wealth energy 斗三煞

Business feng shui transform bad energy to wealth energy

Unlike home feng shui, business feng shui sometimes welcome bad energies or sha qi  煞气! The stronger the negative energy and if done properly with the relevant remedy the greater the profits. There are many conditions to fulfill and one of them is that you need to work on a wide frontage to “manage” this bad energy, cure it with feng shui and “use” it to your advantage! It is written in the Chinese feng shui principle 若要发,斗三煞, the San Sha here does not refer to the Annual San Sha sector but refers to physical “bad forms” for example the main entrance facing a T-Junctions.

Singapore signature of bad feng shui – facing a construction site

This is the signature product of Singapore feng shui, every where you go there are bound to be construction going on! If your business office windows faces a construction site almost instantly you can see that your business goes downhill. i have many clients to prove it that once the construction started in the neighbourhood sales come to a standstill. Sometimes this bad energies can be brought in by your employees because they need to pass by a construction sites before reaching the office. If this a resident flat then chances of sicknesses are high! It is no surprised here that construction is bad for business, imagine you are the shop owner and in front of you is having construction…almost immediately you see the crowd disappeared due to the dustiness and the noise pollution, not forgetting the problem of car park. However if the construction is to build a MRT station then chances are business will get better when the construction is over, however this could wait for several years to complete.

Singapore $1 dollar coin feng shui myth

If you can recalled during the days of MRT commencement around early 1980s and partially completed in the early 1990s; notice that GDP shot up after the 1990s upon completion, see Singapore GDP graph below.  The economy was slow during the eighties, an almost plateau graph. Imagine the inconvenience of road diversions and traffic jams obviously is bad for business i.e. economy. So whether the mystical Singapore octagon shape one dollar coin came to rescue or not in the late 80s, the economy is going to pick up it’s momentum once the dusts of construction is settled down. It is that simple, don’t over complicate things by giving all credit to the late 1987 $1 coin circulation that boost economy. Feng shui is not that powerful to “SAVE” an economy! Personally i have to give credit for those who came out with these wild creative imaginations, pretty similar to “dragons” found in Singapore.

Singapore-1-Dollar-Coin feng shui mythSolely from feng shui perspective or even non-feng shui perspective any construction of that disrupt the transport infrastructure be it MRT, airport, trains, roads etc during the construction phase things are going to be bad, is that simple. However once it is completed it is definitely more convenient and save time. One fact is true though once the linkage is done from point A to point B it does helps both locations. From feng shui perspective it does speed up the 地运.  i can’t find a good translation for this, well you can call this as speeding up the “Earth Geographic Energy”. See chart below on Singapore GDP indicators. Even properties that is nearer to MRT fetch better rentals and selling prices.

singapore MRT feng shui

Identify the relevant feng shui bad forms

One common misnomer is to associate perpendicular buildings that are parallel to you as sharp corners which is not. The building should be diagonal to you (see picture as illustration highlighted in yellow lines)  尖角煞 the angle of deviation is more like 45 degrees pointing directly into your office.

feng shui bad vibes

Other bad physical feng shui Forms are 穿心煞 facing a narrow passage in between 2 buildings, 镰刀煞 bridges (flyover),  独阴煞 “yin” e.g. dead end of a road (cul de sac) or under flyovers. In feng shui classic 雪心赋 we believed that “yin and yang energies” must be balance, either one of them alone without interaction is bad feng shui  孤阴不生 独阳不长.

3 main benefits of business feng shui are:

1. Activate wealth to increase profits and sales revenue – this is of paramount importance in office feng shui

2. Improve staff retention, recruitment is expensive & time-consuming

3. Build team spirit and harmony among staff

How physical environment affects the profits of your office feng shui?

The “forms” here refers to the external environment such as roads, MRTs, buildings, bridges and other physical landscape. It also includes internal attributes such as the physical layout of your office. Is your office squarish or longish? Where is the location of your main door? Where are the windows? Is your staircase facing the Main Door? What is the traffic conditions of the roads leading to your office?

Does your Office feng shui Destiny possess Great Wealth or Great Loss?

