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Feng Shui Master home feng shui consultation 风水布局 UPDATED with scientific approach & multidisciplinary studies

风水 originates from ancient China, simply put “相地术”. It is about selecting and managing a house to optimise with the environment. The core objective of feng shui is to expedite the positives and dilutes the negative energies “趋吉避凶” in a house. Feng shui is non-religious and non-spiritual. The idea is to create a “harmonious” environment so that our loved ones are healthy, cultivates our character “心性” to have a clear mind, work hard, study hard to make a “difference” in our career/achievements. (Please note that i used the word making a “difference” instead of  overemphasize on the wealth aspects particularly).

Here are some of the key services to expect from Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd for you:

  1. Calculate your “Home Feng Shui Destiny 三元九运空飞星宅命!” “Good or Bad” house? Why good and why bad?
  2. Draft out the invisible latent energy influence on the 9 sectors  for the entire house 八运廿四山四十八局
  3. Study the interaction between the “energy 理气” against the “internal & external physical environment attributes 峦头” to ensure it’s harmony
  4. Implement permanent countermeasures or activations based on various schools of feng shui updated with logical science.
  5. Integrate occupants “Bonus” birth profile lucky elements 八字用神 into the feng shui audit and concise tips about the present & future. This is not an indepth bazi reading which is a separate consultation service. Tips provided will not be included in the feng shui report.
  6. NO commercial feng shui items to buy
  7. NO hidden costs
  8. NON-religious home feng shui consultation
  9. Customised feng shui report for your home that is easy to understand and not some meaningless stuff print out from a computer software
  10. Auspicious dates are given for renovation and move in
  11. No funny tilting of doors or placing your bed in the center of a room
  12. No rush hour. It takes about 2 hours for a detailed onsite visit

home feng shui destinyDuring the onsite feng shui consultation, the “strengths & weaknessess” of your home are revealed so no surprises before you shift in. The findings will help you to understand locations of your home “health”, “wealth”, “career” “sick zones” etc. More often than not the recommendations are ordinary household items. Just an example it can be as typical as the “colour” of door mat to supplement with other items to balance the feng shui five elements 五行. To quote from Lao Tzu 老子, Tao Te Ching 道德經 “万物之始, 大道至简, 衍化至繁” Problem with human is they like to “complicate” life where “simplicity” is the right solution. I remembered 20 years ago when i self-experimented with feng shui i am also guilty of using lots of feng shui items but as the “principles” unfold, it just gets simpler, just remember this 大道至简, 悟者天成, 相由心生,命由己造.

“BONUS”  八字用神  Birth Profile lucky elements integration

Sometimes due to external & internal structural constraints, feng shui has it’s own limitations. E.g. wealth sector in the yard or kitchen or worse still inside the toilet.

Therefore it is necessary to analyse  birth profile lucky elements – 八字用神  for those who are permanently staying in the house. This is to complement areas for improvement where physical constraints were presence e.g. flawed structural layout, door locations etc. This service is a “bonus” for those taking up the feng shui consultation and not to perceive wrongly as the indepth “individual bazi service“.  The advice given for instance may take the form of bed positioning or direction or tips on career/relationship/health/personality that you have to re-adjust your expectations or pursue a different path.

“人有人命   宅有宅命” each individual house has it’s own unique signature just like individual DNA which is PERMANENT! Once we have determined these we can minimise our risks and maximise the positive vibe to our advantage.

Feng Shui Master Singapore Methodology 

1. Determine and calculate “Your Home Destiny 宅命” through the use of “luo pan”. A “precise degree” is disclosed to you based on 二十四山坐向 (六十四卦挨星) of 三元玄空宅命 Xuan Kong Flying Star principles.

2. It normally takes about 15 to 30 minutes to analyse the feng shui of your home.

3. After analysing your home 4 main cardinal points and 24 segments, i will explain to you the feng shui impact on your family’s health, wealth, career, harmony and others.  This will save you time because you don’t have to wait for the written report to consult your ID.

4. Explain the 9 sectors energy influence (that is why a proportional scan copy of floor plan is necessary) to ensure accuracy. Through this meticulous walk-through together, you will understand in detail the locations of your Home Destiny “财位wealth”, “健康health”, “官career”, “人缘 or 不正桃花 networking or extramarital affairs”, “病sickness”, “吵架 disharmony” etc. Special attention to the 3 Critical Areas of Feng Shui 阳宅三要 门 Main Door 房 Bed and 灶 Stove. It takes about 1 hour to explain the 理气 positive or negative energy and 峦头 physical properties/layout of your house.

5. Recommend “PERMANENT corrective measures (without feng shui items) “  to neutralise the negative areas and activate the positive ones which you don’t have to relocate every year. Through clients feedback there are some feng shui masters that perform “annual” feng shui without telling you, which means you have buy new items from them and reposition every year. These countermeasures does not manipulate you to buy feng shui products OR strange tilting of door OR inability to use certain sectors of your home OR having the bed place in the centre of your bedroom.

6. Some concise bazi tips are given for parenting or career or health or other life aspects that are urgent & important. E.g. match the room or bed position to balance individual’s Bazi 5 element needs. Please bear in mind that this is a “bonus service” not a comprehensive detailed bazi life analysis.

