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Key collection – Door Opening No such feng shui principle

If one is to follow authentic feng shui guidelines, there is no such thing as choosing an auspicious date for “initial door-opening” or “key-collection ceremony”. To verify whether such feng shui principle exist is simple. Authentic feng shui principles always involve basics such as “yin yang 阴阳 “, “5 elements五行 “, “power of trinity三合” i.e. heaven 天, human 人 & environment 地 and others. Heaven refers to timing, destiny, God’s blessing (for those with religion). Human refers to individual birth profile, capacity, character, personality, talents.  Enviroment is basically the internal and external physical terrain. Does this “initial door opening” fulfill these 3 fundamentals of feng shui? None of them.

Point 1. You have not stayed in the house

The simple truth is you have not stayed in the house, there will not be any “feng shui energy” affecting you or your family. Imagine if you are a billionaire who own 20 houses, which house feng shui will affect you? Of course the house you stayed. By doing this ritual merely gives you “peace of mind” at best.

Point 2. Difference between custom and feng shui

This “key collection” ceremony involves rolling of pineapples, is more like a “belief or custom” similar to wearing something red on the first day of Chinese New Year! Does wearing red make you prosperous “huat” for the year? Common sense tell us that wearing something red will not make you prosperous BUT education, hard work, good mental attitude and many other factors do!

Point 3. No such event found in Chinese almanac

although there are many methods to choose an auspicious date, let’s use the popular choice of Chinese almanac 通胜. If you go through the pages you will realise there is no such “event”. You can thumb through your fingers drop under the suitability 宜column and still will not find 开门 or 开锁(钥匙)?

However you do need to choose auspicious dates/time for events such as 修造 / 动土renovation 移徙 relocation/migrate 作灶 change/reposition of stove 安床 installing the bed 入宅 shift in date 开市 office opening 出行 travelling 嫁娶 marriage all clearly written in Chinese Almanac etc.

Point 4. Importance is the day you use it 

Choosing an auspicious date for certain events, technically the significance is the timing you “officially use or consume it”! Thus the “key-collection ceremony” or “open door ritual” is just drama and a total waste of time. You have not moved in permanently and is just an empty house that you open.

The fact that you are reading this article is probably you are worried, not to be bias if this ritual makes you happy by all means do it.

Point 5. Significance for Change of ownership

If you are the worry-wart why not choose an auspicious date for completion (hdb/condo resale) when you are officially the legal owner (transfer of title deed) of the house. This is definitely more significant than “door opening”.

*this article was written because i am tired of explaining the insignificant of such a trivia ritual which is only popular in Singapore.





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