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Numbers in different context mean different thing in feng shui. Definitely “4” is not death nor 2, 5 represent sickness. Luck is not associated with the number itself but in the feng shui context that it was used.

feng shui is not prounication

Some traditional feng shui masters like to use eunication of numbers 数字谐音 and come up with creative imaginations which is 100% wrong. Whatever school of feng shui or bazi there is no such thing as using prounication of numbers to mean anything. 

Floor levels are irrelevant today 

feng shui numbersFeng shui floor levels uses 河圖洛書 Luo Shu formula to represent the 5 elements. Most feng shui masters in Singapore will then choose element that the floor level represents to match your Gua Number 卦命 OR Bazi 八字. They are:

1,6 storey or floor level is water e.g. 11th, 16th, 21st, 26th
2,7 storey or floor level is fire. e.g.  12th, 17th etc are fire element.
3,8 storey or floor level is wood
4,9 storey or floor level is metal
5,0 storey or floor level is earth

Why floor level is irrelevant in today’s context? Most high rise buildings have basement carpark, so to calculate your floor level should you add or subtract the carpark levels?

Numbers in auspicious chinese name reading

For Chinese auspicious Name reading 1,2 are wood, 3,4 fire, 5,6 earth, 7,8 are metal and 9,0 water. Odd number are “yang” element and even “ying” element. The number of stroke in auspicious name calculation is to supplement a person’s five elements imbalance or avoid certain elements. The 10 numbers also represent heavenly Stem 天干 in Bazi study 甲 jia wood 1乙 yi wood 2 丙bing fire 3 丁 ding fire 4 戊wu earth 5 己ji earth 6 庚geng metal 7 辛xin metal 8 壬ren water 9 癸gui water 10.

In addition the “sum of numbers” is also used to determine auspicious or unlucky.

Number 4 is not death, 8 does not represent prosperity

Due to the mandarin and cantonese pronunciation, number 4 四 (si) sounds like death 死 (si). There is no basis to use 谐音 tone syllable in feng shui nor bazi.

Mobile or Car plate numbers in feng shui are irrelevant

Some people were advised by feng shui masters to pay an obscene amount of money for these numbers 8888 or 3838. As explained there are no feng shui formulas to back up this claim.

There are some who practices using numbers in NRIC and Birth cert to calculate destiny of a person which is also bull crap.

San Yuan feng shui numbers have different representations

Gua numbers 卦 or flying star numbers are used in feng shui home or business calculations. The representations from 洛书紫白九星 feng shui formula are:

1 白 is water element represent 桃 花 官星 romance and status 坎卦

2 黑 is earth element 病 符 sickness 坤卦

3 碧 is wood element  事非 bad-mouthing and quarrelsome star 震卦

4 绿 is wood 文 昌 education 巽卦 academic pursue, mental clarity

5 黄廉贞星 戊己大煞 都天大煞 earth element the worst of the flying star which represents death, disaster, cancer, poison, any bad things that you can even imagine!

6 白 武 曲 權威、正義 is metal element career authority some interpret as windfall wealth 乾 (qian) 卦

7 赤 破军星 is metal element represent lawsuits and burglary 兑卦

8 is earth 財 星 wealth because of the current period and also because 1,6,8 in flying stars are consider to be auspicious 艮卦

9 is fire element 喜 慶 星 it represents celebrations, 姻缘 marriage relationship, good events like promotion, which is also the forthcoming auspicious energies 离卦

While it is important to pay attention to minor details to improve home or business feng shui, it is equally important to stay objective dealing with these misrepresented feng shui concepts. To believe house numbers can create havoc in your life such as sicknesses, disaster or death is just far-fetch. If this is true nobody will stay in 4th, 14th or 24th floor.

Western numerology study

For example, if your house number is 14, which adds up to single digit 5 and tendencies of this number is change, resourcefulness and adventure.

These are numbers and what it represents:
• 0 – nothingness, potential, empty
• 1 – unobstructed, new beginnings
• 2 – balance, choice, cooperation
• 3 – creativity, family, self-expression
• 4 – stability, grounding, security
• 5 – change, resourcefulness, adventure
• 6 – calm, patience
• 7 – contemplation, self-evaluation, solitude
• 8 – infinity, abundance, success in business
• 9 – highest number, accomplishment, attainment.

Numbers in conclusion base on feng shui calculation

To believe that 1, 6 or 8 for home address unit number, mobile number, car plate number, bank account number associated with auspicious energies is ridiculous. One can conclude these so call lucky “energies” from numerals are really minor in comparison to the entire Universe. Feng shui is definitely not about trivial things such as 4 light bulb emit bad energy.

8 & 4 enigma

The number 8 is highly regarded by Chinese as a particularly lucky number. We are currently in the 8th period of the feng shui flying star 2004-2023. Hence if your home water flying star lands on your door entrance, congratulations to you; this is consider to be extremely lucky!

Or if your main door is located at the North-East sector then your home feng shui generally is considered to be lucky because 8 in Gua number is 艮卦 (Gen) 正神方 the most auspicious sector in the 8th period. In the 9th period, Main door located in the South Sector is consider the best and so forth.

Hence it is not number “8” that give off auspicious energies or special cosmic strength. Number 8 is just a representation of certain feng shui symbolism nothing more. E.g. 8 is use to symbolise 艮卦 NE earth element. Some exaggerated feng shui masters will entice you to buy feng shui products with figurine “8” because the Chinese eunication “sound” like fa 发 prosperity . So what happen you are not a Chinese then 8 will not “sound” lucky to you.

Nevertheless Number “8” is associated with 2 elements in feng shui, one is wood because 3,8 combo is wood element. “8” standalone is “earth” element. Some hearsay quoted that China Olympics opening ceremony on 8th August 2008 because “8” is lucky so is 08/08/2008. OMG. In feng shui date selection choosing a strong “day master” is one of the prerequisite NOT numbers.

In Bazi Ming Li classic 八字五言独步 08 August, Day Master is Geng Metal born in Shen Metal month, 庚生申月为建禄 Geng Metal born in Shen metal month is “wealthy and strong”. This has got nothing to do with the coincidence of “8” appearing on date 08/08/2008! Feng shui discipline originates from China, how is it possible that these great grand masters of feng shui choose a date base on nice numbers?



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