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Home Feng Shui Service 宅命 风水佈局

home feng shui serviceFeng shui home service is to provide you & your family with a positive home environment by attracting & managing 生气(vital life energy) with it’s physical environment 峦头.

This is to improve family’s health, harmony, studies, career, income or any other objectives in life.

Do Not transform your beautiful home into a Chinese restaurant

Feng shui home is not some get-rich-quick 4D punting or paying thousand of dollars worth of lucky charms or jadeite to make your home look like a chinese restaurant. If you are required to pay an obscene amount of money to buy feng shui products think thrice before you act. Authentic feng shui does not require you to buy lucky charms. So stay vigilant.

Authentic feng shui – management of 5 Elements 风水化煞  五行-生剋制化

Since imperial era feng shui cures involve the management of 5 elements 生剋制化. Ordinary items that symbolises I Ching 5 elements are used as counter measures to mitigate afflicted areas. Home feng shui are supposed to harmonise with your interior decoration not sticking out like a sore thumb.

What is authentic home feng shui audit? 人有人命, 宅有宅命.

Just like human, a house will have it’s own “Destiny

It is like DNA inborn with the house. Home Destiny feng shui service is analogous to a “full-body” health check to ensure your house is free from any latent negative energies.

It is a permanent corrective measure for your house and not occupants birth profile (bazi) compatibility. Unless you are staying alone how is it possible that a house can fit diverse bazi favourable element needs 八字用神 and individual gua ming 人命卦.  Using a simple example if your bazi need fire element and your spouse needs water does that means you have to sleep in separate rooms? Technically feng shui and bazi are 2 different teachings.

For home feng shui audit, the physical environment & energy management are top priorities follow by bazi integration. Not the other way round. FSM integrate multiple feng shui formula schools to ensure your house is “free” from any negative energies.

The illustration above shows a simplified energy map of your house and how it affects your family members on each individual sector. The energies are like wifi signals not visible but exist. Each individual sector can be positive, negative or neutral. 

The primary concern for a quality home feng shui is to neutralise & prevent any bad latent energies before it happens, enhance the good ones to achieve life goals. 

Benefits to engage our home feng shui service:

  • Boost physical, mental & emotion health 改善健康
  • Attract positive flow of energy into your house 导入正能量
  • Reduce conflict and encourage harmonious relationships 家庭和睦
  • Integrate annual feng shui for faster improvements if necessary
  • Unlock home best quality wealth sector 开启财位
  • Increase opportunities for career promotion 催官
  • Reduce financial loss & enhance wealth retention 减少财运流失
  • Enhance academic 文昌 and learning abilities 求学
  • Improve home security against theft and misplacement
  • Provide auspicious date n time for renovation & shift in
  • Bonus bazi short tips (birth profile) limited to 2 occupants

Practical Methodology based on hands-on experiences 实务风水

The days of dressing up your home like a Chinese restaurant is over. You are not required to buy commercial feng shui products. It involves the arrangement of home decor to attract 生气 vital life energy force. However, sometimes due to structural constraints, common remedies are necessary.

Formulas applied are hand-pick strengths from outstanding feng shui schools. Notable ones are San Yuan Da Gua 三元, XuanKong Flying Star 玄空飞星, Qi Men Duan Jia 奇门择日, San He 三合 BaZhai 八宅, Bazi 八字etc. The feng shui solutions are distilled from more than 20 years of hands-on experience that work, not academic theories.

What to expect from Master Chan during onsite home feng shui consultation

  • Walk-through together to understand your home energy and how it affects the entire home by functions
  • Enhance home positive energy and remedies for negative areas
  • Recommend other changes or alterations to improve the home environment
  • Integrate Annual feng shui for faster improvements
  • Bonus bazi tips (NOT in-depth Bazi reading) FREE for 2 permanent family members
  • Auspicious dates for renovation and shift in based on your schedule
  • Q & A on the recommendations to ensure you are comfortable
  • Customised home feng shui report email within 3 business days

Email Quotation:  chan@fengshuimaster.sg

    • Name (Mr or Ms), mobile number & address (Chinese name is not required)
    • Size in sq ft or sq m & Apartment Type e.g. “HDB-4 rm” or  “Condo 1389 sf”
    • Number of Permanent Occupants (excluding helper & tenant)

Duration: +/- 2 hours

Payment Terms: Cash or Paylah/PayNow/PayAnyone

Email information 3 days before the onsite visit

  • Name, mobile number & address with postal code (if not given previously)
  • Date of Birth for 2 occupants including the time of birth (English calendar), stating relationship & name. An additional occupant or wrong details are subjected to additional charges.
  • Home Floor Plan.

Bonus Bazi tips is a spontaneous Q & A session so it will not be in the report.




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