11 Buying Tips for a lucky Feng Shui home

11 buying tips for a feng shui home

Here are 11 basic feng shui buying tips to choose a lucky home. 

feng shui pre purchaseFirst of all, choose a “positive feng shui home 吉宅” where the destiny’s energies 宅命  of the house is align with the environment 环境.

地吉 苗旺,宅吉 人旺

Most are misinformed thinking that house feng shui is solely based on your bazi or gua number. Using a simple analogy. If your family migrate to America, you should adapt to the environment or the other way round?

2 major concerns to choose a positive home is Environment and Energy 峦头 和 理气.

This is by integrating various feng shui schools methods such as 形势, 三元, 玄空飞星, 八宅, 三合 etc.

One crucial factor is “timing” 

Authentic feng shui principles emphasize on the harmony between external & internal structure physical landforms’ (峦头) with house innate energy (理气)  “峦头为体,理气为用”.

The visible shape, material, size, height, distance … of physical environment all  matters. 

1. understand your home External environment 外峦头学 


bad feng shui

Start by understanding Singapore Master plan.

Study the external landforms using google satellite maps to check out roads, park, canal, sea etc.

It is important to study the external landforms because to a certain extent it is fixed unless it is earmarked for new development.

However understanding Singapore’s policy, perpetually there are on-going “construction” everyday which is feng shui worst nightmare. Once your neighbourhood construction commences it upsets Earth’s energy and  immediately has detrimental effect on your family’s health & wealth. 

Putting feng shui aside, think about the inconvenience of road diversion, the dust that you breathe…the detours you have to make

2. Analyse the internal environment 內形体学 of the house 

feng shui tips-shape of your homeStudy the shape of your house using the floor plan. Is it rectangle, square or out-of-shape?

locations is more important than directions in fengshui

Where is the main door located?  stove and beds locations ? Know at least the 8 main sectors of your home i.e. bagua

Any serious missing sectors (25% of the total floor size)? Do not choose a house that is out-of-shape or the length to breadth ratio is greater than 1:3. You will have uneven sizes per sector. If happened that the smaller sectors are positive ones like wealth, health, career than you are in trouble. See picture North and South sectors are relatively small.

3. Feng shui buying tip 4 – timing 

In San Yuan Chinese metaphysics 三元九运玄空下卦, timing is the key to good feng shui.

house feng shui buying tips

As a general rule of thumb in Period 8 2004 to 04 Feb 2024, overlooking “water” in the SouthWest direction improves wealth. See illustration. The opposite side which faces NE direction water is bad feng shui.

In Period 8 context, NE direction should overlook tall buildings instead of water. Structurally within the house, Northeast sector should not be the toilet or missing.

After 2024 in period 9 overlooking “North” direction water is good for wealth and the opposite is not.

“山环水抱,气聚有情, 山管人丁, 水管财”

4. Open space is a plus in feng shui   

feng shui buying tipsObserve the space surrounding the block in relation to your neigbourhood. The physical terrain of the 4 main “mountain 山势” influence, front 朱雀, back 玄武, left hand side 左青龙 and the right 右白虎. If you have to compromise facing a spacious front is relatively more important. See picture Blk A is better than Blk B.

5. Avoid Bad Home Destiny 宅命 

Similar to our birth profile, houses also have their own destiny. “Destiny 宅命” of the house is determine by the orientation i.e. the “degree” of it’s facing.

6. NO tilted Main door

Do not buy a house or office with tilted doors. Some feng shui masters uses 玄空大卦 to tilt the door believing that the house “negative” energies  will improve permanently! It does not. Energies does not go sideways when you tilt the door. So if you see that the door is tilted it is clear sign telling you that the house is bad.

7. AVOID  bad external landforms 

Ensure that landforms such as sharp pointed buildings, reflective mirror-like windows, hospitals, police stations, T-junctions, expressways are not within your sight. We judge the intensity of negative influence based on distance to your house. If you need powerful binoculars to see the “troubled building” then there is little harm.

8. a house based on male breadwinner’s bazi is chauvinistic and redundant

Feng Shui dated many many years ago and during that time most theories are bias towards the “male breadwinner (封建思想 feudal society)”. So finding a house solely based on the male breadwinner is chauvinistic. Nowadays our female counterpart may even earn more money. Thus the basis to find a good feng shui house is not based on bazi lucky elements or gua number, unless you wanted to remain single or the entire family shared a single lucky element which is rare.

9. Feng shui taboo 风水大忌

Toilet and stove should not in the center of a house. Toilet in the center will cause digestion, intestine and urinary system issues.  As for the stove it causes heart & blood problems.

10. Feng shui taboo 风水大忌

Main door should not face kitchen nor toilet entrance. This will cause illnesses to the entire family. 

11. Avoid “空亡 void” feng shui degrees

These are the main door orientations to avoid. In chinese feng shui is call the 大空亡 meaning “void”. No Destinies. They are 大空亡 22.5°, 67.5°,112.5°,157.5°,202.5°, 247.5°, 292.5°, 337.5° and 小空亡  7.5 degree 37.5 degree 52.5degree 82.5 97.5 127.5 142.5 172.5 187.5 217.5 232.5 262.5 277.5 307.5 322.5 352.5

Any bad things can happen for such degree such as freak accidents, surgeries, sickness, suicide, lawsuit, disharmony, evil spirits and there is “no permanent feng shui solutions”.


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