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Bespoke bazi-ziwei query 子平法 + 紫微斗数

chinese birth reading ziweidoushuThe integration of ZiPing and ZiWei 2 in 1 formula of Chinese birth reading query service is to provide you with an optimum answer to life challenges. Let’s face it, sometime life sucks. At certain stage of our life we feel completely lost and needed answers to life’s direction.

2-formula-in-1 二合为一 chinese birth reading

It integrates the strengths of 2 popular system namely Zi Ping Bazi 子平法 and Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗术. When you have exhausted all your resources to find  life solutions, this 2-formula-in-1 birth reading service may help you to find guidance and confidence.

Here are some aspects of life stages that one tends to feel lost. Depending on your question, this bazi-ziwei birth reading service examine life aspects such as:


  • Where are your best sources to make money?
  • Should you go into business and what type of business?
  • Should you take higher risks to make more money for yourself?


  • Is your marriage worth saving?
  • When will Mr or Ms Right appear?
  • Do you “really know” what are the characteristics you look for in your spouse

Character / Relationship

  • Where are my “true” talents & strengths?
  • What are my values, and am i true to them (not necessary money)?
  • What do i need to change about myself?
  • How can i improve my leadership skills?
  • Where are my relationship weaknesses?


  • What are your personal values
  • What nature of job that you enjoy doing (again and again)
  • Am i too old to make a career-switch
  • Are you working in the right job description that you enjoy & industry?
  • Do you know your “must haves” in your career
  • Should i resign or stay put?

The above examples are by no means exhaustive. Call or text us today if you need to know more about bespoke Bazi-ZiWei birth query service. Today, maybe the day you rediscover yourself, awaken to your true potential and live the life of your dreams.

The fee on 1 aspect of life is $88. The more  specific is your question the better you will benefit from this service. Therefore DO Not ask questions like will i be rich? the better question is “where are my money-making strengths?”

Please call/watsapp me at +65 9071-2121 or email your specific question to with your name, mobile, DOB & time.


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