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Feng Shui Master Birth Reading (Bazi 八字) – an Objective Updated difference

A Chinese statistical tool that uses one’s birthdate & time to  interpret personality, character, potential, talents and life aspects such as health, relationship, marriage, career, wealth etc. No decoding necessary because it is not a secret and not heavenly guarded gift 天机不可泄露 for the blessed few. Simply put birth reading is just another field of study like physics.

It is a self-awareness and preparation program to find out what makes us tick. All of us are “special”. Perhaps it is time for you to find out who you really are? Are you the “big idea-driven person or the “realistic-doer”? Are you the “innovative” type or would you prefer to follow an idea that works? We need to know who we are so as to focus on our strengths instead of weaknesses.

A common misunderstanding is to assume that after birth reading your luck will change for the better without effort. No one can change your future except yourself. What a good bazi master does is to help you to understand yourself, your future and point you to the right direction.

Birth reading is also used as a forecasting tool. To use an analogy, it is like “weather forecast” telling you to bring an umbrella when it is rainy season. As the word “forecast” suggest, it is subjected to probability given certain control variables. But life is complicated, variables do change and become dependent on uncontrollable circumstances, thus forecast is not 100% accurate. For e.g. your 10-year future maybe good but your company is badly hit by 1997 asian financial crisis and you got retrenched.

Understand our future saves us time and effort, avoid unnecessary pitfalls/obstacles to reach our goals. Goals are define as what we believed to be fulfilling not necessary money e.g. doctor without border.

Raise self awareness-right choices-right decisions- take right actions

In order to change your luck or fate or destiny (whatever you wanted to call it)  one will have to “take ACTION” and “DO something that currently you are not doing! for instance take the bold step to do a bazi (birth) reading? pick up a new skill?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”  Albert Einstein

命运要变,先要改心,改想法, 改性格, 改人生的态度 从 行动开始…

Why forecasting to me is only 70% accurate, following are the detours

人算不如天算 天有不测风云 人有旦夕祸福

  • Country of Birth – developed vs developing economies where opportunities present are so different.
  • Year of birth, born in the great depression 1930s luxury is out of question
  • Global economic outlook, the world is getting smaller, things are not within our control e.g. 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, 2008 collapse of the Lehman brothers
  • Parents upbringing & support – Depart of someone changes life’s perspective
  • Family support system (brothers, sisters, relatives influence) – mould character
  • Improvement in science changes the landscape of child-bearing or prolong life span
  • Upgrading of education or skill – increase your opportunities for a better job
  • Life exposure/experiences – nature of job, peer/colleague/mentor influence
  • Cultural differences
  • Religion/Beliefs/Principles – one may end up becoming a priest due to some “calling”
  • Birth era – e.g. baby boom less opportunities
  • Government policy changes – change in education or housing scheme or loan
  • Others

Feng Shui Master Singapore Bazi Report WRITTEN Format

Part 1 – Your Bazi Configuration Structure 八字 格局高 低

a) Determine and understand “YOU” i.e. Day Master 阴阳? 五形? 先天性格
b) Relationship between Day Master and the other 7 characters? Are they in harmony or 冲 clashes or 刑 conflict? Likely effects? What YOU should know?
c) Analyses the Day Master strength & Bazi Structure?
d) Any Birth configuration mutation 正格 or 从格 i.e. Bazi Exception category
e) What are flaws and remedies in birth structure? 真 假 虛 实?

Part 2 – Your Day Principal Profile 八字喜忌用神 Lucky/Unlucky Elements

This is the most useful & practical part of Birth reading, to find out your lucky elements to enhance it and diluting the unlucky elements.

Part 3 – Your generic traits and personality

Chances are we make life decisions based on our education background, work experiences, beliefs, intellect, objective analysis and emotional reasons. The better we know ourselves, the wiser are the decisions. In business we do a SWOT analysis, similarly one will have to acknowledge are own skill-set, to make the best out of a given situation.

Part 4 – Applications & Recommendations to improve your Luck

This section provides practical, down-to-earth and relevant tips in various main aspects of your life: Health, Career, Marriage, Home feng shui, Office feng shui, Bed placement, personal suggestions and other areas to improve your luck.

Part 5 – A graphical representation of your future with succinct comments 

A PLOTTED GRAPH to show you past, current & future 8 x 10 year Luck pillar. The focus is on the current 10-Year luck period to give you tips and what to expect.

Feng Shui Master Birth reading in 2 Format – Written Report or Face-to-face

*The main difference between written report and face to face besides the fees and time is face-to-face allows interaction i.e. Q & A instead of a fixed format. Face-to-face meeting DOES NOT come with a report so you have to take notes about your life.

Written Report: You have to make the payment to get the process started. You can use the credit card (PayPal button) below OR through internet banking. 

Written report fee: $898

Information needed: Birth details (Solar/English calendar) including time (no need to adjust for country time difference) & Gender 

Please do not make any payment if you are in a hurry. Current waiting period is 2 months.

Face to Face bazi interview: $398

Cash payment to collect when meet, duration about 2 hours.


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