Tai Sui 太岁 2015

Tai Sui Conflict with Year of Goat 2015  犯太岁

Unlike conventional thinking, conflicting with Annual Year Tai Sui is not as bad as one may think. It merely means “CHANGES” or “MOTIONS” in your life. Collision with the Year Tai Sui generally refers to your birth year at the opposite end 地支六冲 something like North Pole vs South Pole. In advanced calculations, the roots of a person’s bazi day, month and time of birth are used to explore further about the events that is going to unfold for that year. Check out 2016 太岁 Tai Sui.

2015 feng shui conflicting signs

Year 2015, Astrological or Zodiac Signs that are in conflict with Goat are Ox, Goat, Dog and Rat. These changes can affect various aspects of your life notably Emotional, Career, Family, Wealth or Health. Most people dislike changes in their life. However some of these changes can be “good” and it may mean a “break-through” in your life e.g. getting married. Some of these changes can be “bad” for instance divorce. Most often than not those people that are in conflict with tai sui are emotional uptight and stress up. So bear with your loved ones and support them if happen that your partner is having a bad time. i will highlight the cures to dilute the “changes” down the page.

Emotional Changes

Changes in emotion reflects relationships in your life. It can be marriage e.g. getting marry or breakup or divorce good or bad depends on your Bazi Birth Configuration.

Career Changes

This is quite easy to understand it can mean getting a nice promotion or got fired, again depends on your Bazi Profile. That makes having your Bazi Reading so important.

Family Changes

This may mean relocation or even migration.

Wealth Changes

The good news will be buying a new investment property and the bad news may mean that you are selling the property at a lost or even going bankrupt.

Health Changes

Your health may take a bad turn and you have to be mindful of accidents or injuries.

Feng Shui Master Singapore recommended cures without using feng shui products

All in all no matter what changes, it is wise to keep your head low and keep a “cool” attitude when dealing with these changes.

a. Since this is a year of “motion” 变动 for you, instead of discouraging it, encourage it ! Be Active! Take for instance go for a well deserved holidays with your loved ones, find something that is personal to you or your family and celebrate with your friends and relatives e.g. birthday if other joyful celebrations (marriage)  are not possible. In Chinese classical wisdom there is this principle call  一喜挡三灾

feng shui unlock gold in 2015

b. Choose to get involve and attend jubilant celebrations as many as possible. You can rub some positive energies from people who are happy.

c. Avoid attending sad sad ceremonies if you can help it.

d. Since this is a year of Changes for you, try to make objective decisions based on logical reasons and not emo. If you really wanted to make a major decision such as investment, career switch, start your business consider having a 2nd opinion (that are not in conflict with tai sui).

e. Wearing of personal talisman that improves your luck, this is the general guideline for respective Chinese astrology signs, however my advice is to consider checking with your bazi before going ahead. These are the compatible combo that act as partners to uplift your luck in dire times. I have also separated those born in the first half of the year from February to July and those born in the 2nd half from August to January. What i am trying to do here is based on my “best guess” of your favourable element using season as the parameter in the absence of Bazi Reading.

Feng shui 2015 extra

For those who are born in the first half of the year try to use gold or silver or white gold or steel as the substance choice. As for those born in the 2nd half use jade as the preferred material. If you feel there are improvements in your life kindly contribute some money to a Charity organisation of your choice.

f. If things are really not going your way, you may wish to do up your home feng shui or office feng shui. Sometimes it may be you make some wrong choices with your home placement and others and not because of Tai Sui. There are so many variables that influence one’s life and it is really impossible to cover all angles!

g. Do Charity work. For example provide financial aid to those needy that cannot afford funeral expenses.

h. Do a thorough health check on your body before the year commences i.e. 2nd half of January 2015. Send your car for check-up too to prevent accidents.

i. Donate blood for instance you can do a full dental teeth cleaning.

j. Look into Year 2015 feng shui for your house.


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