Tips to choose a Feng Shui home

Tips to select an auspicious feng shui home

This article is “solely” based on examining the physical properties 峦头 i.e. the environment and the internal physical layout to choose a Lucky Feng Shui Home without considering the “invisible energy 理气” derived from “宅命 Destiny” calculation which is equally important! So if you choose a feng shui house based on the following tips half the battle is already won.

Classical feng shui principle states that “峦头为体,理气为用”.

1. Identify the roads and infrastructure leading to your house

Using google map or singapore street directory study the locations/directions of infrastructure in relation to your new home e.g. roads, buildings, MRT, swimming pool, reservoir, shape of the building, junctions, shape of the roads concave or convex, expressways, smelly drains etc. Try to identify whether there are sha qi or bad energies for example hospital, police stations, mirror-like reflective glass buildings, construction works, empty plot of land and others.

2. Your block in relation to other blocks nearest to you

Observe the location of your stack/block in relation to other buildings. The physical terrain of the 4 main “mountain 山势” influence such as the front 前朱雀, the back 後玄武, left hand sid 左青龙 and the right 右白虎. If you have to compromise facing a spacious front is relatively more important. See picture below Blk A is better than Blk B.

3. Shape of the Floor Plan

Study the floor plan meticulously. What is the shape of the floor plan? Square, rectangle or out of shape? Where are the positions of main door, stove and bed? Which sector North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest (not the 24 mountain which can only be done via luopan)? How is the kitchen or bedroom in relation to your toilet doors? Any serious missing sectors from the floor plan more than 25% of the house. Do not choose a house that is out-of-shape or the rectangular form ratio is greater that 1:3. You will have very uneven sectors and those smaller sectors maybe the wealth area. See picture below North and South sector are extremely small to utilise IF happened that it is the Wealth or Career sector. In Singapore feng shui, there are no perfect home or business office that fits like a glove unless your develop the home yourself base on an empty plot of land. Even so you are still limited by URA rules and guidelines. However certain compromise and expectations need to be fine-tune. Just focus on key areas which are Destiny, Main Door, stove and Bedroom positions.

4. Degree of Your Main Door direction

Find out the “rough destiny” of your apartment (if you can) by plotting out the degree using the siteplan “North”, then check the table found in this website. This is using the house main door orientation instead of the condo main entrance. The main entrance of the entire condo impacts the developer if it is commercial building and for residential it influences all the units within the condo. Assume that the apartment consist of 300 units, then the Condo entrance will only affect you 1/300 or 0.33%. It is a common mistake to use the property fascade direction (some feng shui masters uses that) the basis for feng shui orientation. Once the destiny of the apartment is calculated, you will be able to tell whether this house is suitable for enterprising young couples to stay or elderly retirees or family man or unsuitable to stay.

Generally speaking North/South or East/West direction is quite safe in Period 8 (Feb 2004-Feb 2024) because the Home Destiny is Either Positive influence on Wealth Or Health but not both. But refrain from direction orientation of North 0 degree, East 90 degree, West 270 degree and South 180 degree they are meant for temples.

5. Bazi compatibility ONLY IF your family shared a Common Lucky Element

If you have an existing good bazi master in Singapore then I am sure you are well aware of your family’s Bazi or Birth Profile 八字用神 lucky elements which could be fire, water, wood, earth or metal. You can factor in this Bazi lucky element for unit selection provided your family “shared” a common “lucky element”. Take for e.g. your family lucky element is Water then having a “North-facing” window will be a positive enhancement for your entire family. Even better if North direction overlooks a swimming pool or a park.


Do not buy a house or office with tilted doors. The fact that some feng shui masters in Singapore are so obsessed to tilt the door for their clients is because they believed that the house contained “negative” energies so by tilting the door they “hope” that the energies will change to positive! It does not work and the energies will not “changed”. Energies does not go sideways when you tilt the door. So if you see that the door is tilted it only means that the Destiny of the house is bad already. There are ways to change the Destiny of the house if it is bad but not by tilting of doors. Through many years of “hands-on” experiences the impact of slanted doors are temporary fix more like only last for 6 months or less. Over the years i have seen some existing houses with tilted doors done by previous feng shui masters, mostly ended up pretty bad!

7. AVOID Bad energies 

Just bear in mind that the external physical landscape are fixed so you really got to study the surroundings deeply. From a very general and layman point of view, if the house is free from Sha Qi or bad energies it is worth the consideration. Examples of bad energies where main door or window faces “directly” to T-Junctions, expressways, convex roads. MRT/LRT directions, police stations, hospitals, constructions etc.

Whether the energy is consider good or bad depends on the distant of the view, if it is far far away and you need powerful binoculars to see then there is no danger. Don’t be unduly worry about what you hear about or find via the internet about bad sha qi, more often than not it is non-existing. After seeing so many houses over my past career, i have not really seen a house with very bad external landscape that cannot be diluted.

8. Past History of the House

Past history of the house don’t let it haunt you. Find out for yourself the house history of previous owners, has someone commit suicide or divorce inside the house? A period 6 house is different from period 7 or period 8? Understanding the past, merely give us the peace of mind before signing on the dotted line. If psychologically you are uncomfortable with the house don’t buy it in the first place because it will become a stigma when something happen.

Let me tell you a true story, many years ago, i have this feng shui client who bought a divorce house. After doing the feng shui audit her husband was promoted as a regional director and was send to Vietnam for 3 years under contract which is supposedly good news? They have no kids so his wife being alone and not working starts to have 2nd thoughts about their marriage and suspect her husband infidelity. “Absence makes the heart wander instead of fonder”. She got so paranoia thinking that her husband has a mistress overseas, that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy thinking that she have bought a bad feng shui divorce home. She is so uptight that it affect her relations in work too. Her husband told me that she will nit-pick on the most trivial thing in the world whenever he is back from overseas. What follows after a few years it is no rocket science to the conclusion of their marriage. This incident illustrates that psychology and  perceptions does influence the outcome of things. It is the classic sales speech of seeing the glass half full or half empty. Divorce or not is not solely about the home feng shui but personality and tolerance. During our grand papa time one never heard of the word “divorce” now it is so rampant!

In Singapore the main reason for marriage breakout is finance and personality clash not house feng shui LOL. Moreover different periods of the house have different destiny. A period 7 house is different from a period 8 house! One thing for sure if the house is empty for many years or selling at a ridiculously low price…something fishy must be going on.

9. Period 8 and Period 9 Money or Health

As a general rule of thumb in Period 8 Year 2004 to 2023, refrain from seeing “artificial water” like roads, junctions, MRTs in the North-East Sector/direction using your house centre as the focal point. Instead you should see tall buildings.

In period 8, the water or roads leading to your house should be from South-West sector. and North for period 9. Assume you intend to choose a unit from siteplan, which stack from your your window are you able to see another stack (building) in the North-East and seeing Water e.g. swimming pool in the South-West. Generally if your main concern is family health seek for houses that have tall buildings in your Northeast (Period 8) or South direction (Period 9). If you are enterprising professionals where money is your key concern then seek out houses that overlook water in the Southwest (Period 8) or North direction in Period 9.

“山环水抱,气聚有情, 山管人丁, 水管财”

In a general sense, Mountain or tall buildings in today’s context equates health.

Water in feng shui equates Wealth (not because of the cantonese word shui is wealth) however water is not the only medium to activate wealth. Water can be divided into real which is actually water itself and “artificial” e.g. roads, walkways, expressways, MRTs


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