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Over the years i still received a lot of uniquely “Singapore” clients who enquire about choosing an “auspicious date for Initial Door-Opening” upon key-collection. Do you really think it is important to choose a date to open the door for the first time in view that you are not even physically staying inside? Do you choose a date to officially get the keys for your new car which can cost as much as a house? How about choosing a date to cut your hair? i know some who do it. If you open up the Annual Chinese almanac, you probably can see these chinese characters detailing what day and time to do what (highlighted in yellow) some examples:

修造 renovation  移徙 relocation/migrate 作灶  change/reposition of stove 安床 installing the bed 入宅 shift in date  开市 office opening  出行 travelling  嫁娶 marriage 动土 renovation/earth-breaking

No such feng shui event as “Key collection ceremony”

You can search till your fingers fly off but you will not be able to see “Key-Collection” or “Open-the-door-for-the-first-time” as an event? No surprise here because it is not based on Feng Shui principles.

Based on feng shui perspective selecting an auspicious date for certain events, technically the significance is the timing you “officially use or consume it” NOT JUST OWN IT! If the key-collection/door opening date logic follows then the date of completion (for hdb/condo resale) is even more significant because it is the official date that you are the legal owner, right? Let me try to explain this using an example of installing a new stove which requires a careful selection of an auspicious date/time. Unlike common thinking that the auspicious date is the duration that your contractor dismantle and install the stove but RELATIVELY MORE IMPORTANT IS THE TIMING THAT YOU START TO “USE THE NEW STOVE” which means to cook a meal or boil water. You can install a new stove today but if you have not use it then it plays no role to influence your home feng shui. Make sense isn’t it? Similarly when you officially collect the keys to open your home for the first time “you have not USE IT” meaning you did not sleep overnight, take a bath, have a meal  and stayed there for good. Check what to do on the Day of Shift in.

Think about this, for those who rich own many investment properties to rent or for capital appreciation, do you think they are bothered to choose a date for key-collection to open the door? Some even leave their house empty for a few years because they are fussy…so do you think that opening the house for the first time is important? This “ritual” is to give you peace of mind, nothing else. Choosing an auspicious date to open the door does not make you rich nor does the house influence you in any way because feng shui is the trilogy of “天地人三才风水human, heaven and physical environment” Just to quote you some Chinese classical principles “天圆地方,人头圆足方以应之。天有日月,人有两目。地有九州,人有九窍。天有风雨,人有喜怒。天有雷电,人有音声。天有四时,人有四肢。天有五音,人有五藏。天有六律,人有六府。天有冬夏,人有寒热…etc.

So an empty house without any one staying inside already violate the fundamental feng shui principle. In feng shui choosing an auspicious date to open the door “first-time” is totally insignificant and bears no consequences to the feng shui of your house. What really does matter is the date of renovation and the day of shift in.

Choosing an auspicious date for key-collection was not even found in the Chinese feng shui classics it was invention of today. It is “theatrical practice” by some feng shui masters in Singapore. Just to reiterate it breaks the fundamental trinity principle of “Heaven, Earth and Human 天地人三合”.

Feng shui Key collection Day rolling of pineapple

This article is written due to overwhelming enquiries and i don’t want to sound like a broken record explaining over the phone. Some feng shui masters charge a fee to provide this “ritual” service by rolling pineapples and chanting, you may want to follow this simple “custom” by some old grand masters of feng shui imparted to me through word of mouth but not supported by any classical feng shui books.

*For those who wanted the peace of mind to choose an auspicious date for key-collection (Edited Version)

Okay i have failed to convince you and for those “die-hard” fans who will lose sleep for not choosing an auspicious date and “ritual” for the initial door opening. Well you have the option to follow or not to follow this Chinese tradition passed down over the years.

Key collection ritual ingredients

The idea behind key collection and opens the door for the first time is a Chinese taboo belief that we should not enter our new house empty handed. So choose a good date for yourself and follow this EDITED version! Instead of follow blindly the rolling of the pineapple hoping that “旺来” same sound to assume the positive energy “carried by the pineapple” into the house. LOL.

This edition version include materials that eliminate stale negative energies ( like unwanted guests ) and materials believed to enhance wealth or luck.

Things to prepare:

Uncooked Rice
Sea Salt
Dry tea leaves
5 Red packet with $8 X Singapore $1 coin inside
4 cups of black vinegar
Green beans
2 units of Fao Gao (don’t get the white one)
5 types of seeded fruits must include 8 red apples and 10 oranges (avoid pears) and the remaining 3 types can be 1 packet of strawberries, 1 bunch of bananas, 1 bunch of grapes, 1 pineapple, 5 dragon fruits

singapore key collection blessing


4 corners of the Entire House

1. Mixed uncooked rice, sea salt, dry tea leaves and green beans in a cup or container and sprinkle sparingly along the perimeter of the entire house when you enter. Small amount will do.

2. When finished place 1 cup of black vinegar at each of the 4 corners of your house.

3. Similarly place 2 oranges and 1 red packet at the 4 corners of your house.

The Centre of the house

If the toilet is in the centre of the house, use the nearest point to the centre of the house.

4. Place 1 fa gao in the centre

5. Place 5 types of seeded fruits in the centre e.g. 5 red apples, 5 oranges, 1 bunch of bananas, 1 bunch of grapes, 1 packet of strawberries

6. Place the 1 remaining red packet in the centre.

Stove in the kitchen

7. Place 1 fa gao on the stove.

8. Place 3 red apples and 3 oranges on the stove

Leave these stuff for about 3 days and you can remove it after that. The money in the red packet you can spend it whatever you wish to.

*Actually this ritual comes with burning of candles, joss sticks and incense but i edited that part because every religion deserve a chance to follow.

Choosing an auspicious date for key-collection is just custom

Based on feng shui perspective, one will need an “auspicious date and time” for renovation and shift in date. The reason is because for renovation it concerns the feng shui sectoring and every year there are certain areas that you do not commence first. As for shift in we are physically shift in to sleep for the very first time and permanently.

Choosing an auspicious date for key collection is like you have to wear something red and brand new clothes on the first day of lunar chinese new year…So far you tell me does it work if you wear something “red” or “brand new” and that particularly year your luck is fantastic? If luck can be optimise so easily by wearing new clothes and hanging something red at your door on Chinese Lunar New Year to usher in good luck then i think feng shui masters are out of job.


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