bazi nobleman 贵人

Bazi nobleman 天乙贵人 (benefactors)

In Chinese Birth Reading, there is a short-cut to find out your Nobleman (benefactor) 天乙贵人 through Bazi Deity Formula (八字神煞). This method is questionable.

bazi noblemanMost will welcome the help from a benefactor in life’s critical junctions. One out of many Chinese birth reading formulas is using Bazi Deity Formula (BDF八字神煞) to calculate an individual’s nobleman or commonly known as benefactor 天乙贵人.  

Nobleman from 八字神煞 BDF doubtful

What is doubtful about this BDF is because it does not require thorough analysis of Bazi Day Master strength, it’s  structural configuration, qualitative and quantitative analysis of each element among others to determine your life’s benefactor.

That is why the formula is simple because it does not require any background knowledge of bazi. The formula (see chart) you either use the Day or Year of birth stem and voilà your “nobleman” is found. Today there are still some who uses it due to it’s simplicity. However from clients that came to me for a 2nd opinion (due to some problems) the determination of bazi nobleman are usually wrong.

Well you don’t have to believe me. Just download any free “bazi app” to find out your Day or Year stem. Check among yourself & friends and verify whether the bazi nobleman did help you at any point of your life. In case you are lost, take e.g. DM-Day Master Jia Wood 甲 (grey color column),  his nobleman are ox 丑 and goat 未.

Why BDF method is too general & inaccurate?

First of all Day Master’s strength was not defined and not having this we are unable to  process his lucky elements 日主用神喜神. Secondly birth balancing element 调候 which is the month of birth was not inside the equation. Third birth structural classification 八字格局 was not obtained. Last there is ambiguity because some uses the “Year” while others “Day” stem to obtain BDF.

Technically speaking most masters do not practise the use of Deity formula because there are over 300 神煞 of them some conflicting with each other. However a few of them like Wealth 禄神 Yang Ren 阳刃, Tian De天德 and Yue De 月德 are useful.


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