Business Feng Shui Tips

Business Success Feng Shui Tips

Here you will find some business feng shui tips that may help you to choose and develop a thriving business. The applications of business feng shui is somewhat different from home feng shui. One of the fundamental principle to conform is the “Yin 阴 and Yang 阳” principle of business feng shui. The problem is some feng shui masters are so myopia into looking at the trivial in shop or office feng shui like how many light bulbs, the colour scheme, logos, tilted doors, desk placements and overlook the big picture in business feng shui audit. You see assume that you are a franchisee of a popular fast-food chain and even if we get a Great destiny shop space but situated in a minor road or a dead end road which in feng shui we term it as 阴地 it is difficult for your business to prosper. Read further down.

singapore business feng shuiDo not choose a shop or office layout that is very long and deep even if the Office/Shop Destiny is Great, picture illustrated on the left. i find these very common in Singapore prewar shop houses in areas like Duxton, cantonment, Neil road, Chinatown, east coast, joo chiat, Geylang. Some of these are converted into SOHO offices/studio or even retail shops. Notice the illustration, main door which is the “yang” energy and the back of the office is “yin” energy. Due to the very deep layout it is very difficult for the yang energy to travel all the way to the end. So the energy is constricted or “choke” before even reaches the middle of the office. This causes the disharmony of the “yin and yang” principle. The effect is “yin” energy is strong and the “yang” energy is weak. For retail shop it will cost problems like poor sales, in an office scenario besides losing money, it will cause employees to suffer from throat infection and lungs/respiratory system issues. To make matter worse most of these offices that i consulted the main door faces a staircase that is leading downwards. It is difficult to dilute this bad energy entirely, as i reiterated many times in my website, feng shui is not a guarantee “magic portion” that can “cure-all” solution! If feng shui audit is a 100% guarantee solution to business success then i probably need not work but purchase 10 shop houses and collect a handsome rent. Even at $5,000 rental per shop i would have a guarantee income of $50,000 a month which is good enough for me! LOL.

On the contrary do not choose an office or shop layout that is shallow and wide like the illustration on the right.

KDT PlanThis causes the “yang” energy to enter but unable to linger inside the office or retail shop. It causes “money come, money go” problem where the business is having trouble to retain profits.

These are common structural problems that can should be avoided before renting or buying the office or shop.

Do not get a shop or office where the main entrance/door faces a slope or staircase leading downwards. This causes the “yin” energy  to escape from the office and it causes terrible money loss.

Observe the road structure leading to your retail shop, are you located at the “tail end” of the road?

Identify your product/service to match the road structure? Or match the road structure for your product and service offering?

Orchard road feng shui

If your business is a fast-moving consumer product or service then it should open at the major/main road 阳 Yang energy.  Take our proud Singapore orchard road as an example which is major road that carries Yang energy. So products or services that are mass consumed, fast-moving products or services like fast-food, supermarket, shopping mall etc along the main road will do well. On the other hand minor roads 阴 Yin energy that are joining to the main road should consider business that is of a specialized in nature. Examples pubs, clinics, specialise food restaurant, pet shops etc  Products or services that are specialised refer to unique, rare offering where customers come to look for you instead of mass-appeal impulse buying goods or services.

Some of my clients were recommended to choose an office space or shop space based on Bazi / Birth profile lucky elements which is wrong too. Take for instance your birth profile requires metal and based on 5 elements principle Metal is in the West or North-West sectors so in Singapore it is in Tuas area right? So if your business is a fast-moving consumer product do you want to have a shop in the industrial side of Singapore? To make matter worse West belongs to the Period 7 which the Earth energy just ended in Year 2004 Feb. If for investment reasons you should consider following the Earth energy but for home feng shui you don’t have to.



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