Fate or Destiny

Birth profile can it be change

Over the years most clients would ask me this question when they realised that life isn’t great for them. “Can i change my fate? or Destiny?”

The answer is actually yes and no…it sounded like a cliche but is not, please allow me to explain further.

Let’s assume Mr. A DOES NOT believed in fate or destiny, he believed that if one were to work very hard, study hard, keep on improving at the end of day he will reached his goals. This is only half correct, the benefit of having this mindset is great because it does help the individual to motivate oneself in order to achieve his dreams. On the other hand if one does not understand his birth profile (bazi structure) his 10-year luck pillar or annual luck pillar then it is somewhat like chasing in the dark without the benefit on the hindsight. Of course i am not saying that Bazi reading is 100% fool-proof but i dare say the accuracy is as good as a humble 70%.

On the other extreme is Mr. B who believed in fate, bazi, feng shui etc. He consulted a Master and realised that his birth structure is flawed and luck is not on his side. Then the likely outcome is that whenever something bad happen, he will blame it on fate, birth profile, feng shui or luck? That kind of mindset is also wrong for one who resigned to fate. Using this Mr. B example let’s assume that the Bazi Master calculated his luck pillars wrongly …in fact he is supposed to say enjoy 10 years of good fortune which means having such a negative attitude towards life will result in miss opportunities. The truth is even you are born with great talents, good health, good wealth if you are not using it, is goes down the drain with bad attitude and poor outlook in life, YOLO right?

The smarter way is start off by understanding your birth profile, your personality, strengths and weaknesses, your career inclination, your health…etc Acknowledge any shortcomings rather than living in “self-denial”. The next step is to understand your luck i.e. 10-year luck pillar and annual luck. By having a good glimpse into your future will unfold to you “what is your next move”. Please allow me to relate you with some real-life examples (my clients without revealing identification of course)

Birth profile not suited for business

My female client who is a successful professional working for a multinational corporation invested her extra cash in a franchise business run by her partner. Her business was losing money for more than one year…she consulted me to do the feng shui. After doing the necessary i cross examine her birth profile and asked her an “innocent question” why did you started this business? She told me is to help her partner. The next question i asked is do you have any interest in this venture? She answered me just one candid word “No”.  She confirmed my reading of her birth structure. She is risk-averse, did well professionally (not on her own) better off working for a big company and stay where she is! She agreed that she have been working for this international Company for more than 10 years and happily working there.  After 3 years she contacted me for lunch and told me that she sold off her franchise business, i told her it was a wise decision! Morale of this story is that she is not suited to do her own business due to her personality. Why waste 3 years or more of your life taking a detour where she probably better off going for a well deserved holidays?

to be contd…


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