7. Explained to you the positive or negative influence of your home physical environment and the necessary remedies

8. At the end of this 2 hour session you should have a crystal clear idea of your home feng shui and your individual bazi structure and luck. This information will be sufficient for you to engage a renovator without much delay.

9. Auspicious dates for renovation and move in will be given the next day depending on your schedule and defects check.

10. Your undivided attention is necessary for the entire feng shui audit.

Benefits of Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd Multidisciplinary consultation:

  • Cost efficient, no commercial feng shui or bazi items to buy, no hidden agenda that you end up paying an obscene amount of money.
  • Time-saving the countermeasures are given during the onsite visit
  • Understand your Home Destiny 宅命 .
  • Personal luck enhancement – Birth Profile八字用神 Concise Lucky element calculation and tips limited to 2 permanent occupants. Additional occupant will be subjected to extra charge.
  • Proper record – a detailed soft copy of the report written in English within 2-3 working days after the onsite visit and money received. Bazi bonus tips are not included in the report.
  • Result-driven applications and not micro manage trivial issues like ceiling fan, shape or color of cabinets etc. The applications are Simple, Direct, Efficient and Focus on  三才理气 & 峦头 for all the 9 sectors of your home.
  • Customised Bedroom Bazi Luck enhancement provided is Single-person occupied.
  • Improve family’s harmony and relationships – proper arrangement of household furniture/fittings 阴阳动静 虚实明暗法
  • Rapid results with 2017 Annual Boost and countermeasures incorporated
  • Health Boost 保健, “no health no wealth principle”
  • Activate Home Destiny wealth 财位 sector
  • Career/Business 催官 enhancement
  • Comprehensive understanding of your House functions 形理气数
  • Improve networking 桃花 / 人缘 sector
  • Activate the Annual Education/Mental clarity 文昌 sectors for children & adult
  • Auspicious Dates for Shift in 入伙 and Renovation 动土 ( Key collection inconsequential ).
  • No major hacking of walls to spoil your ID unless extreme dire situations
  • Logical & objective rationale of feng shui principles explained onsite than following it blindly

Information required for QUOTATION 

  • Contact Name & mobile number
  • House Area in sq m or sq ft, for Landed properties indicate land area & built up
  • Apartment Type: HDB or Condo or Landed stating status BTO or existing flat
  • Number of floor levels within your house e.g. maisonette is 2 storey
  • Home Address with postal code
  • Number of Permanent Occupants
  • Appointments are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. Phone call or text is not proof of confirmation, email is preferred for record and tracking purposes. Request for quotation is not evident as firming up an appointment without emailing complete documents. Please empathise that i am unable to monitor the huge number of daily enquiries & check whether information is complete or not

Email COMPLETE & ACCURATE information prior to onsite visit

  • Contact number & address with postal code (unnecessary if you provided before)
  • Date of Birth English (阳历solar) calendar with time. Limited to 2 permanent occupants, stating relationship and English Name (no need to provide Chinese name because is not a name reading service). Please do not send me Birth Cert in pdf or picture format. Additional occupant subjected to additional charges.
  • Scan copy of Floor Plan in ratio in  jpg, png, bmp, tiff or pdf. Do not send pictures capture from smartphone and watsapp me
  • If there is a specific Lift lobby, please state accordingly. If private condo or EC and your security is strict please do inform the guard house.
  • If the image is wrong please state so e.g. mirror image. Just send me the right one.
  • Kindly remind each other 2-3 days prior to appointment
  • Please ensure all information via email is COMPLETE & ACCURATE. Incomplete details will be subjected to postponement or cancellation. Singapore lifestyle is hectic enough please do not watsapp me last minute floor plan, family details. Your house deserved your undivided attention.
  • Duration about 2 hours.
  • All recommendations will be covered during onsite so there is no necessity to meet up prior to our feng shui evaluation
  • If information given by you is inaccurate, additional charges may applied.

What to prepare on the date of onsite visit

Mobile phone to take pictures, floor plan and paper to take notes & bazi tips
Payment term: Cash collected during onsite visit

Concise BONUS Birth profile lucky elements & tips not in Report  

Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd will analyse the Lucky Elements of permanent family members limited to 2 persons.

物随心转,境由心造  Why Feng Shui Master consultation

First of all it is non-religious, i do not perform ritual like “rolling of pineapples”, praying, chanting, talisman or commercial feng shui products. Secondly i am not bias against any individual school of Classical Feng Shui principles. What i did more than 10 years ago was a tedious “trial & error” process to verify diversified feng shui principles and only used those principles that work today! So the recommendations are “tested and proven”. It is all very “hands-on” and cut to the chase. Personally i do not claim credit with any direct lineage or popular talk shows or some celebrity testimonial…

Bottom-line for all that matters is to create an environment to cultivate the “heart”, thereby character, channel it into action!

“删繁就简 Simplicity over Complexity, Less is More”.

Respect and experiment with any classical school of feng shui principles & use a logical multidisciplinary “门派不争, 去伪求真” approach to filter out the fabricated truth


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