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Everybody would love to have more money in their pockets to improve the quality of life for their family. Through bazi reading and feng shui audit you are able to rediscover your latent potential for wealth. You do not need feng shui products to activate Wealth for your Home BUT You will need to work very hard, smart, determined, and stayed focus in what you are doing. You also need luck which to me is about “timing” of your 10 years luck period.

Home Wealth Loss  破 财  漏财 屋  not an issue

Wealth loss feng shuiA lot of my clients now that have consulted with previous feng shui masters in Singapore are overly concern about feng shui wealth loss when the main door is in direct opposite direction with a window or balcony. They were told that energies from the main door escape through the window which constitute difficulty to accumulate wealth, which is true in a certain way. Please allow me to present you with a broader perspective, if you can attract one billion dollars into your house, is  it alright for you to spend one million dollars with your family on a well deserved holidays? So wealth loss 漏财 is less of a problem than drawing wealth 招财 to your home. Moreover most buildings in Singapore are closely cluttered together and having a block that is directly opposite your window helps to prevent loss of wealth too!

Feng Shui Tips  招财 to captivate wealth into your home

Feng Shui can play a major influence to hard earn wealth that is derive from passion, effort and talents. There are many cool ways to attract talent-derived wealth, here are some major and effective feng shui wealth tips to improve your financial situation:

1. The simplest method is the sector that is the diagonally opposite your main door which is your wealth accumulation sector or chinese feng shui call it 明财位 (the obvious wealth spot). If this happens to be a window or door then it is very difficult for the home owner to accumulate wealth. The solution is to erect a partition or something that blends with your interior design to “trap” the “qi” energies.

Singapore condo 2016 wealth sector2.According to Xuan Kong feng shui flying star theory, because it is time-dynamic and has an expiration date, it is the fastest way to attract wealth into your home. You can utilise the our web Annual or Monthly flying star “8” for this period 2004 to 2023 to activate wealth for your family. The sector that the Flying Star “8”  lands is the wealth area. Year 2014 is the South sector, 2015 North sector and 2016 South-West sector.

3. The day that we are born, our bazi or some call it destiny, we are predestined with certain element of wealth. The bazi money segment is constant throughout your lifetime.

4. Depending on your year of birth, all of us have an unique gua 卦 number. The wealth sector is derived from your gua number whether you belong to the “East” 东四命 or 西四命 “West” family.

5. You can also use Zi bai fei xing beneficial sectors 紫白飛星的生旺方 to derive your home feng shui wealth sector, this is base on your sitting position of your apartment.

6. You can use San Yuan Xuan Kong 玄空派 flying star principle to locate Home Destiny wealth sector. We are in the Period 8 (2004-2023) hence having your main door located at the North-East Sector OR facing South-West water are considered auspicious. As for the orientation of your office or home feng shui, you can consider using the auspicious Da gua degree that belongs to the 8th and 9th period.

The above are the easy ones for you to activate. There are more than a dozen other theories like San He  三合 六合 compatible sector, Zi Wei 紫微, Qi Men feng shui 奇门风水派 San Yuan 三元派 xuan kong yi gua 玄空易卦  but these are harder to explain. Unless you want your house to look like a complicated maze with so many feng shui wealth sectors to activate. It is the Quality that counts than the Quantities that matters. Laser sharp focus is the key to home feng shui wealth success!

One very important fact:

“you must first do your “housekeeping” i.e. eliminate all the “bad vibes”  forms and energies before inviting wealth.” if not you may end up with disaster instead of wealth. “财未得而祸随,  人为财死,鸟为食亡”.

How to activate your Home Wealth sector NOT by Feng Shui Products

1. It should be bright, illuminate it with a nice warm, yellow light.

2. It should be active with “life” to activate your wealth sector like plants, fish tank etc. Hence feng shui items like pi xiu, dragon, tortoise or 3 legged toad does not work.

3. Locate your sofa area over here and enjoy the auspicious vibes.

4. You can place something that is symbolic to wealth for instant Cash Box, safe.

5. Keep this sector clean and free from clutter.

6. This sector should not be “empty” or use as toilet or storage.

Can one improve Wealth opportunities through feng shui?

The answer is “Yes”. However one must understand that if your 10 years luck period and annual luck is bad one can only rely on feng shui to improve but not over-expecting it; let me illustrate using an example say during your Golden years your business used to enjoy a 6 figure revenue every month but during the down time you may be breaking even or suffer a loss! With feng shui provided you work hard it can perhaps let you earn a stable revenue but not the 6 figure revenue that you used to enjoy. If that is possible then there is no such thing as Good Luck or Bad Luck!

