Overseas feng shui

Overseas feng shui 

For overseas clients, master chan can offer on-site or off-site feng shui consultations using various popular feng shui formulas namely xuan kong flying star, san he (trinity), qi men dun jia, eight mansions, bazi or any other formula school of your choice.

With the popularity of the internet we can offer business or home feng shui solutions online.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Google site map indicating roads leading to your house and physical surroundings
  • Copy of floor plan indicating the North direction (our accuracy is depends on your reading)
  • for existing home floor plan indicating furniture, fittings and bedroom occupier
  • Date of birth including time for all occupants, indicating gender
  • any useful 360 video or photos of your home external and internal
  • Compass reading of main door direction if you have, taken from inside looking out
  • Pictures of landmarks  within your line of sight whether through windows or main door.

Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd Master Chan has over 20 years of onsite feng shui and bazi experience to provide legitimate analysis of your home or office. Further clarifications can be arrranged after the report with skype or any mode of internet communiation.

Onsite overseas feng shui consultation

If you choose to do onsite, travel, transfer and accommodation expenses are borned by you. Any other out-of-pocket expenses such as overseas trunk call is also reimbursable by you.

Please fee free to check the methodology and formulas used by me on the following weblink:

Business feng shui

Home feng shui

contact or watsapp:
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