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The feng shui five elements theory is fundamental to the study of geomancy, use it correctly it reduces the bad vibes and enhance the good ones. An authentic chinese script 青囊经 mentioned about following the importance of five elements feng shui principle “顺五兆”. 兆 connotes 征兆、兆头、卜兆,sign or omen that is going to happen 开始之意 signs of  prediction,so “五兆” 是 五行 的开始.

Most of the fengshui cures are based on this theory, study it well and you can think of creative ways to use ordinary household items to dilute the bad effects of feng shui without paying for commercial fengshui products.

feng shui 5 elements principle

See the above illustration the principles of the five elements theory which is basically the “constructive” or supportive (represented by the blue arrow) and “destructive” cycle represented by red arrow. If i will to attempt to explain it in a figurative sense, forest ( wood ) need water to grow, wood produces fire, fire makes the soil ( earth ) fertile and gold ( metal ) is mining from the earth. As for the destructive cycle, fire melts metal, metal like an power saw can take down trees ( wood ) , trees roots can break the earth or hold the soil together, dam (earth) prevent flooding (water).

Put feng shui aside, even in our daily life we are also concern about “balanced” between work and play, family, diet, exercises, time, social activities, spiritual and so forth. Similarly feng shui principles are guided by order , rhythm and harmony. Consider this illustration of your home or office feng shui regarding the 5 elements, is it balance?

feng shui five elements

To put this into day to day applications, take for instance your main door or window faces some brightly lit neon billboards which is “fire”, you can reduce the impact by placing earth materials e.g. sulpture near your doorway or “earth-tone” blinds/curtains. The science behind is that “fire” produces “earth” which reduces the harmful effects of “fire”. Bear in mind the keyword here is “reduce”. Some readers asked me knowingly that the house that faces bad energies e.g. hospital door is bad and tell me you can cure right? This is like “putting the cart before the horse”. We are environmental therapists not miracle performers nor cosmic energy purifiers ( unlike some feng shui masters claim ). Using an analogy is like you find a “sick” house and needed medication or should you just buy a “healthy” house to start with? Why we like to complicate things?

Five Elements what it represents

Yi Jing, the feng shui element principle can be expanded into body parts, characteristics, colors, shapes and tastes. Understanding this principle will come in handy when you need to choose a feng shui office or a feng shui home. Ideally for home or office feng shui all these five elements are present where the doors or windows are located. But in a land scarce city like Singapore this is virtually impossible. Let me explain. Assume your office windows and doors are in the North and West sectors which characteristics wise it represents intellect and justice. In excess of water – intellect your employees will feel lost and confused; excess of metal – justice causes reckless behaviour, temperamental behaviour, employees will jump to conclusions without finding out the facts of the problem. Excess of fire causes impatient and discourtesy. Excess of wood causes lack of tolerance and compassion. Excess of earth causes mistrust and suspicions.

Take for example, if your have a bad stomache, gastric, intestinal issues it usually means the “earth” sector of your house is damage i.e. North-East or South-West or centre or you are a weak “earth” profile person. Of course our advice to you is to see a doctor quickly and not kid ourselves to rectify the “earth” in your house. Besides consulting the doctor you should also look into the relevant sectors to check for damages. Some of the common problem issues with the home feng shui that i find from my house visits are broken/cracked tiles, pipe leakage, leftover of overdue paint cans during renovation, rubbish that are decomposed and produces a foul smell, dead lizards/cockroaches etc. You will be surprise by how many things you can find in your house when you do spring cleaning.

The five elements in fengshui home can also be applied to a person’s bazi configuration or birth profile. Hence if you are the boss and you wanted to find someone that is exceptionally trustworthy and reliable, get someone that his bazi / eight characters of fate is filled with “earth” heavenly stem and earthly roots, like below; because earth represents “trustworthiness”.

Imbalance of the feng shui 5 elements cycle causes disruption

Excess of fire – bad temper, hypocrite

Excess of metal – overly obsessed with justice lead to impulsion and misdirection

Excess of wood – over compassion lead to gullible

Excess of earth – mistrust

Excess of water – over thinking, inaction

There are basically two types of “earth”, the wet one and the dry one. In feng shui and destiny analysis Earth is the most complicated element because of it’s contents. Earth compose of all the five basic elements.

Earth element

Dry earth: 1 – 3 pm and 7 – 9pm ( where there is fire element inside )

Wet earth 1 – 3 am and 7- 9am ( where there is water element inside )

Sickness related to earth element are intestinal issues, bowels, ulcer,

lucky stuff that are symbolic to the earth are the actual earth i.e. soil, rocks, granite, pebbles, natural crystals.

Centre, North-East, South-West

Strengths: Honest, Integrity, Trustworthy, reliable, benevolent, quiet

Weaknesses: sometimes can be slow to respond, too relax

Feng Shui element Fire

time: 9am to 1pm

Sector: South

sickness tendency: heart, blood, circulatory problems

color : shades of red, pink, purple, orange

lucky stuff: mobile phones, personal computers, electronic gadgets e.g. ipad, android tablet etc, smoking, hard liquor

Strengths: Polite, Positive, open-minded, passionate

Weaknesses: Impulsive, impatient

Feng Shui element Wood

3 am to 7 am…get up early at this hour and walk or run towards the East before going to work

East, South-East

an individual who is short of wood tends to have illnesses relating to bones e.g. arthritis

Colour: various shades of green

lucky stuff: be a greenie, grow plants in your office and home

Strengths: Cherish friendship/relationship, compassionate, honest, rational

Weaknesses: Stubborn, sometimes bias

Feng Shui element Water

9pm to 1 am

Illnesses related to water are kidney, nose and ear

Color : shades of black, blue and grey

Lucky stuff are fish tank, wavy structures, fountain, bathtub.

Strengths: Intelligent, hyper-active, multi-talented, agile

Weaknesses: opportunistic, sometimes unable to withdraw when something goes bad

Feng Shui element Metal

3 – 7 pm

Illnesses related to metal are lungs and respiratory organs

Color : white, silver and metallic shades

Lucky stuff are silver or gold accessories, chains.

Strengths: Sharp, energetic, brave, decisive

Weaknesses: Overly strict, overly aggressive



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