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Feng Shui Master – Business Feng Shui 商业风水佈局 UPDATED with scientific approach

风水 Feng Shui origins dated back from ancient China, simply put “相地术”. It is about selecting and managing a premise to optimise it’s environment. The core objective of feng shui is to expedite the positives and dilute the negative energies “趋吉避凶”. Feng shui is non-religious and non-spiritual. The idea is to create a “harmonious feng shui” environment so that employees are healthy, possess clear mind, work hard, synergise to achieve “common goals” for the Company. So whether you are buying or renting an office or shop, it is to your interest to consult business feng shui to fulfill these objectives.

Benefits to engage Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd

  • Office Feng Shui “wealth sector” enhancement to improve sales and profit.
  • Increase productivity by assigning the right department to the right sector e.g. CEO in “power” positions, Finance in “mental clarity” zone and sales/marketing in “wealth” sector
  • Prevent staff turnover and improve staff retention by correct alignment and positioning of office furniture
  • “Complimentary Bonus bazi lucky elements & tips” for CEO/Managing Director. This is not the indepth bazi reading service which is a separate service. The concise tips provided during onsite will not be written in the feng shui report.
  • Energise the “Reputation/Status” sector to enhance Corporate image and branding
  • Save Costs! No commercial feng shui items to purchase. No embedded costs. The recommendations are common office equipments or decorations.
  • Proper records for future reference – A customised soft copy of the office feng shui report given within 3 working days after the onsite evaluation and payment received (if cheque cleared by bank). Bazi bonus tips are not included in the report.
  • Countermeasures to dilute the “sickness” energy in office thereby improve health result in lesser sick leave & down time
  • Annual Year feng shui incorporation for rapid results on Wealth / Reputation / Networking
  • Harmony through corrective applications on gossip & lawsuit prone sectors
  • Auspicious dates for renovation and move-in
  • Prevention of wealth loss by containing certain afflicted sectors

Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd systematic methodology

Step 1 – Calculate and determine “Office/Shop Feng Shui Destiny 宅命” using Xuan Kong Flying Star (三元玄空飞星宅命) & other multi-discipline feng shui principles.

Step 2 – Identify and help you to understand the “energy combo” of the 9 individual sectors

Step 3 – Activate Key functions of business feng shui (a) Main Door 大门 location/direction (b) CEO & Sales/Marketing department (c) Matching the right department to the relevant feng shui energy

Step 4 – Solving any conflicting energy for both the External and Internal environment.

Step 5 – Recommend  permanent counter measures for all the 9 sectors without the use of commercial feng shui items.

Step 6 – Bonus Bazi 八字用神 (birth profile) lucky element tweak for CEO  to enhance his/her luck.

Classical Feng Shui applications UPDATED

Feng Shui Master Singapore used an unique synthesis of very diversed classical feng shui schools’ teachings UPDATED with today’s science and recommendations are based on more than 10 years of “hands-on” experience. Today the feng shui landscape is vastly different from it’s origin 300 years ago …i dare say that i am bold and open enough to modify certain classical feng shui principles/applications to suit today’s environment. Look around us we are handicapped without smartphones, computers and internet.

Information necessary for Quotation

  • Company Name and Size (area) of your office/shop
  • How many levels or floors (if you do not indicate price quoted is based on single-level)
  • Type or nature of business
  • Business address with postal code
  • Contact person Mobile number for faster communication

Email Information minimum 3 days prior to On-Site Visit

  • Email a SCAN COPY of your office/shop floor plan in proper ratio prior to the appointment.
  • Email CEO’s birth details with time of birth (English calendar)  stating name in English and gender. Please ensure the birth details submitted is accurate if not it will be subjected to additional charges.
  • If you are the owner of the premise, the Year & Month of Shift-in.
  • If you are the tenant, the Year & Month that your landlord last done a major renovation to the building or date of purchase.
  • Incomplete information will be subjected to postponement or cancellation
  • Any inaccurate information given that required a revised report will subject to additional charges.

What to expect during the Office/Shop Feng Shui visit

  • Time needed to calculate the “Destiny” of your office, work out the energy combo of the 9 sectors effects, remedies and activations
  • Walk-through the entire premise to let you know what to expect from each sector and what are the activation or remedies necessary
  • Fitting the various sectors to the functions of the Company
  • Annual feng shui incorporation if necessary
  • Duration about 2 hours – inspecting and analysing the office environment, feng shui readings and analysis.
  • Full payment in Cash during the onsite consultation. Cheque payment or iBanking can be arranged prior to the onsite visit.
  • Soft copy of the feng shui report within 2-3 business days upon money received (if cheque payment when it is cleared by the bank).

Feng Shui Master Mission – LESS IS MORE

Feng Shui is not as complicated as one would think with all the fancy commercial feng shui items…to buy every year. FENG SHUI MASTER Pte Ltd mission is simple: To consistently seek new, innovative feng shui remedies by keeping it simple, practical, efficient, rational and straightforward. No frills. “删繁就简” Simplicity over Complexity. Less is More” NO Commercial Feng Shui Products. Respect & use multidiscipline “门派不争, 去伪求真” feng shui schools or non-feng shui branch of study. What it matters is what work and what does not!


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