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Bazi + Ziwei bespoke query 子平法 + 紫微斗数

Bazi Ziwei Chinese Birth readingThe integration of ZiPing and ZiWei is a 2-in-1 Chinese birth reading service to provide you with an optimum answer to a certain aspect of life challenging questions. It integrates the strengths of Zi Ping Bazi 子平法and Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微b斗术. Let’s face it, sometime life sucks. At certain stage of our life we feel completely lost and needed answers to life’s direction.

Why 2-in-1 二合为一 Single aspect of life challenge

Zi Ping Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu are 2 of the most popular methods to analyse one’s birth chart. Personally i find one compensate the weakness of the other. Zi Ping approaches the Birth Chart with a broad macro overview whereas Zi Wei can be very detailed. The service is meant to answer a single aspect of your life for e.g. career, family, health, personal growth etc

When you forgot how to run your life

This service offers you help when you needed answers or guidance to make some Life Changing Decisions that will affect your future. Examples of some life changing decisions that will affect medium/long term planning are marriage, divorce, startup your own business, migration, choose of degree to study etc

Most people don’t know the profound effects of making life decisions. Often, we go through life unaware to what thoughts we are thinking and what actions we are taking. Every single decision we make are steps that shapes our current and future reality. It determines who we are as a person because we habitually follow through with our decisions-actions without even realizing it.

Some may go through life oblivious to the decisions/actions taken and regretted when it is too late. Take for instance a person may have have worked for the last 20 years and realised they are unhappy and no longer find their career satisfying or rewarding

If you’re unhappy with the results in your life right now, making the effort to changing your decisions starting today will be the key to creating the person you want to be and the life you want to have in the future. 

If you wanted an indepth analysis for your entire life is under Chinese Birth Reading 子平法

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