A deep understanding on the attributes of the external environment 峦头 surrounding your home is equally important to managing the 理气 invisible energies.  One have to consider whether the external geographical “forms” encourages or discourages the destiny of your home or office feng shui.

Singapore signature – Worst Feng shui Negative energies facing construction site

feng shui bad energies

In Singapore everyday you see constructions going on. If your door or windows faces an on-going construction site, this is your worst nightmare!

It will have negative effects like family members start falling sick, accidents, money loss and even to the extend of ending up in hospital and retrenchment. It also depends on the sector or direction of the construction site affecting who the most e.g. male or female, elderly or younger, which part of your body. The first sign of negative effects are sicknesses and accidents. Then follow by other harmful effects such as disharmony, financial loss, divorce…retrenchment.

Take for example if your home North direction is having construction then chances of sicknesses related to kidney, urinary system, flu, and it also represents your 2nd son or Male age between 20 and 40.

Adding on to the problem if  this direction happened to be Annual flying star bad sectors or tai sui 太岁 三煞 etc For instance this year 1994 甲戌年 misfortune is in south east, north is sickness 2 and overlapping with 三煞. The other danger sector is Northwest where 太岁 resides.  It will be a “Double-Disaster”!

Even if these sectors are positive sectors for this year is still going to be BAD!

Interestingly “construction energies” can also be transported

i have seen a house and does not find anything wrong with the feng shui nor their birth profile and luck pillars. The female head of household whom invited me told me she went through surgeries 3 times because of her ovaries complications. From feng shui perspective these are the key areas to look into concerning the female reproduction system:

a. Form school “water” element related e.g. the position of the toilet bowl, basin, bath tub, water feature

b. Xuan kong Flying star “1” 一白胎神 positioning on which sector

c. Eight mansions 六煞 and 廉贞 position

d. North sector

e. Kitchen

f. South-West sector

g. Impact of annual or house destiny flying star 2 二黑病符 二主宅母多病患 which represents sickness/ abdomen OR disaster 5  represent pregnant woman 孕妇受灾, poison为毒索,cancer 易忠肿瘤 natural disaster / accidents 天灾横祸

h. Flying star 5 & 1 or 1 & 5 combo 一白 reproduction 胎神受五黄克制,不利人丁,不孕,绝嗣之忧

Notice the number of variables that all these are possibilities that can caused this “bad luck” to happen; so as a Feng Shui master you have to do a “calculated guess”  as to where and how this went wrong.

i have check and double checked there are absolutely nothing wrong with the house feng shui. Being curious i begin checking with her about her office…she told me there are construction going on in the neighbourhood. As her office is pretty near to her house she needs to walk past the construction site before reaching her home. After making a trip down to her office and doing some cures the problem was finally resolved. Her last medical checkup was fine and you may call it a coincidence.

Personally i believed that the bad energies were transported from the construction site somehow, but don’t ask me why because i don’t have the reasons to explain too. i have to acknowledge that not all feng shui issues can be explained by science or logic. So if you are experiencing some problems with your body or relationships it may not be your home feng shui but office feng shui.

External landscape changes the energies

The position and the structure of the surrounding buildings that embrace your house fengshui or office feng shui affects the “qi” or energies that are driving into your house. See picture below just for illustration purpose a taller building very close to your building feng shui term it as “qiao xing 峤星 “. If this tall building is at the North side of your office, then the energies show as yellow arrows are having a “boomerang” effect and deflected as having “south” – fire energies.

The environment attributes of your surroundings supports or undermine the luck of your unit. The impact will become more pronounce by external physical features like roads, lifts, escalators, junctions, reservoir, swimming pool, river, buildings etc. For e.g. if your main door is where the “water star 7” lands and your main door directly faces a lift. Then wealth energies will be amplified! The reverse is true, if the door has a bad combo say sickness “2 & 5” flying star than chances are falling sick is a norm.

Forms are different from Qi or Energies. Forms are stuff that we can see and make us feel disturbed e.g overlooking a cemetry or hospital door or 45 degree sharp angular buildings or fire station or expressways. Some forms carries energies, some don’t. E.g. Expressways are forms and energies. Seeing a “cross” symbol from a neighbourhood church is just form and does not carry any energies by itself.

Feng Shui is common sense

How would you like to stay near a rubbish-collection centre where your home is filled with foul smell everyday. Hence is not surprise to find people staying around rubbish areas , dirty canals fall sick easily. It does not take any feng shui theory to tell you that this is definitely not hygiene. Some feng shui master uses commercial feng shui figurines like unicorn, dragon etc to defend your house… i have also seen some feng shui master sold my clients expensive crystal sphere to deflect the energies. All these does not work. Why? Because the fengshui problem is with the smell and germs hovering in the air like the SARS outbreak in Year 2003 so even traditional figurines like dragon in the past have not met with SARs.

What you need to do is to improve the air ventilation system and light of your home feng shui by filtration, freshener, diffuser…wear masks at home…make sense right? not by introducing feng shui products? Feng shui cures depends on the problem area not by inventing more feng shui products as a counter measure. LOL. So actually feng shui is common sense not rocket science.


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