Business Feng Shui Tips

Business Feng Shui Tips

Here you find more business feng shui 商业风水 tips  that will help you to develop a thriving business.

Internal physical layout affecting the “Yin Yang principle” of business feng shui

singapore business feng shuiDo not choose a shop or office layout that is very long and deep, like a ratio of 1:3 or more (breadth/length) as illustrated. These long and deep rectangular layout is very common in prewar shop houses like Duxton, cantonment, Neil road, Chinatown, east coast, joo chiat, Geylang. Some of these are converted into SOHO or retail outlets.

In feng shui main door is “yang 阳” active energy and the back is “yin 阴” passive energy. Due to the long and winding road, it is difficult for the yang energy to travel all the way to the end. So energy is “choke” even before it reaches the middle part of office. This causes disharmony in accordance to “yin- yang” principle. It increases the risk of staff turnover and worse of all harder to get “sales” for your business.

Bottleneck effect causes health problems

The bottleneck effect also causes health problems to your staff particularly throat, lungs and respiratory issues. And to add on to the problem most of these prewar layout usually have the main door facing a staircase leading downwards. This problem is difficult to solve completely because of the long narrow staircase.

Shallow and Wide layout is just as bad

Feng shui is all about balance. The reverse layout where the office or shop is shallow and wide like the illustration is also bad business feng shui.

KDT PlanThis causes the “yang” energy to enter rapidly but unable to linger inside the office or retail shop. In feng shui perspective the Company will find difficulty to retain profits. So you will have the situation of money come and go in a flash.

Moreover this layout is not ideal for customers’ retention or loyalty.

Importance of Main door in Business Feng Shui 

The location of Main Door is of paramount importance in business fengshui. Before you purchase or rent the office, ensure that your main door is located at Wealth or Reputation sector. Further information can be found in this website under feng shui destiny.

Another worthwhile pointer is to make sure that your main door does not face a “constricted” space example narrow passageway or wall or downward slop or stairway leading downwards. This causes the “yin” energy  to evaporate rapidly resulting in poor sales and profits.

Best scenario shop facing road junctions 要快发 斗三煞

It is good feng shui that the main door faces an unobstructed space. Even better if it faces a road junction or bad landforms but this you will need the assistance from your regular feng shui master. Unlike home feng shui; business feng shui thrives on meeting challenges 斗三煞 with environment.

Infrastructure leading to your office

Observe the road structure leading to your retail shop, are you located at the “tail end” of the road? This is similar to home units at the cul-de-sac end of the road

Identify your product/service to match the location

Orchard road feng shui

If your business is a fast-moving consumer product or service then it should be located along “阳 Yang energy” i.e. major/main road  not tucked away in minor/back-lanes road. One great example is Singapore orchard road where all the major shopping malls are present. On the other hand minor roads/back-lanes “阴 Yin energy” are more suited for niche market or specialised services such as pet shops, organic food, pedicure/manicure brothel etc  Niche products or services are “offerings” that customers purposely come looking for you instead of mass-appeal impulse buying goods or services. The problem is sometimes feng shui masters are so myopia over trivials like counting of light bulbs, colour scheme, logos, tilted doors, desk placements and could easily overlook the bigger picture of business feng shui audit which is the “location” is wrong to start with. This principle is particularly important for retailers. The location of your business sometimes even precede over the importance of “Business Destiny 宅命” Take for an example a “fast-food franchise” that caters to the mass-market should be in major shopping malls/main roads and not along minor roads where there is no crowd. This seem like common sense.

Timing of “Earth” energy 三元九运 and not Birth Profile lucky elements

Some of my clients were recommended to choose an office space or shop space based on Bazi / Birth profile lucky elements which is wrong too. Take for instance your birth profile requires metal and based on 5 elements principle Metal is in the West or North-West sectors so in Singapore it is in Tuas area right? So if your business is a fast-moving consumer product do you want to have a shop in the industrial side of Singapore? To make matter worse West belongs to the Period 7 where the “Earth energy地运” ended in 2004 Feb. For investment reasons your can consider an office that overlooks Southwest, Southeast and North direction where there is “water” such as fountain, open space, swimming pool and so forth. Water in the Southwest direction is good during 2004 to 2024 and North or Southeast direction from 2024 to 2044.

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