No more falling sick

Hi Master Chan, Your guidance on all Home Feng Shui enhance me and my family health is really effective. Previously my kids and I are falling sick almost every month, but after followed all your advice, my health really improve…..

Your recommendations practical and works

Master Chan i cannot resist but to say i am very impressed with the feng shui audit that you carried out for my family. As you are aware i have consulted quite a few masters before you and find their….

singapore feng shui office

Hello Master Chan thank you for seeing my office feng shui in such a short notice. Before engaging you i have consulted with other masters in Singapore and they told me to put the fish tank, ship and fortune bowl….

master chan improved our family health

our family health have improved and my wife got pregnant thank you master chan for helping me and my wife. i must admit initially i was skeptical with the ordinary cures that you use for my home because the past….

he was right and spot-on

i was introduced to Master Chan through a friend. i was told that he did her house feng shui and her family’s health have improved and her dad’s temper has simmer down, moreover her mum strike lottery for the unit….

witty, practical and efficient

I was recommended to Master Chan through a ex-colleague of mine. Me and my wife are constantly quarreling over the smallest things. i was recently being retrenched and thinking that perhaps that is something wrong with our house feng shui….

My family is very satisfy with Master Chan’s service

Master Chan was introduced to me by my brother when he did his new house audit before renovation. I was immediately interested because things Master Chan recommended was light hearted and mostly DIY compare to some masters I heard make….

very practical, most importantly efficient

“I came upon Master Chan’s Singapore website accidentally last year, and ask him for help. His advice was very practical, and most importantly efficient. Problems with work gradually went away. End of last year, I suddenly had health problems, and….

it works! this is what matters

As a businessman, I seek consultation with about 4 to 5 feng shui masters in Singapore a year and consolidate their findings. They hail from astrology, palmistry, ziweidoushu, bazhi, yijing divination. When I met Master Lawrence Chan from Feng Shui….

Service is exceptional

Master Chan practical fengshui approach and sound advice given to us coupled with thorough and logical explanation makes lots of sense. Practical in a sense that the changes recommended was something easily achievable and we were never asked to purchased….

significant improvement in 2 months time

Dear Master Lawrence, Good day to you, Its been about 3 months since the first time you visit my house for a fengshui audit.  I can see significant improvement in 2 months time.  Not only did I sleep better now,….

Moved in from Australia

Thank you Master Chan, all seemed well after I moved in the eden. Within 4 months, I found a new job and also my partner moved in from Australia! However, he is now back in Sydney as he wasn’t able to clinch….

I finally found a job

Couple of years back was the darkest point of my life. After been retrenched I have been struggling to get a job. I am in my mid-40s now and in Singapore without having a degree it is difficult to get….


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