Fate or Destiny

Bazi destiny or fate is a matter of choice

These two words become interchangeable, or even synonymous. Actually there is a difference in perceptions. Fate implies things are predetermined, without control, a natural order in Universe which cannot be altered, no matter how hard we try.

Destiny on the other hand implies that we are given a chance & choice to change our future. Using a simple example does it not education helps in logic thinking , problem analysis helping to make better decisions. Obviously other aspects such as being a good listener, open-mindedness, flexibility, willingness to change…helps too.

Bazi reading is not magic

Most enquiries i received think that Bazi reading masters can alter their luck by turning bad luck into good just by analysing it. Do you think this is remotely possible?

i can’t blame them because most bazi reading masters seem to misrepresent the true value of bazi reading online, dramatising good fortune after using their service.

To put this in the right context once and for all, Bazi Reading is NOT a MAGIC service that can transform bad luck into good!

bazi master chan better choices Objective of Chinese Bazi reading is to raise self awareness, point you to the right direction, what you are good at and things you should do that you are not doing. It does not induce change by itself. You still have to make a choice, effort & discipline to change “on your own”. Bazi reading merely give you better choices with insights into your bazi structure and future. It predicts how our future unfolds known as 10-years luck pillar in Zi Ping Bazi 子平法 & Da Xian 大限 in Zi Wei 紫微斗数.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”                 Einstein

How can we expect a different result in life by doing the same thing over and over again. By altering our habits or thoughts then we can anticipate a different outcome in our life.

Using Qi Men Dun Jia to improve daily luck 

Our luck can only improve through our own efforts.

Bazi or feng shui equip you with tools to improve your luck. One can’t improve luck without effort. Just to share with you, i recommended a client to grow some plants in a certain sector. He complained after 1 month the plants keep dying. i told him “you can buy a few replacement, rotate to keep it healthy”.  Problem is he did not put in sufficient effort to improve himself.

Most people wanted a shortcut or quick fix to turn their fortune around. That is why they are willing to pay thousands of dollars for some so-call “good luck charm” sold by other masters thinking that their bad luck will change to good luck. How i know? these people approach me to analyse their bazi again, finding that the “expensive toys” didn’t work. Seriously it is naive to believe in such things. There is no shortcut in life. How to expect luck if you did not put in effort.

Law of Positive Attractions 

The law of positive attractions state that there are no lazy people, just people without focus and specific goals. Bazi reading tell us who we are and what goals to pursue. Map our future, telling us what to do and what not.

For desperate cases, I advised my clients to use qi men dun jia formula to improve their luck.  I recommended him to spend at least 30 mins to visualize his goals at his best calculated location. This was done when house feng shui is poor and both bazi and luck are bad.

Luck requires focus, discipline, effort and persistence. We need to sacrifice and step out of our comfort zone. It involves tweaking our personality, characteristics, habit, thinking, or get a secondary education.

How and why bazi reading can help you

In order to help you to understand better, here is a real-life case.

Birth profile not suited for business

A Japanese restaurateur invited me to do feng shui. Her business was losing money. After doing feng shui, as usual i follow-up with bazi analysis. Found out from her birth chart that she is not suited to do her own business. i verify with her. She told me she got into this to help her partner (boyfriend). She confirmed my reading.

Although her birth chart shows xin instead of geng metal. But her Xin metal 干透支藏 is good enough to do well in the corporate world. The only flaw in her birth structure (should i be critical) is that she is soft with her leadership style & some job-hopping before 30 years old. Her birth traits reveal her as risk-averse, systematic, good management, hardworking, flexible, determined all good traits as a manager. i advised once she recovered her losses, consider closing the  business.

After 3 years, she contacted me for lunch and told me that she was promoted as regional director. The beauty of bazi reading is awareness and taking the right course of action.

Luck only happens when preparation meets opportunity

This Chinese wisdom summarize it all:

命由天定,birth right is granted by God (heaven) 运由己造,create your own-luck/destiny 预知运势, recognize your luck directions  积极面对, face it positively  改善自身,  improve oneself  提升生活 thereby advance your life!

Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They consistently horn their craft by creating and noticing opportunities, make decisions objectively by focusing on their goals and intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies through positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.


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