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Home DESTINY Feng Shui Service 宅命 风水佈局

home feng shui serviceMaster Chan 曾 home Feng shui service is to provide you & your family with a positive home environment by attracting & managing “vital life 生气” energy.

This is accomplish by managing home destiny energy 宅命气场 and it’s interaction with the environment 家宅环境. Energy is invisible like wifi signals. Besides is a typical Destiny chart of a house containing good & bad energies by sectors. Management of individual sector’s feng shui energy & resolving any structural flaws improves your family’s health, safety, harmony, study, career progress, income and other worthwhile objectives.  

A permanent feng shui solution 人有人命,宅有宅命

Analysis of your Home destiny energy is like a “full body checkup” on the “fitness” of a house. Then recommendations  are made to dilute the negatives and enhance the positives 催吉避凶 to ensure that the house suits all occupants. This is a lifelong solution. It saves you the inconvenience of moving items around & money doing Annual feng shui every year. Home Destiny solutions is a permanent fix even after Period 9 (4 Feb 2024 starts). 

黄帝内经云: 人因宅而立, 宅因人而存, 人宅相扶, 感通天地 又云 地善则苗秀, 宅吉则人荣

Master Chan feng shui methodology

home feng shui methodology

No feng shui products

Authentic home feng shui consultation does not require you to pay thousands on commercial feng shui products to make your house looking like a Chinese restaurant. If you need to pay an obscene amount of money to buy lucky charms for home feng shui to work then you are not getting the legitimate methodology nor the right principles.

Authentic feng shui  is simply the management of energy flow & physical environment properties using various feng shui formulas. Take for example one famous grand master of feng shui from Song dynasty 风水宗师 赖布衣. He merely used “bamboo” to mitigate the afflicted areas for an entire province.

Bona fide feng shui uses various feng shui formulas to create Yin Yang balance 阴阳和谐,  feminine masculine harmony 雌雄交媾, law of motion 空实动静, physical vis-à-vis energy 峦头理气 互相交流 I Ching Gua Li, 5-elements etc

Home feng shui Benefits

      • Health boost – physical, mental & emotional 改善健康
      • Attract positive flow of energy into your house 导入正能量
      • Encourage harmonious relationships 家庭和睦
      • Permanent feng shui fix not annual feng shui
      • Annual feng shui integration
      • Unlock home best wealth sector 开启财位
      • Increase opportunities for career promotion 催官
      • Reduce financial loss & enhance wealth retention 减少财运流失
      • Enhance academic 文昌 and learning abilities 求学
      • Improve home security against theft and misplacement
      • 三元 三合 奇门 择日 Auspicious date/s for renovation & shift in
      • No commercial feng shui products to buy from me
      • Customised feng shui report within 3 business days after onsite visit. The report will not include onsite spontaneous bazi life tips

    Lastly the feng shui recommendations are based on more than 20 years of hands-on experience 实务风水  that works not academic theories.

Quotation to [email protected]

    • Name (Mr or Ms), mobile number & address (Chinese name not required)
    • Type and size of apartment e.g. HDB-4 rm 90 sqm or  “Condo 139 sqm”
    • Number of Permanent Occupants (excluding helper & tenant)

Payment Terms: Cheque is not accepted. Cash or mobile app (paynow/paylah) transfer on the day of feng shui audit & a good faith deposit of $100 to book the appointment.

Submit details prior to onsite visit

  • Name, mobile number & address with postal code (if not given previously)
  • Date of Birth for 3 occupants including the time of birth (English calendar), stating relationship & name. This is for Bonus Bazi Tips.
  • Home Floor Plan. PDF format issued by HDB or developer.

Bonus Bazi tips is a spontaneous Q & A session so it will not be in the report.

Onsite consultation: Monday to Friday 3pm – 6pm No Sat, Sun and public holidays

Please do consider giving back to the community if you have benefited from this home feng shui service

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