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In Chinese birth chart (bazi) reading there is one school using “神煞 (hanyu pinyin shen sha) to determine Birth profile “nobleman 天乙贵人 benefactor”. Through more than thousand of live case-studies, i find this principle questionable. For the benefit of English reader i will translate “神煞” as “deities”. This teaching was commonly applied because of it’s simplicity as it does not require any formal bazi training. Just follow 2 simple steps below, and you can be a bazi master yourself and help your friends.

Step 1: Download your Bazi Chart, using either Apple or Android app under names such as 八字起/八字排盘 Bazi Calculate/Astrology/Chart/Fortune”. The example below is downloaded from android app 论八字 by windsails.


Step 2: Identify your “Day Master-日天干” which is Day of Birth, highlighted in blue frame. From this example, the day stem is “Ding Fire 丁火” analogous to candlelight flame, born in the year of Dog 戌. For your information there are only 10 different Day Master (十天干) 甲乙 木wood, 丙丁火fire, 戊己土earth, 庚辛金metal and 壬癸水 water stems found in the birth chart so quite simple to locate your own.

If we follow the “deities” chart found at the bottom of this page it is written that “nobleman” for Ding Fire are zodiac signs 亥 pig and 酉 rooster highlighted in green colour 

Why is this method inaccurate?

To generalize all Day Masters in this world that are “Ding Fire”, definitive nobleman are pig & rooster, without in depth understanding of Day Master relationship with Birth structure is unreliable. There are so many variations leading to the same Day of Birth – born in different year (12 zodiac signs), 12 months, 30 days and 12 hr  十二时辰 (Chinese calculation of time) which will result in diversified birth structures.

The correct method to determine Bazi “nobleman” is first you have to evaluate whether the Day Master is “Strong or Weak” relative to it’s birth structure. This is a fundamental step in Bazi reading known as “八字用神 Birth Profile most needed element”. In bazi analysis this is the most critical & necessary step which is also the most difficult to do.

How to find out Day Master most beneficial element?

To help you to understand better, let’s use the same Ding Fire birth chart. We can conclude that this person is a “WEAK Ding Fire” due to the following reasons:

(a) born in winter season – water element 子水 influence, water extinguishes fire “mistimed 失令”

(b) excessive earth presence found in the entire structure, fire produces earth which further weakens Ding Fire.

(c) Ding Fire is only rooted at time of birth 午 fire, the remaining are 2 earth 戌丑 “Weak Foundation-失地”

(d) only 1 stem support found in the time of birth 丙 fire “Weak dominance-失势”

A Weak Ding Fire (candlelight flame) needs Wood or Fire for nourishment in order to burn brightly. Wood is the Best because it supports the growth of fire and solve the water-element season issue. Rooster and Pig are not compatible nobleman because Rooster is Metal element and Pig is water element, both are not the Day Master Lucky elements. If these 2 signs were used for Weak Ding Fire it will have negative consequences such as quarrel, bad luck, health and wealth problems. 

Nobleman is Not Limited to 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs (birth year) 

Based on this example the *correct “nobleman” should be zodiac sign “tiger 寅”. The rationale is because “tiger” is Day Master’s “trinity nobleman 三合貴人 which will improve chances of meeting benefactors, enhance relationship luck, dilutes adversity etc. More importantly, tiger is chosen because it is “wood” element which produces fire and the most lucky element for this birth chart 八字用神! Arm with this information one can explore opportunities working with those those born under the month of tiger which is February or time of birth from 3am-4.59am 寅时 follow by year of birth. The priority of importance is month-time-year because if you observe the birth chart, month and time resides between the Day Master which is the closest influence, particularly the birth month. Unlike common solution to use year of birth (12 chinese zodiac animals) to seek nobleman. This “nobleman” concept can also be activated in feng shui home or office.


*The “tiger” solution only fits the above birth chart, it DOES NOT applies to all Weak Ding Fire profile, born in the year of the dog.

Do note that whatever school of bazi teachings you learn from website, in hope for life improvement such as “nobleman” or “wealth” or “marriage partner” and so forth to ascertain your Birth Profile Lucky element is the most critical step, it precede any Bazi Analysis methodology whether “deities” or other bazi teachings.

besides “nobleman” there are many more deities about 300 神煞 of them and some bazi masters use the Year stem instead of Day stem which make this principle rather ambiguous


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