Pre-purchase or pre-rental fengshui evaluation 

bad feng shui destinyPre-purchase or pre-rental feng shui evaluation helps you to choose the right feng shui house or office by saving you time and money. A common fallacy is to choose a house based on Bazi profiles or Gua Numbers. Is it possible that a house can fit all your family members lucky elements or sectors? Unless you are staying alone.

Buying a home with bad feng shui can result in sickness, divorce, financial hardship and so forth.

Main pre-evaluation feng shui factors before buying or renting a house

a. Study the external landforms and internal structure of the house
b. Home Destiny 宅命 innate energy chart 三元 三合 大卦 八宅 紫白 etc

c. Position & Direction of Main Door most critical 阳宅三要之首
d. Stove position (direction is obsolete)
e. Bed location & directions

Finding a good feng shui home takes time

Other concerns include harnessing of energy from the external environment such as San Yuan Energy Optimisation 三元纳气. Since there is no “perfect feng shui house”, one will have to weigh the pros and cons during pre-evaluation. Finding a good feng shui home takes time but is well worth the effort. There are clients who have seen more than 20 apartments yet none are good. Getting the right feng shui house gives you peace of mind that your family is well-taken care in terms of health, career, education and harmony.

Home or Office feng shui innate destiny

Whether apartment or office will have it’s own innate “destiny宅命”. It is not dependent on occupants. Destiny of a house or office can be positive, negative or neutral. If the house is good it suits any type of bazi profile. On the other hand if if the house is bad it does not suit anybody.

If the home feng shui itself is bad, one should not even consider the possibility to buy. Because even with feng shui remedies, one can only “try” to reduce the negative effects. Why risk an “ICU Home” and take feng shui medicine every day when you have a choice?

Please understand that this is a “pre-purchase evaluation” and not a complete feng shui audit so the consultation will not cover feng shui remedies. There will be no written report for an onsite visit because the draft will be given to you at the end of feng shui evaluation.

Onsite pre-purchase feng shui fees (Cash or PayNow/PayLah)

HDB apartment $298 for the first unit and additional $150 for 2nd or 3rd or 4th unit to compare on the same day, same premise within walking distance AND for unit with two-storey e.g. maisonette $398 and additional cost for subsequent unit is the same.
EC/private apartment/condo $398 for the first unit and additional unit to compare at $150 on the same day, same premise within walking distance.
For 2-storey condo $498 for the first unit e.g. penthouse and additional unit to compare is the same.
One-storey landed property is $498. $100 for additional storey for the same unit. Additional unit to compare on the same day at $200 within the same premise. The additional $100 per storey still applies for units of comparison.

Commercial office/shop
$398 for 1 level and additional $100 per level.

*Subsequent houses for comparison is limited to MAXIMUM 4 per day within walking distance

Information to submit for onsite pre-purchase feng shui evaluation

  • Contact name, mobile number and address
  • Submit official floor plan minimum of 2 days prior to our appointment. If the floor plan is taken from a smartphone then the sectoring may not be accurate.
  • Full Cash Payment onsite
  • Duration about 30 mins or more per unit
  • No need to provide Birth details because this is pre-evaluation not feng shui audit

“OFF-SITE” pre-purchase feng shui 

This feng shui consultation service is suitable for properties not developed yet:

  • New Private Property Launches before TOP
  • HDB, EC – BTO, SERS, DBSS, Balloting Exercise, Walk-In Selection
  • Uncompleted projects


The preferred “stack” limited to 3 are pre-selected by you. Destiny calculation will be  based on the orientation taken by you or from the project siteplan. The accuracy of the reading depends on the “degree” taken by you or siteplan.

Based on your preferred units, a comparative analysis of (a) destiny 宅命 (b)  Main Door, stove and bedroom 阳宅三要相宅法. The process is NOT based on occupants Bazi profile because it is impossible that all occupants shared a “common” lucky element.

Necessary details 

  • Email the brochure/floor plan of your desired project either HDB, EC or condo
  • Copy of site plan (accuracy depending on the “North-Zero degree provided)
  • The preferred *stack number/room type that you are keen. *Stack number refers to the last 2 digit of a unit e.g. unit number #10-11 refers to 10th floor and stack number 11
  • Floor plan with degree of orientation
  • Dateline if shorter than 7 working days

Off site Pre-purchase feng shui fees 

$398 for 1-storey pte apt / hdb bto compared with 2 other stacks of your choice.

$498 for 2-storey pte apt / hdb bto.

$598 for 3-storey and above pte apt. The reason for the additional charges per storey is because every storey is a separate analysis. If it is an open terrace then there will be no charges.

Report takes 3-5 working days upon payment received during non-peak season.

Mode of payment: PayNow or PayLah to mobile no: 9071 2121 to engage this service





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