“Feng Shui cannot create something out of nothing, like Magic”

Feng Shui provides the “favourable environment attributes” for you to make money! It is up to you to think of creative ideas, follow your passion, work hard, to make the money. Sitting around in the office hoping that those annual feng shui items that you bought helps you to earn money is not gonna to happen. You have to work for it. Feng Shui can help you in these areas:

a) Understanding your birth profile  reduces the time of “trial and error” to try out certain careers that doesn’t work. Certain personality types suit certain jobs. For instance one type of Bazi Category Profile possess the knack to do unorthodox tasks and hates it when their bosses wants them to get the job done in a certain manner e.g. in a military environment. Hence this category of people can only be their own bosses if not everyday they will drag their feet to work and feel stressed out.

b) Capitalise on your 10 years golden luck period pillar to gauge which period is the best time to strike

c) Find out your HOME FENG SHUI DESTINY to check whether your home feng shui is conducive to make money OR preventing you? A thorough analysis of your house feng shui audit is able to eliminate bad energy and activate the good energy to promote health, harmony and wealth.

d) Take advantage of the Yearly Xuan Kong 玄空飞星 feng shui flying star, where the “8” flying star lands. Check out  2015 feng shui forecast over here.

e) Use all the feng shui home and office applications mentioned above such as Ba Zai School 八宅 theory, xuan kong da gua 玄空大卦 to help you to improve other aspects such as mentorship, relationship, harmony, health etc.

i have seen many clients who are not short of abilities, talents, works very hard, focus, passionate in what they do, foresight but just did not have the lucky break that they deserve! You see sometimes we are misguided, perhaps we place our home furniture wrongly or we make the wrong decisions in life because of some birth profile diversions ; hence feng shui is the corrective solution to guide you and to bring out the wealth in you.

Wealth Environment “Forms” 

One easy identification of wealth “forms” is “water”. However there are some criteria to water:

a. it should not be smelly

b. it should be clear and shallow

c. it should be enclosed, not overlooking an ocean where the waves are high

d. it should be in the right direction where the wealth “water” star is

e. it should not be convex to you

f. it should not be straight like an expressway

Here i would like to reiterate the importance of what geomancy considers as the “physical terrain” to support or does not support the vibes of the house feng shui. “Form school” consider 6 external “外六事”and 6 internal factors “內六事” governing the feng shui “health” of the house.

The 6 External factors (does not restrict to only 6, it is just a figurative term) are roads (now MRTs and expressways), bridges, incoming directions of roads special attention to water/parks if any, neighbourhood buildings/structure, temples, trees, walls, mountains (now taller buildings), car park etc.

The internal 6 factors are main door, bedroom layout, bed position, kitchen, living hall, dinning area, study room, staircase, toilet, bath tub, balcony, corridor, garage, air-condition, power outlets, fan, lights etc.

The physical environment embracing your house supports or diminish the power of your internal energies. Take for instance your wealth star lands at your doorway but unfortunately it is block by a tall building directly facing your apartment. Hence the wealth energies cannot manifest itself. i have seen some feng shui masters tried to tilt the door but does it really work?

Feng shui believe that roads or “water” must meander towards your house not as rapid as expressways. Hence if your house is located within the inside the “concave” side of a winding road is call 腰带水 (环抱水 or 玉带环腰) enjoying excellent health and wealth whereas the opposite side of the road the convex side 无情皆为反弓去 is experiencing bad luck, poor health, accidents, surgery and financial loss. However the roads cannot not be too near to your apartment. Hence it is important to study the geographical attributes of the house both internal and external before buying a house; not forgetting we have not even started on 理气 (li qiu) aspects of feng shui consultation and bazi calculations.

Chances are if the bad luck is not due to your bazi configuration or 10 years luck period or annual luck position, then feng shui can unlocks it for you. Objectively feng shui cannot create something out of nothing. Do not trust those who have magical or spiritual powers to do so.

Are you born with Bazi Windfall Wealth characteristics?

Bazi reading advocates a strong “element” profile person to manage his wealth, if not wealth will be too overpowering to handle and result in money loss somehow. Hence a strong “water” person conquer “fire”, hence fire and fire-related business is his wealth; however if the bazi of the person is a weak “water” person then “fire” becomes his loss of income. Instead the weak “water” person should enhance his “metal” because “metal” produces “water”. This would indirectly improve his finances, hence the “metal” element become his ally in wealth.

Majority of people misunderstand the meaning of wealth and refer it only as windfall 偏财 limiting to 4D, jackpot, punting, lottery and TOTO. Windfall wealth also include commission that varies with efforts i.e. insurance agents, property agents. These are the attributes of Bazi profile windfall wealth:

1. variable, not fixed income like commission

2. accidental windfall like striking lottery, toto,  4D

3. opportunistic like investments

4. volatile in nature and speculative e.g. stocks and shares “easy come and easy go”

5. tendency of having extra-marital affairs or “ladies-man” if the individual possess strong 偏财 attributes; overly generous nature too

The chart below identifies the Day of birth 日主 known as “Day Master” and the correbazi windfall wealthsponding windfall wealth 偏财 “才” and 正财 regular income. For example if your day master is Ji (yin) Earth then your windfall wealth is yin water 癸水 highlighted in yellow and regular income is yang water 壬水 highlighted in red. Earth conquers water thus water is Earth’s day master wealth.

Wealth feng shui in a nutshell

In summary, to unlock your wealth, you need to calculate the micro and macro environment of the physical terrain of the home feng shui, look into all the “vibes” feng shui theories, integrate your bazi or birth profiling into your home feng shui; examine your bazi wealth configuration, your 10 years luck pillars and lastly the current year luck attributes. Only through this meticulous synthesis then we can conclude objectively the wealth sector precise location.

Bazi / Birth Profile Analysis + Home/Office Feng Shui + External & Internal physical environment = Wealth enhancement

Once done accurately, you will experience the enhancement in your wealth.


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