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Master Chan 曾 Home Destiny feng shui consultation is to provide you & your family a positive home environment for good health, prosperity, harmony & happiness. This is by mitigating the negative effects of inauspicious sectors and activating the positive energies of favourable sectors. For any home feng shui there are 9 individual sectors, each location has it’s own unique energy signature see illustration above.

To do this feng shui audit, a precise degree of your house orientation is a must. Without an exact degree i am unable to provide effective and professional advice for your home.

宅吉运凶 当减其恶 a Good home fengshui reduces bad luck

宅凶运吉 其福难显 a Bad feng shui house reduces good luck

home fengshui timingWhat is Positive Qi 旺气 生气 energy?

One can survive without food but not without “气 air”.

Air in feng shui is like energy, invisible like wifi signals. Not all “qi” is useful! 

Prosperous Qi or energy depends on “timing” calculated by 9 cycles of luck 三元九运. Putting feng shui aside, life is also about timing. Doing the right thing at the right time. The trick is to attract auspicious energy into your home and “use it” proactively.

Tapping into Home Destiny fengshui  auspicious sectors

The consultation will help you understand your Home Energy Natal chart, where are the positive, neutral and negative sectors. How to arrange your doors, furniture, beds, working area, movements, to optimise and create a positive home environment.

If home physical structure allows, you are advise to utilise the positive sectors to enhance health, career, studies, wealth etc. If not, non-feng shui items are recommended to dilute negative energies.

Your Home fengshui Destiny natal chart is analogous to a Human Birthchart which is a PERMANENT and will not change in the future!

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Once you have done a comprehensive Home Destiny Feng shui defense system,  you are strongly recommended to D.I.Y.  Annual FengShui   instead of engaging me yearly.

If you are a regular user of Annual feng shui products, do be mindful that it may disrupt your Home Destiny energy or worse conflicting it! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Illustrated is a typical Destiny Energy chart of a house. It involves optimal placement of furniture, fixtures, occupants movement 动线 etc to maximise prosperous energy (旺气) flowing into your house. Consequently improving family’s health, safety, harmony, study, career, income and other worthwhile objectives.  


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Master Chan 曾风水 feng shui methodology

东方科学 正信 正知 风水相信而不迷信 方能得益 

Non-spiritual and No selling of commercial feng shui products

master chan

Please No rolling of pineapples …

Authentic home feng shui consultation does not require you to pay thousands on feng shui products or finding a good date for key collection to roll pineapples. If you are advised to buy “blessed 开光” items or performing rituals then you are missing true feng shui help. 

What is in it for you?

Permanent Destiny feng shui NOT annual feng shui 三元宅命 玄空飞星
Health boost – physical, mental & emotional 八宅
Attract positive energy into your house 三元旺气 先后天卦
Encourage harmonious relationships 家庭和睦
Bonus Bazi Short tips to improve your life 子平术
Unlock home wealth sector 开启财位
Increase opportunities for career promotion 催官
Reduce financial loss & enhance wealth retention 减少财运流失
Enhance academic 文昌 and learning abilities 洛書 九星 流年 八字
Improve home security against theft and misplacement
Auspicious dates for reno & shift in using 三元 三合 奇门 择日
No commercial feng shui products to buy

onsite feng shui consultation procedure

1. To get a quote, please provide name, mobile, address and size/type of the house
2. If you are comfortable with the price, make a prior appointment is first-come-first serve basis
3. Minimum deposit of 10% of the feng shui fee or $100 whichever is higher to confirm the appointment & full balance payment collected onsite via paynow / paylah or cash
4. Onsite consultation only weekdays at 3pm, duration about 2 hours

Once the appointment is booked

Email details below to chan@fengshuimaster.sg min 5 days prior to appointment

  • English Name (Chinese name not required)
  • Address with postal code
  • Birth details day/mth/year/time of birth ltd to 3 occupants & relationship with contact 
  • An accurate floorplan by developer or architect or HDB

an official report emailed to you within 10 business days after the onsite consultation for non-peak season (peak season Oct to Feb)

Master Chan
paynow / paylah mobile no: 9071 2121 for deposit and full balance payment onsite


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