Does your office has a strong wealth presence and duration? How long will it last? It is definitely not a good idea to relocate office whenever the feng shui luck period changes. Does the main entrance of your office possess the current wealth star in Period 8 (2004-2023) ? Does the external/internal environment attributes supports the “wealth star”? If not can we do something artificially to pump up the sales? Are your key personnel that has direct impact on bottom-line sitting in the right sector of your office feng shui? How about other departments such as accounts, customer service and others are they in the right sector? Different department in the office have different needs.

Take for instance the finance / accounting department should be in the “mental clarity” sector. Your sales and Publicity department should be occupying the “networking” sector. How about your CEO, is he seated in the “power” position? If not he probably will be transferred or fired after 2 years of leadership.

If you are a property developer or building owner, it make sense to locate your building at negative energy areas like road junctions, T-junctions, MRT stations, sharp pointed buildings to transform the bad energies into positive ones. Having the relevant cures and sufficient space are the keys to convert these negative energies into wealth.

Is Bad feng shui preventing you from making money?

Look around your office windows what do you see? Where are the surrounding buildings situated ? North or South or East or West?  How does the structure of the surrounding buildings look like? a sharp pointed knife? Are the surrounding environment conducive to produce positive energies or “qi”? Is your lift door, passageway and internal walkway design to drive money into your balance sheet or sow discord among staff.

If your office is a building (not a unit within a building) by itself, then perhaps you can structure it by meeting the bad energies head on. However you must seek expert advice to “manage” the negative vibes. The 5 most common cures to “manage” the bad energies are conceal 遮、block 挡、dilute 化、fight 斗、and lastly avoid 避。

Sometimes “energies” can be deflected from a neighbourhood building. If your have a very tall office building (relatively much higher than your building) in Chinese feng shui this is call “qiao xing 峤星”. If the building is situated in your North orientation, then the energies have a “boomerang” effect and instead your office is absorbing “south” energies. This has a great influence when assessing your office feng shui.


business feng shuiIf your office window faces directly and closely into a very narrow gap between two tall buildings or more as in picture. The “yang” 阳气 energies got no where to disperse but squeeze in between this passage adding momentum of the force. The “yang energies” are very intense because it is force to pass through these 2 very close buildings at a very concentrated point. This sight is pretty common in dense commercial areas like Shenton Way Singapore.The ill effects are disasters such as accidents , surgery, lawsuits, declining business, sickness, financial loss if you are unable to manage it.  

How bad is the energy depends on the distant of the impact and how narrow is the passage in this example. Please do not be unduly worry if the bad vibes is very far away. In addition bad energies are not something that you have to look for it but it must be very near and faces your squarely in front. So don’t go around stressing yourself up.

feng shui sharp knife

Sharp pointed buildings

Effects: Bad business, financial loss, accidents, surgery, depending on which sector is facing the feng shui sha qi. It affects the sector that is symbolic to the person it represents e.g. North-West – elderly, CEO. Remedies: simply if your line of sight is through windows, use curtain or tainted glass to dilute the effect.

If budget allows do a partition to block out the view entirely or you can have some potted plants in the line of sight.

bad feng shui reflections

Feng Shui 光煞 Intense, Blinding Light reflections

This is pretty common nowadays with modern architecture. It happens when your neighbouring buildings have very shiny glass-like or mirror-like surfaces reflecting the light into your office. This will be amplified if it happens to be west sun shinning into your office. It is more severe if your office floor tiles are also reflective polished marble. Bad effects: Bad accidents, fiery tempers, quarrels, hypertension

Remedies: To counteract the bad effects are quite similar to the example above, but for light you can cleverly diffuse it by growing some tall shrubs, plants to block the view.

割脚水 Houses or shops too near to the road

Retail shops or shop houses that are build very close and submerged below the road generally have problem with the lower limbs. Health and wealth of the occupants are affected. If the road happen to be the expressways e.g. Singapore PIE, ECP, CTE, KJE , the bad impact is accentuated.

There are many more bad feng shui energies around us but it is difficult to put everything on web.


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