Pre-purchase or pre-rental feng shui evaluation 

Pre-purchase or pre-rental feng shui evaluation helps you to choose an auspicious feng shui 吉 apartment, to supplement your family’s health, enhance positive relationships, financial security and other key aspects of life that matters.  

宅吉运凶 当减其恶    宅凶运吉 其福难显

东方科学 pre-evaluation is NOT based on Bazi suitability

Most people think that choosing a good feng shui home is solely based on Bazi or Gua number or Ziwei profile suitability.

The question is who’s bazi are we going to use because a standard family nucleus consist of 3 to 4 members?

When feng shui started in China, it was the era of feudalism 封建 where the male head of household is the indisputable choice. In today’s context do you think it is still valid? Because technically it is impossible to find a house feng shui that suits all occupants.  

Why general advice is no advice at all 

i received many enquiries daily asking me to give advice based on home or office layout before onsite visit.

This is not workable because a precise degree is required to determine the unit Feng Shui Destiny chart to ascertain the positive, negative and neutral sectors of the house.

Telling me for instance, the unit is facing South is not good enough because feng shui is based on 360 degree divided by 24 mountain 二十四山 (sector) and further refined into 六十四卦 sub segments see picture above.

Start with A Positive Home Feng shui’s 宅命 Natal Chart

feng shui pre-evaluation

First of all, the most important consideration is to choose a good Home Feng Shui Destiny 宅命

A good feng shui home destiny will be positive for any occupant to stay.

2nd to ensure that the positive energy 旺气 fits the external environment and internal layout. For e.g. the location of main door is within 玄空飞星组合 positive zone and the energy from window is auspicious 三元纳气 

not all negative energies can be fix 100%

黄帝内经: 人因宅而立, 宅因人而存, 人宅相扶, 感通天地, 地善则苗秀, 宅吉则人荣

Certain bad layout, external environment and negative energies can’t be rectify totally. Getting a good feng shui house reduces the risks of sickness, financial lost, divorce, poor business and so forth. 

4 critical pre-evaluation feng shui factors 阳宅三要 + 宅命:

a. external physical landforms and internal layout
b. Destiny Chart 宅命 of the house using 三元 天心正运 

c. main door location & direction 阳宅三要 之首
d. bed & stove positions 阳宅三要

Position and direction of windows – San Yuan Energy Optimisation 三元纳 旺气

a good feng shui home/office requires time

The stringent criteria to get an “above average” feng shui unit takes about 3 months or more if you are lucky. Since there is no “perfect feng shui”, one have to consider buying or renting the unit where the positives far outweigh the negatives.

why throw good money after bad 

One usual question is “why can’t you fix a bad feng shui unit?”

The better question is why invest millions on a house that needs fixing? Moreover some feng shui is so bad that it cannot be 100% rectified due to structural flaws. For instance you can’t re-locate the Main Door. 

Pre Eval feng shui does not include recommendations & remedies 

The difference between pre-evaluation vs feng shui audit is the feng shui recommendations (remedies), solutions are not reveal. Feng shui cures such as bed placement, study area, remedies etc falls under  feng shui audit.

However you will know the pros and cons about the house feng shui during onsite, so you can make a wise purchase. No follow-up written report. The report is unnecessary because pre-evaluation is a screening process to get a good feng shui home.

曾氏玄学 onsite  comparison limited to 3-4 visits for the same day

HDB apartment $500 for the first unit and additional $250 per unit for 2nd/3rd/4th unit to compare on the same day (cannot carry forward), within the same vicinity. For 2 level units such as EM is $650 and additional cost for subsequent unit is the same.
EC/private apartment/condo $788 for the first unit and additional unit to compare at $300 on the same day, same premise within walking distance.
For 2-storey condo $888 for the first unit and additional unit to compare is the same.
Single storey landed property is $988. $100 extra for additional floor level. Additional 2nd or 3rd house unit to compare on the same day at $480 each within the same vicinity.
Commercial office/retail shop

$788 for 1 level office or shop that is less than 1000 sq ft. For sizes that is above 1000 sq ft you can email me for a quote.

*Subsequent units for comparison is limited to maximum 3 per day within walking distance.

Email details to prior to visit 

  • Name, mobile number and address of interested property to purchase
  • Floor plan. 
  • Birth details necessary if “single” occupant

terms & conditions

payment: Cheque payment is not accepted. A good faith deposit of $100 to book the appointment and full payment of the balance by cash or PayNow, PayLah to mobile no: 9071 2121 onsite. 

The appointment is confirmed after the deposit is made. Any cancellation the deposit is not refundable. You are allowed to postpone once.

Off-Site Pre-purchase feng shui (uncompleted properties)

How it works

You have to select 3 stacks of your choice for the “same project” to compare. Feng shui assessment is based on project siteplan North. Accuracy of the analysis is dependent on the architect’s North.

A comparative analysis on the positives & negatives based on (a) destiny 宅命 (b) Main Door (c) stove and (d) bedroom 阳宅三要相宅法 of your pre-selected units.

Details to submit

  • Email property brochure of your desired project 
  • Brochure with site plan (accuracy is dependent on siteplan North)
  • Pre-select 3 stacks of your choice, clearing stating block number.

OFF-SITE Pre-Purchase Evaluation Fees

the degree of main door facing is taken by you or developer siteplan is use. Accuracy depends on it.

$600 for 1-storey hdb for *2 stacks of your choice
$800 for 1-storey pte apt for *2 stacks of your choice
$1000 for 2-storey pte apt / hdb for *2 stacks of your choice
$1200 for 1-storey landed and additional $200 for additional floor (3 stacks not applicable for landed properties)

Any additional *stack is at $280 per stack & additional floor is $180 for pte/hdb.

The reason for the additional charges per storey is because every storey requires a separate chart. If the extra floor is an open terrace no extra charges.

Report takes 5-8 working days upon full payment received during non-peak season

contact or watsapp:
master chan +65 90712121
onsite weekdays 3pm (no public holidays, Sat & Sun)


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