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There are many feng shui formulas to locate your home or office wealth sector. Here i attempt to list out the easiest methods to identify them. The effective ratings are for your quick selection.

明财位 rating 2.5/10 Form school

This is the simplest method to locate your home wealth sector. It is the diagonal point from your home or office main door. If you are able to define which element is the sector you can enhance it by the same element.

Here list the elements of each sector:  East & Southeast – wood, West & Northwest – metal, South – fire, Northeast and Southwest – earth and North – water.

Annual wealth star 流年紫白飞星 7.5/10 Energy school 

Year 2013 – NE, 2014-S, 2015-N, 2016-SW, 2017-E, 2018-SE, 2019-ctr, 2020-NW, 2021-W, 2022-NE, 2023-S

The effectiveness is only for one year.

Eight Mansion Feng Shui Theory 八宅风水 5/10 – Personal Gua Number

Using your Year of birth Gua Number  to determine the 生气 sector. This location only benefits you.

Eight Mansion Feng Shui Theory 八宅风水 5/10 – Home Gua Number

Similary you can use your home gua number to derive the 生气 sector which benefits the house or office feng shui.

Your Bazi Day Master Wealth 禄元 entire lifetime Rating 7/10

One would need your birth chart to find out your Day Master. This can be found in most mobile apps or internet search. As for FSM clients your Day Master is in the feng shui report.

Day Master: 甲 – NE 寅, 乙- E 卯,丙 & 戊 – 巳 SE, 丁 & 己 – S 午, 庚 – SW 申,辛 – W 酉, 壬 – NW亥

Home Destiny Flying Star Chart 三元玄空飞星风水 Rating 7/10

The Home destiny flying star chart is given to FSM clients. From 2004-2023 location of  water star 8 (right hand) and 2024-2043 location of water star 9 (right hand).



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