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Water feature if place correctly is one of the fastest way to attract wealth but not the only method. Feng shui activation of wealth involves a complete “Home Destiny 宅命 assessment” and not just simply creating a water position based on generalisation. One cannot activate wealth without solving the bad energies that are lurking within the home. Just having a water feature is not sufficient to activate wealth, you need to look into aspects like the Main door location/direction, Stove position, Bed position and the internal layout of all your other doors i.e. bedroom, toilet etc Below is the Chinese classic wisdom regarding the importance of the “Main Door”.

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3 main classifications of household items 

a. Items that are constantly in motion or influential to the welfare of the home examples are Main door, other doors, air-condition, bedroom placement, stove, clock, altar, fish tank etc

Yi Jing 易经 Book of Changes mentioned the importance of objects that are in motion which brings positive or negative energies to the house 吉凶悔吝生乎動

b. Items that are generally motionless e.g. cabinets, storage boxes, wardrobes, sofa, dinning table etc These are generally of no significant impact to the occupants.

c. Items that you wanted to keep in mobile to prepare for Annual Feng Shui for instance Wealth, Career, 桃花 , networking or items to prevent bad energies like disaster 5, illness 2 and quarrelsome 3.

There are other ordinary household items that you can use to enhance wealth, for example spot light, salt lamp, fan, air condition duct outlet, stove position, sofa, dining table, door position, potted plants, sculpture and many others.  In fact the best way to do it is to keep it in motion. Wealth activation is a combine effort on all aspects. The Destiny of the house needs to be calculated and negative energies must be eliminated before activation of wealth!

More often than not water feature in feng shui is place wrongly

For certain sectors if you place the water feature you manage to attract wealth but the health of your family members may suffered. To me no health means no wealth. A healthy person with good attitude, talents and peace of mind is generally more successful than others.

There are other means to activate wealth besides using the water feature.

It is true that the correct positioning of “water” does activates wealth but the location of the wealth sector at home feng shui may not be suitable to place a water feature.

The misrespresentation of water fountain or fish tank is symbolic to feng shui wealth and prosperity. See the venn diagram and you will understand what i mean. The placement of “water” is a subset of “wealth” but not equal to “wealth”. Most commercial buildings do have a water feature in front to promote wealth but some are place wrongly like the above picture.

i remembered seeing one article mentioned that water is used to diffuse negative energies. One of the Chinese feng shui wisdom saying “气乘风则散,界水则止” originates from the “burial classic” 葬经 from a great great grand master of Feng Shui Guo Pu 郭璞. It means “water” traps “air energies”, it does not cleanse the negative air energies. Anybody with common sense would understand that water traps “qi” or “energies”. So water itself does not possess the properties to purify the air? An air purifier probably can do the job. However in some cases “water” can be used to combat against bad energies but not diffuse negative energies.

Sweeping statements of Water position in Feng Shui

If you are feng shui fan i am sure you hear of theories like these, placing in the East sector improve health, South-East sector improve wealth and North sector enhances your career. If feng shui assessment is that simple most feng shui masters in Singapore will be out of job.

Relevant feng shui principle for water position

One of the popular feng shui methods for water placement is base on 三元九运 which is based on a time/space dimension. In a nutshell what it means is given a certain time frame, a certain sector is extremely “current”. In today’s context we are living in Period 8 which is represented as  艮卦 or North-East. In Singapore the Punggol area. In period 8 North-East is the 正神 which is suitable for Mountain or tall buildings and not water, South-West is 零神 suitable for water to boost wealth and East is 照神方 suitable for water to accumulate wealth. If i translate it literally it sounds funny, it means True God (not literally God but just a term which represents Heavenly) Zero God and God’s reflection.

 8th period  2004-2023 True God 正神  Zero God零神 God’s Reflection照神
 No water should have mountain Water for prosperity Water for career advancement
 North East sector South West sector  East Sector

A lot of readers or even for my clients the first thing they talk about for Feng Shui assessment is always to determine their home “wealth 财位” sector. But my advise is you should first eliminate all the bad energies or “sha qi” before even considering activating your wealth sector. Some uses the Annual flying star to improve wealth energies without calculating the house feng shui destiny, which is very risky. Calculation of the home destiny ensures that all bad energies are diluted to a bare minimum. The attempt to improve wealth without introducing feng shui cures means that the home bad energies are still lurking around in the house or office waiting to explode!

The general rule of thumb for water are:

1. Sheng Qi water(best fengshui water) should be slow moving, meandering with wide shape or curve, gentle, quiet and clean.

2. Sha Qi water (merciless bad water) – rapid, fast moving, straight, narrow, loud and noisy, smelly and stagnant and restless.

General tips on feng shui water location

1. It should be at the Home Destiny Wealth sector.

2. Ideally it should not be in conflict with the 5 elements of the sector.

3. One should consider the occupants birth profile lucky elements if necessary

3. Fish tank should not be facing the toilet or beside the toilet

6. Fish tank should not be below the altar

7. Fish tank should not be opposite the kitchen door or stove

8. The fish tank motor should not be noisy

9. The water should be clear and not filthy

10. The quantity of the fish is not important. Although some books tell you is 1,6 and 9 fishes.

The above are just very general guidelines…itself is more complex and i have not use all units of feng shui measures, “water applications (水法)” i have seen one of my client that is wrongly advised by his feng shui master by putting the a giant fish tank inside the Wu Gui 五鬼 sector which landed the female breadwinner in surgery.

Hence my final advice is try not to use “water” unless you are advised by an experienced feng shui master. Why go through the trouble of putting your loved ones at risks. For those who have seen this article and find that after putting the fish tank cause you home feng shui bad luck ( which i have seen many ) please remove it immediately!


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