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When natural birth is not possible due to medical reasons we are given a choice to choose a birth date and time for c-section, or cesarean section. The schedule of c-section is forecasted by your gynaecologist, therefore you can choose a particular date based on Bazi principles. The main benefit of “chosen date” than leaving it to chance is that we can choose the “best date relative” to the 7-10 days given. At least we can ensure that the “Day Master” is balanced and free of conflicts. “Day Master” is the date of birth in relation to year, month and time. The idea is to keep it in harmony with the entire structure.

c-birth-how-toChoosing a Cesarean section date is not based on “Tong Shu” 通書 red colour date. The red colour date merely means the date is auspicious for certain functions e.g. renovation, office opening etc. An auspicious day in Tong Shu almanac calendar does not equates a Good Bazi 八字 or Birth Profile.

A Good Bazi Structure/Configuration is the harmony of year, month and time of birth with the Day Master (day of birth). To start with the choice of a good caesarean date is already restricted by the year and month of birth.

Let’s take year 2016 as an example and you probably understand better why the day of birth & time becomes very important. Any babies born during 04 feb 5.45 pm to 05 March 11:43am are going to have this conflicting structure of the year and month of birth 天克地冲 丙火Fire clashes with metal 庚金  and metal 申金冲 clashes 寅木 with wood. The structure without considering the date and time already shaky!


Thus the choice of selecting a “Good day and time” to be in unison with the Year and Month is of paramount importance! The Day and Time selected should not have any conflicts 刑, 冲, 破, 害 or to ensure that the “collaboration 会, 合 compatibility” is not bad. Some of the bad effects of these clashes or alliances are poor wealth, bad career, problematic relationship, poor health, bad luck, limited talents, unacceptable personality etc.

One common misnomer about selection of a lucky ba zi is that a strong ba zi profile is good and a weak ba zi profile is bad. It is also important to consider the child’s 10-Years luck pillar. Take for instance a Strong Fire person born in summer he will need his golden 10-year luck pillar from age 30-60 a “bull run” of “water” and “metal” element.

故書 五言獨步 云:“有病方爲貴,無傷不是奇;格中如去病,財祿兩相隨

In a nutshell an individual’s birth profile can never be flawless. What is important are the imperfections present must come together with the present of countermeasures found in his birth structure. Another consideration to avoid is one’s structure should not be too strong, weak, cold, hot or wet.

Child’s birth profile is the Number 1 priority not compatibility with parents

Given strict principles to conform and fixed year & month the best possible “auspicious day and time of birth” is a challenging task.  Obviously the No. 1 priority to choose caesarean birth date MUST suit your baby general well-being. One common feedback from client is that the baby’s birth date must be compatibility with parents. First of all it is almost impossible to be compatible with the 8 characters of fate for both parents. 2nd selecting a good “Day Master” already has built in mechanism for parents compatibility. If one were to purposely get a birth date just to fit his/her parents bazi and compromise the well-being of the Child’s health, personality, capabilities, talents, career, marriage then i believed we are missing the point here.

Best possible Day and Time 八字格局 within Constraints

From Bazi Reading perspective, the choice of Day Master 日主& time influences the Child’s generic abilities and future. The date chosen determines his or her Bazi Classification 八字格局 and the influence of 10 Stars and 6 Cs.

Information to provide for calculation

  • The scheduled C-section duration given by the gynaecologist. Feng Shui Master will only analyse up to maximum 7 days.
  • Please give details of the dates to avoid by gynaecologist e.g. Sunday, odd hours
  • Only the best choice of date and time will be given per selection. Chances are there will not be any alternative Caesarean dates as those are 2nd/average choices.
  • It is not necessary to visit my office, all these are done manually day-by-day not computer software generated. Rationale is given in the soft copy of the report why the Date is Chosen as compared with other dates.
  • Gender of your child because the 10-Year Luck Pillars are different

Methodology to select the best C-section date

Feng Shui Master Singapore will manually calculate all the 7 days given by you. Each date will be compared through a process of elimination. Dates that are not compatible with Month or Year are automatically discarded. Then the remaining dates are compared against one another to find the “best” OVERALL BALANCE in terms of health, personality, wealth, career, marriage and kids.

Consultation Fee: $988 C-section is not encourage unless for medical reasons



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