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Feng Shui Master Singapore Pre-Purchase 宅命分析 HOME DESTINY ANALYSIS

COMPLETED PROJECTS – Resale or TOP or sub-sale

On-Site Home Feng Shui Destiny determination

Home Destiny feng shuiGetting your new home is a long-term high investment decision. Find the right feng shui house and you have the assurance that your loved ones health, harmony, career and wealth aspects are well look after. On the other hand owning a bad feng shui house that cost you millions of dollar is going have negative impact on those aspects mentioned. It is a misnomer to select a home based on Birth Profile (Bazi) of family members or breadwinner. Read DESTINY OF HOME FENG SHUI and House Hunting to understand more details.

Don’t end up buying a sick, divorce-prone or financial-broken house

bad feng shui destinyA Pre-Purchase Home Selection based on feng shui principles can help you to save a lot of money to make the right purchase before signing the option fee and regret it later. In a nutshell, this feng shui assessment is to determine the “宅命 Feng Shui Destiny” of the unit, GOOD or BAD? If good it will suit anybody staying in the house, if bad it will not be suitable to any occupants. Using 2 Home Destiny extremities, the best is “Excellent Health and Wealth丁财两旺”,  the Worst is “损丁破财 Substandard house (Negative not neutral)” that is detrimental to Family Health and Wealth .

If the HOME DESTINY IS BAD, ONE NEED NOT even consider to purchase the unit because even with feng shui enhancements at best you bring it to a “Neutral” position. Why purchase a House that is on ICU and take “feng shui medicine” every day? This kind of substandard house will also incur unnecessary Annual Feng Shui Appraisal & Review to ensure that the “ticking time bomb” do not explode unexpectedly. The usual impact for this kind of house is first family members fall sick one-by-one then your wealth start to drain off…

pre-purchase-feng-shuiOnce the Home Destiny is determined to be “above average” or “acceptable” we will consider whether the “External environment” and the “Internal Layout” supports it’s Destiny. Next we have to examine the floor plan to check the locations of the Main Door, Stove and Bed 阳宅三要. It is based on 360 degrees land form observation, structure of the house and 三元玄空飞星San Yuan Xuan Kong (flying star) internal “energy” calculation based on various feng shui schools. Please understand that this is not a Complete feng shui assessment with activation and remedies for the house. However the information given – “pros & cons” is sufficient for you to make the right decision to buy a good feng shui home or refrain from it.

ONSITE PRE-PURCHASE feng shui assessment will include the following:

  • Establish the Destiny 宅命 of the apartment/office/house
  • Pros and Cons of the Unit, what you can expect from this house/office
  • Evaluate the 3 Critical area of the House 阳宅三要 i.e. Main door, stove and bedroom
  • Final Rating/Recommendations for your final decision to buy or not to buy

*It is not necessary to send me your Birth Profile because this is a “宅命 HOUSE DESTINY CHECK”. Suitability of the House DOES NOT DEPEND ON OCCUPANTS BAZI

*Please take note that this service will not disclose to you the REMEDIES necessary for the house which falls under the “home feng shui consultation service

*You do not need to submit your family members bazi because buying a house is not about matching family bazi . It is impossible for a house to match with a standard nucleus family of 4 different bazi lucky elements i.e. earth, metal, water, fire and wood?


*1 Level HDB & condo: S$ 298  for the first unit and additional $100 for subsequent unit on the same day & within walking distance (or transfer provided by you) in the same vicinity. Limited to 3-4 units per day. 2 level condo/hdb is $338

*Landed property/Cluster House:  $398 for the first unit and additional $150 for the subsequent unit on the same day & within walking distance (or transfer provided by you) in the same vicinity. Limited to 3-4 units per day.

What to prepare for the consultation

  • Address of the unit that you are keen to purchase and schedule
  • Email one scan copy of the official floor plan of the desired unit before appointment
  • Email your mobile number prior to visit
  • Full Cash Payment onsite
  • Duration about 1 hour
  • Not necessary to provide Birth data because this is 宅命 Destiny check

Uncompleted Projects – “off site” Unit Selection based on Site plan/Floor plan 

This feng shui investigation service is suitable for

  • New Private Property Launches not yet TOP
  • HDB, EC – BTO, SERS, DBSS, Balloting Exercise, Walk-In Selection

The best “stack units” are based on educated guess in the absence of actual on-site visit. The accuracy of the reading is based on “zero degree North Direction” given by the Developer. Selection is based on identifying the Destiny  宅命 of your home, 阳宅三要相宅法  location of Main Door, stove and bedroom and how this unit matches with the physical environment. This has nothing to do with choosing a home based on occupants Bazi lucky elements because it is impossible suit everyone’s birth configuration.

Documents to email for this consultation

  • Email the brochure of your desired project either HDB, EC or condo
  • Scan or use a high definition site plan (accuracy depending on the site plan)
  • The stack number and room type that you are keen. Stack number refers to the last 2 digit of a unit e.g. 2 bdr units are indicated in pink and stack numbers are 10, 11, 12 etc. So for unit number #10-11 refers to 10th floor and stack number 11
  • Scan or Clear copy of the Floor plan in jpeg format of your choice stack to understand the main door position/stove/master bedroom
  • Closing date of the Unit selection

Uncompleted project Fee: SGD $398 

The fee is based on per property project assessment and not more than 3 stacks for comparison. Additional project comparison can be mutually arrange at $200 extra. It takes about 7 working days upon payment received during non-peak season.

Credit Card Payment can be made using the Paypal button below or Bank transfer (where you need to email me the bank of your preference)

feng shui unit based on siteplan

 Here are some general observations from this new development above:

  • Notice that the direction of the units are dangerously between East and South-East estimated 110 to 115 degree.
  • Plot of land is triangular in shape
  • North-West is the Water area.
  • Uncomfortably close to Oxley Rise road behind






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