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Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd Home feng shui-an objective adapted approach  家宅风水布局

home feng shui destiny风水, feng shui 相地术 the study of home “physical attributes & invisible energy 峦头和理气” so as to harmonize with it’s environment through “feng shui principles”. Gone are the days of dressing your home with dragons, tortoise and unicorns… The feng shui recommendations are distilled from more than 10 years of “hands-on” experience that work. No commercial feng shui products are used and feng shui remedies are based on classical feng shui principles of 阴阳, 动静, 形, 象, 理, 数.

The key objectives of home feng shui (天文地理学) is to recreate a “healthy & harmonious” home environment so that occupants can enjoy good health, harmony and character building (心性) in order to have a clear mental/physical health to achieve one’s goals. It is not about “getting rich” unlike what most masters claim.

命运要变,先要改心,改想法, 改性格, 改人生的态度开始…

Benefits to engage Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd home fengshui service:

  • Improve family members’ physical and mental health 健康
  • Promote harmonious relationships among family 和谐 , 和睦
  • Enhance personal bazi luck 改善(不是改变) 个人运气
  • Improve academic and learning abilities for children 文昌
  • Boost feng shui wealth 招财 sector
  • Encourage opportunities for career promotion 职位升迁
  • Impede wealth loss 防止漏财 (although not critical)
  • Improve home security against theft and misplacement
  • Prevent lawsuit 官司
  • Prevent household appliances from malfunction
  • No commercial feng shui items to buy from me
  • Auspicious date n time will be given for renovation & shift in based on your schedule

Schedule for auspicious date & time to renovate & shift in to be advised by you after the onsite visit

A Soft copy of the succinct report will be given 3 business days after the onsite visit. Format of the report will only highlight the recommendations because the principles behind it are explained meticulously during onsite. Bonus Bazi tips will not be in the report.

Main Classical Feng Shui Principles & Theories (峦头为体,理气为用) applied, adapted into today’s rapid changing environment 

元玄空飞星风水(六大派)- essentially 无常/沈氏
蒋大鸿-地理辩正, 平砂玉尺辩伪, 天元五歌,阳宅指南,水龙经
郭璞-葬书, 赖文俊-崔官篇 卜应天-雪心赋(峦头), 卦理
紫白飛星 玄空大卦, 八宅
八字命理 喜用神, 闲忌仇神 (bonus)

What to expect onsite – Feng Shui Master proven methodology

1. Determine and calculate “Your Home Destiny 宅命”. A “precise degree” based on 二十四山坐向 (六十四卦挨星) of 三元玄空宅命 Xuan Kong Flying Star principles.
2. Plot out the 9 sectors 九宫八卦 of your home and evaluate it’s energy.
3. Walk through together explaining the influence of 9 sectors’ positive & negative energy 理气, 阴阳动静, 虚实明暗法 and it’s interaction with physical Form 峦头 attributes.
4. Identify and activate Home “财位wealth”, “健康health”, “崔官career”, “人缘” and dilute negative energies such as extramarital affairs”, “病sickness”, “吵架 disharmony” etc. Special attention to 阳宅三要 门 3 Critical Areas of Feng Shui Main Door 房 Bed and 灶 Stove.
5. Recommend permanent objective countermeasures based on various feng shui schools updated from “hands-on” applications not just “theories”.
6. Part 2, discussion, Q & A, integration of “Bonus” Birth Profile Lucky Elements 八字用神 into feng shui audit and concise bazi tips for parenting or individual help. This bonus service is limited to only 2 permanent occupant. This is not an indepth bazi analysis and bonus bazi tips are not included in the feng shui report.
7. A customised feng shui report cater to your home feng shui within 3 business days and not some meaningless computer-generated template.
8. Auspicious dates & time for “动土 renovation” and “move in” will be provided, once you have planned & confirmed your schedule with your ID/renovator.

Duration: A standard consultation takes about 1-2 hour

Payment terms: CASH ONLY (please do not present me with a cheque) All the solutions to your home feng shui are presented during the visit. Cheque is only acceptable if the amount exceed $2,000.00

Information needed for QUOTATION

  • Contact Name, mobile number & address
  • Size & Apartment Type e.g. HDB-4 rm or  Condo 1389 sf or SD 5000 sf
  • Number of Permanent Occupants

All appointments given are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis based on EMAIL confirmation for record purposes not by phone or text messages.

Email COMPLETE & ACCURATE information minimum 3 days before the onsite appointment

  • Contact number & address with postal code
  • Date of Birth including time English (阳历solar) calendar. Limited to 2 permanent occupants, stating relationship and Name. Additional occupant subjected to additional charges.
  • EMAIL a Scan copy of Floor Plan in ratio in  jpg, png, bmp, tiff or pdf. Do not send pictures captured from smartphone and watsapp me
  • Please ensure all details is COMPLETE & ACCURATE and email to meIncomplete information will be subjected to postponement or charges. Any inaccurate details that you submitted will not be recalculated.
  • All recommendations are covered during onsite so there is no need for meet up before the feng shui evaluation

What to prepare on the date of onsite visit

Fee in cash, mobile phone to take pictures, floor plan and paper to take notes & bazi tips. VIDEO-RECORDING is prohibited.

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