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Key collection, initial door opening – NO feng shui basis

door opening ceremonyBased on authentic feng shui principles there is no such thing as “key-collection” ceremony or any date-selection formulas for “initial door-opening” or “key-collection”.

董公择日 黄道黑道 the Chinese almanac (通胜 / 通书/ 老黄历) commonly used as the authority to seek auspicious dates & time for important events such as weddings, opening ceremony, renovation etc. The almanac even contain  trivials like “nail-clipping”. Wonder why there is no record for Key-collection Day or Open Door? 

Made in Singapore ritual  

Well you may insist that olden days China, there is no such occasion. In other words this event is a “modern creation” of today’s feng shui masters and interestingly only practise in Singapore! This odd ritual is not carry out by other longer history of feng shui countries such as China, Taiwan or Hongkong. 

Not recorded in the Chinese almanac 通 胜/历

key collection dayYou can thumb through till your fingers drop but there is no such event as 开门 open door or any similar associations, under the Chinese Almanac  suitability 宜 column see illustration.

Trivials like cutting of finger & toe nails are recorded even. If this event is so significant don’t you think it should be documented compare to cutting of finger or toe nails which happen on a monthly basis?

There are events such as house-moving term as 入宅 for new house and 移徙 for resale.  Other related events for house includes renovation修造, groundbreaking 动土 etc because it involves the calculation of feng shui sectors 九宫八卦.  

feng shui locus 风水太极点

Legit feng shui must fulfill 3 fundamentals. The trinity of 天 heaven , 地 environment 人human.  I Ching call it 三才. Without the human factor physically move into the house, there is no positive or negative feng shui energy 风水太极点 created. 

On the other hand, renovation and shift in dates are necessary because it involves feng shui sectors and directions 宅命形气 坐向. It requires the harmony of house “fengshui destiny energy” to match the occupants before moving in. 


Chinese “custom 旺五方 or 拜四角”

However there is a “Chinese custom or ritual” (not feng shui) passed down many generations call 旺五方 or 拜四角. This custom is use to rejuvenate energy for “resale” houses particularly those with bad past occurences. 

key collection auspicious dayPersonally me find this ritual more useful than the mere act of rolling pineapples and shouting “huat” on top of your voice!. It is also amusing  that “pineapple” is chosen because it “sounded” lucky 旺来 ? Feng shui practice is NOT “sounding” good!

No Significance

Choosing an auspicious date, technically the significance is when you “officially use or consume it” which is when you move in. If common sense prevail, we have not stayed in the house and therefore no feng shui influence. Imagine if you owned 10 houses, only the house that you reside influence your luck. 

Rationale, Relevance and Objective

Next we examine the relevance for such action. If you wanted peace of mind why not choose an auspicious date to “complete the sale” where you are officially the legal owner of the house. This is definitely appropriate and reasonable.

Why do we choose auspicious date & time

Back to the basic why do we need to choose an auspicious date, in the first place?

This is either to speed up certain enhancement to bring good fortune or to avoid doing something wrong that may have bad repercussions. For instance  we need to choose a good date to avoid the dangers of annual bad sectors such as “3 killings 三煞方, misfortune 5 五黄.  Just like wedding dates to avoid conflict with couples’ birth profile. 

Date selection for specific objectives

Date selection for specific objectives does bring meaningful outcomes particular using feng shui formulas from qi men dun jia 奇门遁甲 or xuan kong da gua 玄空大卦 or bazi principles.

It is definitely not screaming “huat”, roll pineapples, sprinkle tea leaves and your house will bring you good fortune 🤣

This article was posted because i am tired of explaining how insignificant is initial door opening or key collection. Without bias if this action helps you to sleep better by all means do it.  

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