Tai Sui 2016

Tai Sui 2016 Fire Monkey 丙申

Before the lunar new year commences i received a lot of enquiries inviting me to talk about the fortune of various Zodiac signs. i rejected all whether paid or unpaid ones. Interestingly most of these predictions are “merely generalisation” than the truth. Take 2016 the Zodiac sign of “丙申年Fire Monkey” 丙 is symbolic to the “sun” which is fire element not “gold” as what most products would advertise. Chinese love Gold because it sounds good.

The Zodiac signs that are in conflict with 2016 tai sui are Monkey, Tiger, Snake and Pig.

For those who are born under the above zodiac signs please do not get unduly worried. It just mean that in 2016 there are some “movement or changes 变化” in your life. Changes can be good or bad that depends on the individual Birth structure or Bazi 八字用神lucky elements. Some of the examples of changes can be “relocation” – shifting to your new home, “marriage” tying the wedding knot, “birth” – new born child…notice that it does not necessary means “bad” unlike what most people think.

One thing you really have to be cautious though and not restricted to the above zodiac signs..is that “accidents” and “sickness” will become very prominent in Year of the Monkey 2016.

Auspicious dates for Office Re-open after CNY

12 Feb 甲子日 初五 7-9am   Except Zodiac sign Horse

15 Feb 丁卯日  初八 11 am-1 pm  Except Zodiac sign Rooster

22 Feb 甲戌日 十五 9-11 am Except  Zodiac sign Dragon

*sorry pretty busy still trying to do the backlogs no time to post more information


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