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Kitchen Door should not be directly opposite the Main Door

Kitchen door should not be located directly opposite (not even partially) to the Main Door or Toilet door or Bedroom door 廚房 风水大忌 this is one of the major prohibited principle of kitchen feng shui! The latest addition of Singapore DBSS (Design, Build & Sell Scheme) flats layout come with Main Door directly faces the Kitchen Door! Omg. This is really very bad. The first impact is family members falling sick one after another especially related to heart, eyes, skin and blood. It causes family disharmony. Occupants will generally be bad-temper, short-fuse, financial loss or even accidents, it get’s worse if the sector itself already possess bad energy combo and HOME DESTINY is bad. Those units i have seen the distance between the kitchen door and the main door is so close less than 3 metre apart.

main door n kitchen feng shui

Singapore Kitchen feng shui Water (sink) and Fire (stove) confrontation 水 火 相 冲 – a Myth

Another amusing principle about kitchen feng shui is the exaggeration of the conflict between Water and Fire elements “水 火 相 冲”. To start off, how do you classify items that are “fire” or “water” elements? If you have seen some You tube videos you will realised that it is impossible to place any kitchen appliances without having this conflict of 水火相冲. The video categorises “water element” items as refrigerator, washing machine, washing basin, tap and “fire element” as microwave oven, grill oven, stove.

Given the limited space these days, the sink or washing basin area is normally located either opposite or next to the stove. Certain Feng Shui practitioners claim that is fire and water clashes. These kind of kitchen layout are very common in most metropolitan cities, such as Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei where property prices are exorbitant and locals can only afford shoe-box-apartment. Sometimes due to lack of space occupants need to stack up electrical appliances in the kitchen, for instance having the microwave oven on top of washing machine and positioning the fridge directly opposite the stove. If this water-fire clashes principle hold true a lot of people will be having intestine or cardio sicknesses.

kitchen feng shui

One example stood out from this fallacy is today’s washing machines that comes with a dryer, so do you consider this as  “water” the washing part or “fire” element the drying part? Does that means you cannot buy a washing machine cum dryer? Feng shui is suppose to make our life easier not harder!

Open kitchen concept – Intense fire element (Not advisable)

Based on feng shui perspective, the essence is not the island kitchen concept but where do you place the stove? Is it place directly opposite to the toilet? or bed ? or main door? Having any of the above conflicts is consider bad.

Objectively it is not good for hygiene reasons, your house smells and oily. Kitchen in feng shui is “fire-element” so if your home members birth profile does not need “fire elements” that will create health problems for them. In view of the current trend of intense fire such as the rampant use of mobile phones, laptop, electronic toys, it is not advisable to have “open-kitchen” concept unless all family members needs “fire” as their auspicious element.

singapore island kitchen feng shui

Another myth about Singapore kitchen feng shui is the number of stove/burners. One burner/stove equates one wife, 2 burners = 2 wives…Most families i consulted feng shui more than 10 years have at least 3 burners. Does that mean they have mistresses?

Generally speaking, the kitchen affects the female head of household. One have to pay attention to items place beneath the stove, check whether there is any items that is unsanitary such as rusty bottles, left over newspaper, paint etc. It will affect the female lower part of her body.

One fundamental principle is that the stove position should not be inside “wu gui” sector or any bad flying star combo such as 25, 52, etc.

STOVE should not be place beside the kitchen opening

One basic rule based on “form” factors is that you should not place your stove beside the kitchen door or opening. It should not be under any overhead beam as well.

Fallacy – Stove in North-West sector bad for the male breadwinner

One common misconception is that the stove should not be located within the North-West sector which is symbolic to “Heaven” in Chinese call “qian” 乾卦 Gua or the Male Head of family or you can term it as patriarch. The Chinese classic consider this as 火烧天门不利主 harmful to the elderly or patriarch. We all know that as a matter of fact there are 8 sectors in Ba Gua, we can also appreciate that for a certain building structurally the stove location is always fixed on a particular area for all the homes in that building due to the stability of gas piping system. Something like sewage system where it runs at the same sector for all the floors. Hence we can safely say statistically 1 out of 8 chances the stove is located in the North-West corner of a given building. Do you think that based on any population of a country is it possible that 12.5% of the male head of family or elderly male is not doing well in health and luck? This is just a sweeping statement which is similar to assumptions like North area represents Career, South-East represents wealth, South sector represent fame etc.  The fact to determine whether the stove is in the right position still rest on the energy combo based on House Destiny Xuan Kong 玄空飞星 flying star and other relevant feng shui principles.

Stove Direction questionable

By far Singapore kitchen feng shui attracts the most controversy over placement and directions! Even after more than one decade, there are still some who asked me an obsolete question regarding stove direction to suit Ba Zi (Birth Profile) favourable element or Gua Ming? Nowadays we used induction oven, unlike olden days the kitchen is out of the house and there is space below to feed the fire. Today we no longer need to put charcoal so there is no 火门. So how would one define direction for the stove – the knob/switches where you power on the burner or the pipe leading to start the fire? Some got creative by inventing the person cooking is the direction of stove? i have also seen some masters purposely slant the stove at a certain angle? It makes your kitchen looks weird. The extension of this concept goes into tilted Main Door and tilted bed placement as well.

stove direction feng shui

Hundred of years ago schools of feng shui do stress the importance to calculate the stove’s direction. Bear in mind during those days, the stove and toilet is constructed outside the house unlike now where the stove is installed inside the house. Due to lack of electricity and gas they used raw wood or charcoal to combust the fire so there is an entry point to allow the air (oxygen) 火门气口  to ignite the fire. This is why it is so important to calculate the “stove orientation”. So back to the question of how do you determine the stove direction in the absence of an oxygen entry point? None of our concern of course! Today we use city gas or electricity so it is not necessary to calculate the stove direction. Thus when we apply the principles of feng shui today, we must appreciate the environment, cultural factors, concept and rationale behind the principles rather than following it blindly. Some of the classical feng shui theories and principles have to discard, edit and update to fit today’s environment. In any field of studies not necessary restricted to the school of feng shui, we should constantly upgrade ourselves than fixated with past theories. Without continuous incremental improvement and change there is no innovation, creativity and we are still living in the stone age where there is no internet, no electricity? can you imagine that?


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