Bazi Character

Bazi Character (心性与性格) who we really are

Generic traits and character is a complex subject. Why do we need to understand our generic traits心性 and character 性格? Reasons are to understand our inner passion, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, so as to better define our career, relationships, marriage, education and other aspects of life.

no short-cuts to life improvement

Thousands who have their bazi reading by me will know that i emphasize a lot on discipline, hard work, character-tweaking and positive mental attitude. Over more than 20 years doing feng shui and bazi consultations professionally, one fact remain unchanged. People look to you for “shortcuts” and “easy-way-out” therefore fall prey to buying lucky charms “thinking” that wearing these will improve their life. Seriously do you think so?

correct perspective to bazi reading

To quote chinese classical bazi teaching: 一命, 二运, 三风水,四积阴德, 五读书, 六名, 七相,八敬神, 九交贵人 & 十养生

Here i attempt to put some figurative percentages to a person’s destiny or luck. Birth profile – our talents & abilities and luck – our attitude make up 60% of our destiny. The balance can be 20% of feng shui help, 20% focus or purpose.

Our strengths and talents are quite easy to understand so i will not explain. Attitude is apportion in luck section because positive mental attitude such as abundance thinking can be trained with discipline & effort.

Many people are going to disagree with me, but I’ll say it anyway:
Hard work is NOT always a prerequisite factor to financial, professional and personal success.

Feng shui tips can be found in other sections of my blog.

Remember what Napoleon Hill said:
“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Thus the balance 20% is razor sharp focus and purpose on what you wanted to achieve in life.

don’t make bazi profiling the fall guy for all bad happenings

Let’s take an example that lots of female clients love to ask, how to save a broken marriage. i am sure you aware that divorce rates are on the rise. If you recall during our grandparents era, the word “divorce” does not even exist or heard off. Those days marriage partners did not even see each other before marriage! Then why so little divorce what change? personality? societal values? environment? i believe you are able to arrive to the conclusion yourself.

Our society has become less forgiving, less empathy and less tolerant. You may wonder how all these are related to feng shui, bazi, auspicious name, C-birth etc. It does relate. Let me share the same example on marriage. Checking bazi traits for both partners will reveal compatibility issues. How we sustain our marriage is through allegiance, tolerance, responsibilites and devotion… to make it happen. i can identify bazi flaws but you must prepare to change. i can also do feng shui remedies to improve harmony but you must make an effort to see it through. In other words not every single, little trivial happenings is bad feng shui or bad birth profile.

Bazi and Feng Shui always the patsy

if our business does not perform most would take the easy way out to blame feng shui? Have we look inwards into our personnel or business strategies or marketing aspects? Sometimes it can be as simple as the products or services offering are redundant e.g. video -rental, books

Please allow me to share with you one enterprising client of mine who started her own business but failing. After helping her to improve her business through feng shui, i candidly told her that she is not suited to do her own business and to my surprise she admitted that she think so too. I checked her bazi configuration, she is better off as a working professional in a big corporation.. Again her replied was she did well in a Bank and enjoys good promotions over the years.

She did her own business because of her 10-years luck pillar. It influences her to make this bad decision. Granted that she is highly qualified to do her own but she does not have the risk-taking nature nor competitiveness of an entrepreneur.

Just another thought, if one who take pride and holds a high self-esteem of their work should not consider working on their own too. Here i refer to services such as design consultant. The reason is if one cannot accept customers criticism to alter ideas or design than it could be challenging to survive.


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