Bazi luck improvement

Bazi luck enhancement

bazi luck improvementBazi luck improvement is NOT finding your lucky numbers or colour or wearing lucky talisman. It is analysing your personal birth chart strengths/weaknesses, future direction 10-year luck pillars 十年大运 using either zi ping 子平 or zi wei dou shu 紫位斗数 formula.

Regarding birth (bazi) chart you can look at other posts. Here i will focus on personal “luck” and how it affects your life journey.

Before you understand what is luck you have to understand your own value system and motivations. For e.g. Some value family over money. People change. Our value system also depend on our stage of life. E.g. a 25 year old may seek fulfillment in a career while a 40 year old seeks security. Our personality, value system determine our attitude thereby influencing choices in decision-making, actions & behaviour.

Bazi luck improvement can be an unpleasant experience

When we are born, our birth chart is “static” or “dormant”. It is life’s journey that make us react or act on circumstances. That is one of the many reasons why one seek guidance and direction through chinese birth reading particularly when the future looks bad.

Over many years of bazi reading experiences i dare say it is not the lack of solutions that is the problem but how people respond to it. Because luck improvement requires you to accept and do something about it.

It may sound simple but not many people possess the courage, to accept & embrace their weaknesses and face their forthcoming bad luck squarely! Let alone making an effort and discipline to “change” it. Change itself is unpleasant. It involves revising your behaviour, habits and lifestyle.

Well most of us will like to believe that wearing of lucky colours or expensive lucky charms will change our life because this is the easiest way out

Life paths

All of our life paths are different.

To some a smooth ride to fame and richess while others a bumpy road from rags-to-riches or riches-to-rags. Life paths is reveal in 10-year luck pillars in Zi Ping bazi reading or 大限 da xian in Zi Wei Dao Shu. By understanding how the road leads we can choose to accelerate or slow down or even pause. It is how we decide our future actions by seeking understanding in our birth chart and 10-years life path.

Of course we cannot let destiny dictate our course of future actions but to provide some perspectives or you can call it clues to what are the likely possibilities.

Many are confused between feng shui enhancement and bazi luck improvement. Feng shui audit is how we optimise our environment to help us. Whereas birth reading luck enhancement is understanding the “real you”, your abilities, motivations and directions.  Feng Shui and Bazi reading are 2 entirely different concepts. Having say that one can still try to combine the 2 concepts to improve our life. 

Perhaps is easier to use an analogy to explain. E.g. Mr Rich birth destiny is a luxury car and Mr Working Class is an ordinary jeep. bazi luck improvementFirst it does not mean that Mr Rich is better than Mr Working Class unlike what our society like to perceive. Mr Rich will do well on metroplitan roads whereas Mr Working Class will not.

On the other hand Mr Rich will have difficulties travelling in a mountainous terrain. What does this analogy tell us?

One must understand our own limitations and choose the “right” life path that we thrive at.

This is basic foundation for luck improvement, a clear understanding of our birth chart’s genetic strengths to map out our life directions.

Alternatively if we know that our next 10 years is going to be mountainous, we can change the car. Changing the car is changing your value system or expectations. If you can’t change the road, change the car! It is that simple. 

Of course we can choose not to do anything. By doing nothing we are the same 10 years from now. 


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