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Feng Shui wealth sector

To locate your house wealth sector is not difficult but to find one that is of maximum impact is the test of craftsmanship of the feng shui master. Feng Shui Wealth activation takes 2 simple steps, to attract and to keep it. Obviously the more important rule is to “attract wealth” to your house, without wealth we don’t even talk about losing wealth or keeping it. Please do not misunderstand this as activating gambling luck such as 4D and toto, although i have seen some feng shui master websites promote their craft with testimonials filled with winning 4D or Toto tickets. Unfortunately i feel this is the wrong perspective or priority of doing a feng shui assessment of a house. My consultation style is to improve wealth as in regular income or promotion prospects from a regular job not “windfall wealth”.

wealth loss feng shui

One of the main concern through feedback from client is their inability to accumulate money. They feel that the Main Door located directly opposite of a window (see picture) is vital reason to wealth loss. This may or may not be a serious issue depending on the distant of door to window and the external environment.

Some feng shui masters without weighing the seriousness of the problem will advise the client to tilt the main door by a certain degree of deviation or erect a partition in between which created other problems. This is really like using a magnifying glass looking at a trivial feng shui problem. The problem will only become critical if main door faces a bedroom door or any door then window. In Singapore more often than not your window overlooks another block.

Multiple feng shui home wealth sectors 

Just to share with you, one recent feng shui consultation identifies my client’s home possess several wealth segments. Quantity does not matter but is the quality of the wealth sector that counts in feng shui. There is no lacking of feng shui schools to locate the wealth sector for your home but the fact remains which one of the sector or segment will give you the maximum benefits. For the ease of understanding, this is a simple working model. i limit this hypothetical case by only a few popular theories of feng shui.

feng shui wealth sectors

a. San Yuan Xuan Kong Feng Shui Flying Star 三元玄空飞星风水

b. Zi Bai Flying Star 紫白飞星

c. Bazi 八字用神 favourable elements

d. Ba Zhai or Eight Mansion Feng Shui Theory 八宅风水

e. San He Trinity Feng Shui 三合风水

f. Annual flying star combo 玄空流年飞星

By superimposing all these principles the following are the wealth sectors of this house:

West is Period 8 Destiny Home Flying Star Wealth sector lands in Bedroom 2/3.

Zi Bai flying star Wealth sector is in the North-West Sector.

South-West & North-West Sector is Ba Zai Wealth sector.

Bazi Wealth enhancement is East Sector which is the Kitchen/Yard area.

Hai & Mao Mountain is the trilogy of wood are compatible to her Day Master – birth configuration lucky wealth sectors

Year 2014 Annual wealth sector is in the South Sector falls inside the Master Room toilet.

Based on physical “Forms” school of feng shui while i was checking her house on-site, North-East sector happens to be the wealth spot.

Let’s look at my client’s bazi, to illustrate…a little more

birth profile wealth

My client, she is a Bing Fire person born in Spring, so most masters will read her bazi as strong wood person but take a closer look. She is surrounded by wet earth and metal, her wealth and talents. Her year root Metal clashes with her month root Wood like shaking the tree-foundation. Her wealth-metal is strong and excessive 财多身弱. She is not suitable to do business on her own. Bing Fire conquer Metal her wealth, weakens her profile and she needs to work very hard to earn a living. Other than the month root which is wood to support her fire, she only has the time stem “fire” to help her. Her bazi configuration also lacks of water element to nourish healthy growth of wood element.  She did feedback to me that she is having financial hardship and have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. As a weak Bing Fire person she needed the support of  卯甲 mao or jia wood and bing or ding 丙丁 fire

Based on her own personal Eight Mansion gua number her wealth sector is in the South-East or East. But South-East sector combo is 2 & 5 very bad combo. East sector is 3 & 4 combo  joints issues are not good choices. South sector represents fire element which is not a bad choice but handicap by the 廉贞 fire star and also it is the toilet area. The idea behind this article is let you know the “thought process” that a good feng shui master should do to determine the home wealth sector and this is only a basic model.

The structure is to keep it simple, so that you readers have some form of understanding concerning home wealth sector. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of feng shui schools there are actually a lot more, some of the more popular practises in Singapore are 净阴净阳纳甲, 八煞黄泉水法, 七星打劫, 五鬼运财 , 辅星水法 and so forth.

*don’t get unduly concern about these chinese phrases, it is just a terminology. Classical chinese feng shui books likes to use dramatic terms but they are not as dramatic as it sounds. For e.g. 五鬼运财 does not means having 5 devils to transport the wealth.

*some of these theories are not possible to execute due to technical physical constraints

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Year 2014 wealth sector is in the South sector and 2015 feng shui wealth sector in the North sector.


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