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Home Destiny Feng Shui Service 家居宅命 风水佈局

Master Chan曾Home Feng shui objectives is to provide your family a Positive Home Environment by managing your Home Destiny’s (宅命) Energy,  attract & manage vital life energy 三元纳气 形气 兼备 (内外环境-峦头 + 纳旺气) by integrating various feng shui formulas. 

宅吉运凶 当减其恶  宅凶运吉 其福难显

Home Destiny’s Energy is derive from the shift-in date and home’s orientation 宅命 坐向.

home fengshui timingWhat is Positive Feng Shui Qi?

Energy commonly known as 气 qi  is invisible. It exists like wifi signals.

Not all “qi” is useful based on feng shui! 

Useful qi i.e. energy depends on “timing” calculated by 9 cycles of luck 三元 九运.

Putting feng shui aside, life is also about timing. Doing the right thing at the right time.

The trick is to attract ONLY the current 当令旺气, positive energy into your home and “use it”. 

Xuan Kong  Energy Management a time-based system

Once we tap into the “current positive energy 当令旺气” of your home, is how we manage it to your optimum advantage. This is by maneuvering the interaction between home structure / external environment 峦头 (形) and the positive energy (气 ). 

Management of home Destiny energy 三元挨星理气 is analogous to upgrading the skills of a Human Birthchart (bazi) – a PERMANENT fix. So you don’t have to waste money consulting feng shui every year.

Self-medicated Annual feng shui is dangerous

If you are one of the loyal follower of Annual feng shui products without consulting a master, do be mindful that it may disrupt your Home Destiny energy or worse conflicting it! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Once you have done a comprehensive Home Destiny Feng shui audit, the house should possess a strong defense system. What you need is to look at my Annual forecast every year and make some minor adjustments.

How a Home feng shui destiny energy chart looks like

Illustrated is a typical Destiny Energy chart of a house. It consist of positive, neutral and negative sectors. The objective is to enhance the positives by using it, dilute the negatives & correct any bad effects.

It involves optimal placement of furniture, fixtures, occupants movement 动线 etc to maximise prosperous energy (旺气) flowing into your house. Consequently improving family’s health, safety, harmony, study, career, income and other worthwhile objectives.  


feng shui home destiny

Master Chan 曾风水 feng shui methodology

东方科学 正信 正知 风水 相信而不迷信 方能得益 

Non-spiritual and No selling of commercial feng shui products

master chan

No lucky charms No pineapples to roll just old school feng shui in today’s context

Authentic home feng shui consultation does not require you to pay thousands on feng shui products or finding a good date for key collection to roll pineapples. If you are advised to buy “blessed 开光” items or performing funny rituals then you are missing authentic feng shui help. 

Home feng shui Benefits

    • Permanent feng shui fix not annual feng shui 三元玄空挨星
    • Health boost – physical, mental & emotional 八宅卦命
    • Attract positive energy into your house 三元旺气 先后天卦
    • Encourage harmonious relationships 家庭和睦
    • Bazi bonus short tips to improve your life 子平术
    • Unlock home wealth sector 开启财位
    • Increase opportunities for career promotion 催官
    • Reduce financial loss & enhance wealth retention 减少财运流失
    • Enhance academic 文昌 and learning abilities 紫白洛書九星 八字
    • Improve home security against theft and misplacement
    • Auspicious dates for reno & shift in using 三元 三合 奇门 择日
    • No commercial feng shui products to buy 

Quotation (do fill up ALL details to get a reply)

    • name (Mr or Ms), mobile number & address 
    • Apartment Type and Floor Area e.g. Landed-2 lvl 8000 sf or Condo 1130 sf or HDB-4 rm 84 sqm
    • number of Permanent Occupants (excluding helper, tenant or pets)
    • Onsite consultation by appointment only (first-come-first-serve) & make deposit 
    • email to chan@fengshuimaster.sg

EMAIL Complete details prior to visit

  • name, mobile number & address with postal code (if not given previously)
  • date of birth for 3 occupants including local time of birth (western calendar), stating relationship with you & English name 
  • high resolution floor plan or PDF issued by HDB/developer.

Procedure, Terms & Conditions

Cheque is not accepted.

Once onsite appointment is confirmed, a good faith deposit of 10% (subjected to a minimum of $100) on the agreed feng shui fee by paynow or paylah to my mobile +65 9071 2121. This is to confirm the appointment. In case of unforseen circumstances, you are allowed to postpone once. If the appointment is cancelled the good faith deposit is forfeited. 

Balance payment in full by cash or paynow, paylah collected onsite of feng shui consultation. 

Onsite consultation: Weekdays Monday to Friday 3 pm – 6pm not including Sat, Sun and public holidays. Duration for onsite visit about 2 hours.

A customised feng shui report based on your Home Destiny Energy is email to you within 7-10 business days. Bazi bonus short tips is a spontaneous Q & A session so it will not be in the report.

Any details submitted that is inaccurate or omitted will not be amended when the feng shui report is done.

The feng shui fee quoted is for 1 visit.

contact or watsapp:
master chan +65 90712121

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