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Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲is a supplementary tool to make wise choices in major life decisions. Like it or not life’s crossroads is inevitable. Sometime after going through all the check boxes, one is still indecisive or even confused on the actions to take that will affect our future. QMDJ is a Chinese forecasting tool to provide answers to common questions such as:

Work: Career/Business 事业
1. should i take on a new job offering?
2. i was offered as a new equity business partner, should i proceed?
3. should i start my own business?
4. business is really bad, where are the feng shui areas to look out for in the office?

Social: Love/Marriage 姻緣
1. how do i improve my chances of getting a life partner?
2. my marriage on the rocks, should i file for divorce?
3. wanted to know whether my chances of proposed marriage will fall through?
4. what are my chances of marriage with Mr A?

Health 健康
1. due for urgery, how do i improve my health through feng shui?
2. having trouble with my lower back, how can i improve?

Qi Men enhance your life BUT not a substitution

This service is recommended when you have exhausted all necessary resources and options to alleviate your current situation yet not making any progress. For instance if you intend to start your own business, you should have done your homework by weighing the pros and cons on aspects such as finance, expertise, product/service marketability, staffing, economy… etc. Once you have done that and yet fearful of the outcome then qmdj can help you to assess the success rate and likely obstacles. Since it is a forecasting tool, the predicted accuracy is about 70 percent if your enquiry chart is plotted correctly.

Or you needed answers on health matters. For instance if your relative is sick even with all the medical attention, you can used this service to speed up recovery by making some adjustments in home feng shui. This service is a not a substitution for doctor’s advice or pending operation.

How this qi men dun jia service works?

Step 1-Specific Reality Question:
Please text/watsapp +65 9071-2121 or email to stating a specific question. (Phone call is not a good idea because i am usually busy). In order for qi men to work you need to have a serious intention to solve a problem or make a decision not some wishful thinking like “when will i get rich or be a billionaire”
Step 2- Plotting the qi men dun jia chart and your verifications
Using the time of your enquiry, a qi men dun jia chart is plotted free-of-charge, no obligations on your part.
With the plotted chart, certain readings are revealed to you for your confirmation.
There are no charges at this point.
The verification process is necessary because the recommendations depend on the accuracy of the QMDJ chart.
If you are happy with the findings and found it accurate, you have the choice to continue or not with step 3.
Step 3- Recommendations & Fee
The feng shui recommendations/solutions will be reveal to you for a minimum fee of $68, depending on the complexity of the issue.

You can used paynow or paylah or pay anyone for Step 3.

***Due to my busy schedule, i will only answer to 3 queries 有缘者 per day.



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