Pre-purchase or pre-rental fengshui evaluation 

pre-purchase feng shui Pre-purchase or pre-rental feng shui evaluation helps you to choose a good feng shui house or office to improve health, harmony, financial security and personal goals.  

A common fallacy is to choose a home solely based on the breadwinner’s Bazi or Gua or Ziwei profile. Then how about the well-being of your wife, kids, parents? One can’t ignore your loved ones unless you are living alone. It is impossible for one house to fit all birth profiles. 

Therefore the 1st step to choose a good feng shui home starts from house innate “Destiny 宅命” & how it relates with external environment and internal layout.

Not all negative energies can be fix 100%

黄帝内经: 人因宅而立, 宅因人而存, 人宅相扶, 感通天地, 地善则苗秀, 宅吉则人荣

Because not all bad feng shui negative energies from environment or energy can be fix. Getting a good feng shui house reduces the risks of sickness, financial lost, divorce, poor business and so forth. 

4 Critical Pre-Evaluation feng shui factors 阳宅三要 + 宅命:

a. Analyse positive & negative external landforms and internal house structure
b. Determine Destiny Chart 宅命 of the house 三元 三合 八宅 紫白 etc

c. Main Door’s location & direction most important 阳宅三要之首
d. Bed & Stove positions 阳宅三要

Position and direction of windows – San Yuan Energy Optimisation 三元纳气

A good feng shui home takes time

The stringent criteria set to get an “above average” feng shui house may take you up to 3 months to a year if you are lucky. Since there is no “perfect feng shui house”, one will have to consider a house where the positives outweigh the negatives.

Why spend money to repair a bad feng shui house

Usually after a few months of fruitless search some clients would ask “why can’t you fix the bad feng shui?” The better question is why do you want to spent millions to fix a broken feng shui house when you have a choice not to. Moreover some house feng shui can be so bad that it cannot be 100% rectified.

Pre-rental or pre-purchase feng shui evaluation will not touch on feng shui remedies which is under feng shui audit. But you will know the Home Destiny pros and cons so that you can make a wise decision. There is no written report because it is basically a screening process for house selection.

No fixed criteria to choose a good feng shui house

Time and again i received numerous enquiries on what direction or what guidelines to choose a good feng shui home. Not that i am unwilling to share but there is no fixed rules. Take for example a “Good Destiny” house can have bad main door, bad kitchen and bad bedroom locations. Not forgetting there are other concerns such as 峦头physical environment compatibility with the house 理气 energy.

曾氏玄学 onsite consultation fees limited to 3-4 visits for the same day

HDB apartment $488 for the first unit and additional $150 per unit for 2nd/3rd/4th unit to compare on the same day (cannot carry forward), within the same vicinity. For 2 level units such as EM is $588 and additional cost for subsequent unit is the same.
EC/private apartment/condo $688 for the first unit and additional unit to compare at $150 on the same day, same premise within walking distance.
For 2-storey condo $788 for the first unit and additional unit to compare is the same.
Single storey landed property is $988. $200 extra for additional floor. 2nd or 3rd unit to compare on the same day at $380 within the same vicinity.
Commercial office/retail shop

$688 for 1 level office or shop that is less than 1000 ft and additional $300 for other units to compare. 

*Subsequent units for comparison is limited to maximum 3 per day within walking distance.

Information prior to onsite pre-purchase evaluation

  • Name, mobile number and address of interested property to purchase
  • Floor plan. 
  • Birth details necessary if “single” occupant

Payment Fees: Cheque payment is not accepted. A good faith deposit of $100 to book the appointment and full payment of the balance by cash or PayNow, PayLah to mobile no: 9071 2121 onsite. 

BTO DBSS Off-Site Pre-purchase feng shui 

How it works

You have to select 3 stacks of your choice for the “same project” to compare. Feng shui assessment is based on project siteplan North. A comparative analysis of (a) destiny 宅命 (b) Main Door (c) stove and (d) bedroom 阳宅三要相宅法 on the chosen units.

Details to submit

  • Email property brochure of your desired project 
  • Brochure must contain a copy of site plan (accuracy is dependent on siteplan North)
  • Pre-select 3 stacks of your choice, clearing stating block number.

OFF-SITE Pre-Purchase Evaluation Fees

$688 for 1-storey hdb for 3 stacks of your choice
$788 for 1-storey pte apt for 3 stacks of your choice
$888 for 2-storey pte apt / hdb for 3 stacks of your choice
$888 for 1-storey landed and additional $200 for additional floor (3 stacks not applicable for landed properties)

Any additional stack is at $200 per stack & additional floor is $100 for pte/hdb.

The reason for the additional charges per storey is because every storey requires a separate chart. If the extra floor is an open terrace there is no extra charges.

Report takes 3-5 working days upon payment received during non-peak season

Please do consider giving back to the community if you have benefited from this feng shui service





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