2024 Chinese Zodiac forecast

2024 Chinese Zodiac fortune prediction

Should your believe in Chinese Horoscope Annual forecast? based on the Chinese traditional classification system there are 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Therefore the prediction formula for accuracy in probability is 1 out of 12 or 8.33%. If you are a regular attendee to Yearly predictions.

Whereas the probability accuracy for Bazi reading using year/month/day/time of birth is 1/1,123,200 if you include male & female and 10-Year luck pillars, a far more superior system.

2024 is the Year of Dragon (甲辰年 Jia Chen Wood dragon), below is a standard fortune prediction template by month from Chinese Bazi classics for those born in the Year of the Dragon. How accurate do you think?

Year of the Dragon

Chinese believed that Dragon is an auspicious sign and usually we expect lots of babies for year 2024.

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Chinese zodiac fortune predictions: What’s in store for the Year of the Dragon?

Below is the standard template for individual zodiac sign Annual Prediction for Dragon year. You should read it with a pinch of salt. This system rotates every 12 years. There are about 8 billion people living in planet Earth, divide by 12 zodiac signs, about 667 million sharing the same yearly fate in Wood Dragon (Jia Chen) Year?  😀

2024 chinese zodiac fortune forecast



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