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Feng Shui Master Home feng shui service – an objective, updated approach 家宅风水佈局

Home feng shui 相地术 (天文地理学) service is the optimisation & alignment of occupants birth lucky elements with house’s innate energy (理气) and it’s physical landforms (峦头). It is a value added tool to improve family’s health, harmony, career, education, wealth and other worthwhile objectives.

Gone are the days of dressing your home like a Chinese restaurant with figurines of dragons, unicorns or tortoise. Feng Shui Master audit are based on more than 10 years of hands-on applications that work, not academic theories. The solutions are simple yet build upon traditional feng shui teachings of yin-yang 阴阳, active-passive 动静, iChing 象, 形, 理, 数, 虚实, 明暗,  etc. The fengshui applications simply involve the re-arrangement of household fixture, fittings and use of common items to activate the positives and dilute the negatives.

Note: Residential Feng Shui Consultation is done on-site. There is no need to purchase any commercial feng shui products for placement.

Benefits to engage Feng Shui Master PL home feng shui service:

  • Boost physical, mental & emotion health
  • Attract and invite positive flow of energy into your house
  • Reduce conflict and encourage harmonious relationships
  • Integrate 2019 annual feng shui for faster results
  • Unlock your home feng shui wealth sector
  • Increase opportunities for career promotion
  • Reduce financial loss & enhance wealth retention
  • Enhance academic 文昌 and learning abilities
  • Improve home security against theft and misplacement
  • Prevent lawsuit and documentation error
  • Reduce the chance of home electronics malfunction
  • Provide auspicious date n time for renovation & shift in
  • Bonus bazi tips (birth profile) limited to 2 occupants

Feng shui Master PL methodology

  • Study the external landform 峦头 i.e. physical environment surrounding & leading to your home.
  • Determine & analyse your home feng shui destiny’s 宅命理气 (人有人命,宅有宅命) strengths and weaknesses in relation to your house internal physical structure.
  • Relate the importance of Main Door, Stove and Bedroom applications 阳宅三要.
  • Plot out the 9 sectors of your house and evaluate the positive, negative and neutral zones.
  • Walk through and relate how the energy of each sector affects you and your family such as career, sickness, wealth, likeability and so forth.
  • Summary of your home feng shui assessment.
  • Bonus personal and confidential bazi discussion, tips limited to 2 members of your choice
  • Q and A of the entire feng shui consultation

A customised report will be given within 3 business days after the visit. Format of the report summarizes the feng shui recommendations because the principles behind were explained meticulously during onsite.

Bonus Bazi tips is a spontaneous Q & A session so it will not be in the report.

Home Feng Shui Quotation – Email details to chan@fengshuimaster.sg

  • Name (Mr or Ms), mobile number & address
  • Size in sq ft or sq m & Apartment Type e.g. “HDB-4 rm” or  “Condo 1389 sf”
  • Number of Permanent Occupants (excluding helper)
  • Number of floor levels

Duration: A standard consultation takes about 1.5 to 2 hour

Payment terms: Cash or Paylah/PayNow/PayAnyone

Email complete details prior to feng shui home visit

  • Name, mobile number & address with postal code (if not given previously)
  • 2 occupants DOB including birth time for Bazi Bonus, stating relationship & name. Additional occupant or wrong details are subjected to additional charges.
  • A scan copy of your house Floor Plan not captured by mobile phone.

Incomplete information or any inaccurate information submitted is subjected to postponement or cancellation or additional charges.





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