auspicious chinese name

Auspicious Chinese name 

baby auspicious chinese nameAn auspicious chinese name compensate inadequacies in a person’s 5-Element Birth Chart  configuration (year, month, day and  time of birth) 八字体用 & 格局 喜忌用神.

A famous chinese saying by Confucius’ analects state


Our Bazi is imperfect

These are common Bazi weaknesses:

a. birth profile that is too hot or cold
b. missing element or elements (wood, fire, earth, metal & water)
c. useful element 八字用神not found in existing birth chart
d. conflict or clashes found without mitigating element in birth structure
e. others

Parents birth profile clashes

There are some Chinese baby naming masters that required parents’ birth profiles for auspicious names for their child. Not sure why but is absolutely unnecessary.

First of all parents would have their own auspicious names that suit themselves. Why the child’s name must “suit” the parents? i suspect the reason is that they are thinking of “conflict” between them.

Over the years i have seen conflict between parents and child due to personality differences not because of bazi itself. Family conflict usually happen when members have different views or beliefs that clash or child’s growing stage of life to become an adult. Peaceful negotiation and respect for the other person’s point of view is the solution not “auspicious chinese name”.

Secondly parents favourable elements may differ from child. So do we cater to the parents or child? Who’s life are we concern about and what is the priority. Obviously is the child.

This nonsense about suitability with parents belong to China 封建时代 feudalism era. Where parents due to large number of children even disown their kids.

No such thing as Zodiac sign compatibility 

A good chinese name for baby is not based on the Zodiac animal sign on the year of birth. It is based on the entire Birth (bazi) chart year, month, day and time of birth. So there is no such thing as certain chinese characters suit certain zodiac animals.

For example one website stated that person born in Year of Ox required grass 草 部首的字 e.g. 艺, 艾, 苗, 華 because cow feed on grass. i am thinking if tiger feed on meat 肉部首 e.g. 肚, 肝, 胎, 胖. As for dragon not sure what is the menu?

Auspicious Chinese Name is to find a bazi solution

A person’s birth profile is broadly classify as “Standard” or “Special”.

Standard bazi classification reduce Day Master’s strength when it is strong and enhance it when weak so as to achieve balance. Special bazi classification is direct opposite to standard correction formula.

Sometimes it is not about evaluating a strong or weak day master but measuring the “temperature” of a person’s by birth month. For instance a Fire day master born in summer (Jun) is too hot and Water born in winter (Dec) is too cold. Imagine a “metal” person born in summer, it melts and freezes in winter. Hence the selection for an auspicious baby name is to mitigate the situation.

Sometimes the character selection for chinese name is to find a “mediator” between 2 conflicting elements. E.g. the clash of Fire and Water needed “wood” to correct the conflict.

Bazi life aspects falling short

In any birth structure all important aspects of life are represented e.g. health, relationship, career, wealth, parents etc. Sometimes a favourable element may fall short or destroyed entirely by another element. An auspicious chinese name fill in the void.

Take for instance below is a strong “water” person and does not possess sufficient wood which are “talents” OR fire represented as “wealth”. This will impede the child’s life when he or she grows up.

A well known chinese saying goes like this, “Instead of giving your child gold, teach him a skill. Instead of teaching him a skill, bestow a good name upon your child.”

Instant Computer-generated Chinese Name

There are some express auspicious Chinese Name service where turnaround time is within an hour that is “mass-produce” from computer-generated software. The software is based on a fixed algorithm to match auspicious numerology sequence 三才五格. It provides no help because the program does not analyse your child’s bazi lucky or unlucky elements.

Getting an auspicious name is one of the great Chinese wisdom to give your child a headstart in life. Since we can’t alter our bazi and change our luck, don’t deprive your child from this lifetime gift. He will appreciate your unconditional love when he grows up.

An Auspicious chinese name last a life time

A person’s name is like a brand. Choosing an auspicious Chinese name is a very personal thing. If your name is not done accurately, it does not sound good and it makes things difficult for your child to have a smooth journey in life.

One’s destiny depends on the birthday and the name represents one’s vitality. A good name invites praises and good feeling from others. It will cut down some unnecessary troubles, unhappiness, calamity and further improve your baby’s health and stability.

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