faster house selling

We have engaged Master Chan for many different services, twice for our home feng shui, then for our daughter’s Chinese name, and then for faster house selling. Master Chan’s feng shui guide is always on the practical side, so it….

result in 2 months

Master Chan is knowledgeable and passionate in what he does! Right from our first communication, Master Chan has always been patient and a good listener. What probably matters most is that his advice is simply effective! I saw on his….

3rd time repeat customer

I am a 3rd-time repeat customer of Master Chan for Home fengshui assessment. His on-site explanation is very detailed and the report is easy to understand. He is very practical in his approach which is what I needed. Additionally, his….

practical in his approach

We recently engaged Master Chan for our home fengshui service. He spent some time walking us through our house and showed us how we can alleviate the negative sectors of our house. I find that he is very practical in….

Master Chan is a real McCoy

Joseph Tan- Feng Shui is a very detail precise science; only a few can understand its complexity and appreciate them. I have met my fair game in FengShui, some are truly quacks who will suck you financially dry by buying….

ordinary feng shui cure – sickness stops

We engaged Master Chan from Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd for Home Feng Shui. Our first impression was great because even before we mentioned anything, he correctly pointed out that our family have been falling sick continuously that particular year….

master chan solution is simple, practical & effective.

We are grateful with for Master Chan owner of Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd advise. He is very enthusiastic n patience in explaining to us the details n what’s myths n science, real. I have engaged several other feng shui….

Wendy Chua

BTO pre-selection feng shui  I have engaged master chan to do a pre-selection of my BTO. As all of you know HDB selection is based on the balloted queue number and so I thought I better wait until near the….

Expat Living Silver Award


Audit for Corporate office feng shui

Our company just got a new 20,000 square feet premise and was introduced to Master Chan – Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd through an Interior designer that we engaged.  After going through the office he sort out the various key….

Master Chan’s decode has the highest accuracy

Master Chan’s bazi decode has the highest accuracy I have a few “headache” problems and so I seek various bazi readers for 3 years. The reason for a bazi read for me is like to have a “road map” aka….

bazi accuracy of Master Chan

Master Chan’s bazi accuracy I came across Master Chan’s fengshui website by accident while looking up annual stars/ Feng Shui 2015. I was curious to find out about Bazi Profiling after reading the very interesting articles on his website, and….

No more falling sick

Hi Master Chan, Your guidance on all Home Feng Shui enhance me and my family health is really effective. Previously my kids and I are falling sick almost every month, but after followed all your advice, my health really improve…..


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