is mess up with all sorts of feng shui products. Don’t sweat on the slightest trivial things about feng shui. We are not doing the tomb feng shui 阴宅风水 where even one degree make a vast difference but 阳宅风水 house feng shui. Are you going to be bother about type of sofa, colour of fan, shape of dining table? How many light bulbs?

Overhead beam

It is a common sight to see office or home with “hanging” overhead beams. The beam that is adjacent to the wall 90 degree is not consider as an overhead beam. Bad energy from overhead beam is only consider as sha qi without adjacent walls, see picture below.

feng shui overhead beams

Most of us knows that hanging overhead beams are bad but with no further explanations by feng shui masters. Please allow me to share with you why this is consider as “sha qi” which can be explain by feng shui “yang energies” principle 阳气随空而窜,遇物而止. When air flows on top of the ceiling hits the beam, it is blocked, the motion is force to deflect following the structure of the beam and forces downwards exerting air pressure accelerated by gravity. Let’s imagine that someone is sitting below this overhead beam. Our normal heart beat rate for adults ranges between 60 to 100 beats per minute. Hence a lower heart beat rate is more efficient like 40 beats per minute when resting. Imagine the air pressure exerting downwards, it will increase your heartbeat because of pressure. Hence a person sitting below the beam will feel uncomfortable. He or she will feel that his or her head is heavy. If the individual sits for many hours like an office, he will probably have headache and unable to concentrate on his work. Given enough time say a few months he will probably seek Doctor’s help because our body cannot withstand the increased blood pumping rate. You don’t have to take my word for it, try it for 8 hours a day x 22 working days continuously.

So do you think that by deploying the traditional methods of feng shui cures like hanging bamboo flute or hulu or 6 coins dangling at both ends is going to help the fella sitting below the beam? The root of the problem concerning the overhead beam is not the beam itself but the air pressure!

This is similar to seeing right angle walls or open cupboards and people perceived it as poison arrows. The problem is most people do not explore the reason behind why that is consider as “sha qi” or bad energy, which is not. They just follow the classical teachings without understand the reasons behind it. Therefore some will think that “feng shui is superstitious” and master feng shui are con artists.

Junctions are blessing in disguise for businesses

When someone talk about junctions, most of us will shun away from staying nearby. The noise is crazy! Unlike what you think, junctions are great for business but bad for home stay when you know how to “conquer” the bad energies. However there are some basic principles in order to “contain” the bad energies and transform to “wealth” energies.

1. Your business must have a huge frontage to contain the bad energies.

2. You must take steps to filter the “bad” energies in order to transform to wealth energies. Some of the commonly use techniques are foliage, water fountain, revolving door, escalators, travelators, flag pole and many others.

The science behind this feng shui is because junctions are influx of energies from 4 directions and if you can manage it well, massive wealth is highly possible. Moreover in business located in any one of the 4 corners of the junction is very convenient and accessible for consumers. Think about this concept in feng shui singapore, which are the popular giant shopping malls that are facing road junctions. Are they doing well? On the other hand, an impulse buying shopping mall that is facing a park is bad feng shui, do you know why? However Junctions and T-Junctions are no-no for residence feng shui.

Feng Shui Science not superstitions

Why Bagua mirror when an ordinary mirror can do the same job?

Why feng shui products when other household objects can do a similar function?

Why crystals when ordinary stones are the same “earth” element?

Why unicorns and figurines when other alternatives are possible?

i reiterate bad energies are either “Forms” or “Qi” or Both. Examples of forms are glaring mirror like reflections, construction sites, toilet, mortuary, fire station, sharp angular objects and so forth. Some of these examples also consist of Qi component. Some of these are somewhat psychological in nature for instance “illumination”, how bright or dark of house depends on each individual. A person doing night shift dislike too bright a house. Another example is “sound” some do not mind the sound of expressways and enjoys rock songs, some even the slightest sound will wake them up in the middle of the night. Examples of qi are electromagnetic fields, smell, air pressure, playground “yin qi”, xuan kong fengshui flying star combo, toilets etc

This article is meant to put some “science” into the rationale of feng shui applications but in conclusion feng shui is still not science because there are yet too many principles to prove.


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