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As a businessman, I seek consultation with about 4 to 5 feng shui masters in Singapore a year and consolidate their findings. They hail from astrology, palmistry, ziweidoushu, bazhi, yijing divination. When I met Master Lawrence Chan from Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd, he came across to me as someone who is helpful, not desperate for monetary gains, systematic and one who comes out with practical solutions. His Bazi report is very professional full with details and charts, self explanatory, worth the every cents. His Fengshui audit is unique in the sense while being practical, he provides cheap solutions to solve those fengshui hazards. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to purchase stuff. Simple remedies like use of 6 coins, cheap fountain feature, etc really solve the problem. It works! And this is what matters. As a responsible master, he makes an effort to follow up with the Fengshui audit of a place after some time to find out how is everything at no additional charge. Great job. Highly recommended feng shui master in Singapore.


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