Key collection

Key collection – No such fengshui principle

There is no such thing as choosing an “auspicious date for Initial Door-Opening” i.e. key-collection and doing some funny ritual like rolling of pineapples or durains into the center of the house.

BUT There is a “CUSTOM” passed down many years ago known as “拜五方(四角)” – seeking for “earth’s” blessings  for new or resale apartment!

Feng shui Key collection Day rolling of pineapple

Do you think you will be affected by the house feng shui even before you are physically moved in? Will you choose a date to officiate getting car keys which can cost more than a house? How about choosing a lucky date to “exercise” the OTP for property transaction?

The Feng shui master/s who practice this not sure where they found this feng shui “classic principle”? from which “book”?  Maybe someone can share with me?

This “key collection” ceremony – rolling of pineapples, is more like a “belief” and custom than feng shui. It only “makes one feel good”, that’s it! If you open up the 通胜Annual Chinese almanac, you WILL NOT ABLE TO SEE such thing as “key collection-first day you open the door”. However you do need to choose auspicious dates for events such as 修造 renovation  移徙 relocation/migrate 作灶  change/reposition of stove 安床 installing the bed 入宅 shift in date  开市 office opening  出行 travelling  嫁娶 marriage 动土 renovation/earth-breaking etc.

“Key collection ceremony/ritual” is not based on feng shui principles

You can search till your fingers fly off but you will not be able to see “Key-Collection” or “Open-the-door-for-the-first-time” as an event? No surprise here because it is not based on Feng Shui principles. It is just a “ritual” that is practised by minority of local Singapore feng shui masters, not even globally. i would recommend for peace of mind reasons it is better to “拜五方” – praying for “earth’s” blessings than doing this “door opening”.

Objectively based on feng shui perspective, selecting an auspicious date for certain events, technically the significance is the timing you “officially use or consume it”! Thus the date of completion (for hdb/condo resale) when you are the legal owner (transfer of title) is even more significant than “door opening”?

So an empty house without any one staying inside has no “feng shui” influence on occupants. If you are fortunate to own 3 houses, the house feng shui  that you reside influences you not the other 2 where you probably tenanted out. In feng shui choosing an auspicious date to open the door “first-time” is totally insignificant and bears no consequences to the feng shui of your house. What really does matter is the date of renovation and the day of shift in.

Choosing an auspicious date for key-collection was not even found in the Chinese feng shui classics it was invention of today. It is “theatrical practice” by some feng shui masters in Singapore.


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