Fate or Destiny

Birth Destiny or Fate can it be change?

Over the years most clients would ask me this question when they realised that life isn’t great for them. “Can i change my fate? or Destiny?”

The answer is actually “yes” and “no”.

“Yes” through your own positive state of mind, perspective, preparations, attitude, actions and feng shui (notice that feng shui is place last in relativity of importance)

“No” because your birth structure and “10-years luck pillar” is fixed and cannot be changed.

Let’s assume Mr. A DOES NOT believed in birth profile analysis, fate or destiny, he believed it hard work through studies, positive mental attitude, networking and ultimately through  sheer perseverance will reached his goals. This is only partially correct from bazi perspective, the benefit of having this mindset is great because it does keep the individual positively-motivated. On the other hand if one is not aware of his birth structure or his 10-year luck pillar he may be going at the “wrong direction”. Or he may take a longer time to reach his goals without understanding the future “road blocks”.

On the other extreme Mr. B who believed in bazi reading and fate. He consult plenty of Masters to guide him. All may or may not give him different interpreations. This will become “bad” if he is not guided properly by the masters because he is letting “fate” to dictate his life! So whenever something bad happen, he would not look at himself first BUT BLAME IT ON HIS BIRTH STRUCTURE OR “LUCK”.  This kind of “obsession” about fate reading is even worse than Mr A because he would surrender to fate at the onset of any obstacles. i have one client who i forecasted bad health and insisted that i help him and prepared to pay but my answer simply is to seek a Doctor immediately.


One’s birth profile is born with certain generic strengths and weaknesses, career inclination, aptitude, health status. The concept of “birth reading” is to know who “your really are” and make necessary adjustments/expectations or to take certain course of actions or directions. There are so many roads that lead to Rome; so the idea of Bazi reading is to understand “what is the best course of action”. The “Change” in your life can only come from your own effort not by bazi or feng shui masters. My job is to guide and let you know how your future unfolds NOT CHANGING YOUR FATE OR LUCK! If bazi masters can change an individual fate, he is “God-like” already and the entire world will be in chaos because mankind is filled with ONLY FORTUNATE PEOPLE.

The first step is to acknowledge your own shortcomings than living in “self-denial”. These shortcomings may take the form of insufficient education/knowledge/information not necessary generic birth profile flaws.  The next step is to understand your luck in the future, by having a peek you will at least know “when to call, to raise or hold ’em, when to fold ’em and when to walk away” Please allow me to illustrate one real-life example:

Birth profile not suited for business

One of my client, a successful professional lady working for a multinational corporation invested her extra cash in a Japanese franchise business run by her partner. Her business was losing money for more than one year…she consulted me to do feng shui. After doing the necessaries i cross examine her birth profile and asked her an “innocent question” why did you started this business? She told me is to help her partner. The next question i asked is “do you have any interest in this venture”? She answered in one candid word “No”.  She confirmed my reading of her birth structure. She is risk-averse, will do well in the Corporate world but not as a business woman. i told her to fold the business from bazi and feng shui point-of-view.  She did what i said and after 3 years she contacted me for lunch and told me that she was promoted to regional director which definitely earn more than her franchise business.

This chinese wisdom summarise it all:

命由天定,birth profile is granted by God’s (heaven) will 运由己造,luck through self-help 预知运势, forecast & prepare your luck orientation  积极面对, face it positively  改善自身,  improve onself  提升生活 thereby improving your life!

Please allow me to share this “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity” Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They consistently horn their craft by creating and noticing opportunities, make decisions objectively by focusing on their goals and intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies through positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.




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