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Kitchen Door should not be directly opposite the Main Door

Kitchen door should not be located directly opposite (not even partially) to the Main Door or Toilet door or Bedroom door 廚房 风水大忌 this is one of the major prohibited principle of kitchen feng shui! It is as bad as having the common toilet in the centre of your house or sometimes even worse.  The latest addition of Singapore DBSS (Design, Build & Sell Scheme) flats come with the package of Main Door directly faces the Kitchen Door! Omg. This is really very bad home interior design. Some of the negative bad effects are continual sicknesses related to heart, eyes, skin and blood. It also affects family harmony and business networking. Occupants will generally be bad-temper, short-fuse, financial loss or even accidents, this get more damaging if the HOME DESTINY is bad and the energy of the flying star combo of the Kitchen or Main Door sector is bad. Those units i have seen the distance between the kitchen door and the main door is so close that i would estimate less than 3 metre apart.

Stove Direction is only RELEVANT in the PAST not NOW

By far Singapore kitchen feng shui attracts the most controversy over placement and directions! Even after more than one decade, there are still some who asked me an obsolete question regarding stove direction to suit Ba Zi (Birth Profile) favourable element or Gua Ming? Some even mentioned stove cannot face West?  Usually my reply is simple, “nowadays we use induction oven, what basis do you use to calculate the direction of your stove”? The usual reply are “the knobs”! (by the way knobs are wrong because they face upwards) or the gas piping? Some even got creative and mentioned the facing that the person cooks is the direction of the stove. Why?  i do not understand why the person that cooks determine the direction of the stove, what happen if he or she slants his/her body peering through the window scenery then that will form the basis of stove orientation?  i have also seen some masters purposely slant the stove at a certain angle? It makes your kitchen looks weird. The extension of this concept goes into tilted Main Door and tilted bed placement as well. Do you think it makes sense?

stove direction feng shui

Let’s use teleportation to go back in time 3,000 years ago where schools of feng shui stress the importance to calculate the stove’s direction. Bear in mind during those days, the stove and toilet is constructed outside the house unlike now where the stove is installed inside the house. Due to lack of electricity and gas they used raw wood or charcoal to combust the fire so there is an entry point to allow the air (oxygen) 火门气口  to ignite the fire. That is why it is so important during those days to calculate the stove orientation. Today if you still uses this conventional method to light up the fire then it is critical for you to add this into feng shui audit. However over the years in Singapore i have not seen any stove that is made in this manner? So back to the question of how do you determine the stove direction in the absence of an oxygen entry point? None of our concern of course! Today we use city gas or electricity so it is not necessary to calculate the stove direction. Thus when we apply the principles of feng shui today, we must appreciate the environment, cultural factors, concept and rationale behind the principles rather than following it blindly. Some of the classical feng shui theories and principles written 3,000 years ago we have to discard, edit and update it to fit today’s environment. In any field of studies not necessary restricted to the school of feng shui, we should constantly upgrade ourselves than fixated with past theories. Without continuous incremental improvement and change there is no innovation, creativity and we are still living in the stone age where there is no internet, no electricity? can you imagine that?

水 火 相 冲 Singapore Kitchen feng shui Water (sink) and Fire (stove) confrontation – a Myth

Another amusing principle about kitchen feng shui is the exaggeration of the conflict between Water and Fire elements “水 火 相 冲”. To start off, how do you classify which items within the kitchen belongs to “fire” or “water” elements? If you have seen some You tube videos you will realised that it is impossible to place any kitchen appliances without having this conflict of 水火相冲. The video categorises “water element” items as refrigerator, washing machine, washing basin, tap and “fire element” as microwave oven, grill oven, stove. To me this is suffering from feng shui myopia, concerning only the “little things” overlooking the “big picture” in kitchen feng shui.

Kindly allow me to explain, given the limited space with most homes today, the sink or washing basin area is normally located either opposite or next to the stove. Certain Feng Shui practitioners claim that is fire and water clashes. These kind of kitchen layout are very common in most metropolitan cities, such as Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei where property prices are exorbitant and locals can only afford shoe-box-apartment. Sometimes due to lack of space occupants need to stack up electrical appliances in the kitchen, for instance having the microwave oven on top of washing machine and positioning the fridge directly opposite the stove. If this water-fire clashes principle hold true a lot of people will be having intestine or eye sicknesses.

kitchen feng shui

Thousand of years ago there are no modern kitchen appliances like the microwave, refrigerator, induction oven etc and somehow the rationale of these items are categorise into “water” and “fire” element items. The best way to understand how feng shui works is through hands-on experiences and luckily i do have the pleasure to gather feedback from my clients whether they face these problems as claimed by other feng shui masters on issues such as microwave oven (fire) faces the fridge (water) or washing machine (water). From statistics there are no such problems.

One example stood out from this fallacy is today’s washing machines that comes with a dryer, so do you consider this as  “water” the washing part or “fire” element the drying part? Does that means you cannot buy a washing machine cum dryer? Feng shui is suppose to make our life easier not harder!

Singapore island kitchen/burners feng shui myth – number of wives

A client once asked me whether having an island kitchen at home is detrimental to marriage? This is rather hilarious to me. If you may notice island kitchen concept has been an integral part of home design for condos at least over the last 10 years. If that holds true then we should see an average of 25,000 units of less-than-one-year resale condo supply every year. One thing is true though in the absence of an enclosed area the “aroma” of the fish or chicken that you fried will seep into your clothes or furniture. So you may smell fishy to your wife or girlfriend when you go to work or party! LOL. From a feng shui assessment point of view, the essence is not the island kitchen concept but where do you place the stove? Is it place directly opposite to the toilet? or bed ? or main door?

In summary the current trend of kitchen interior design both the wet and dry – island kitchen concept; is not so good for hygiene than feng shui reasons. It causes problems like smell and oily furniture. However if you have a hardworking maid that cleans regularly or you have something that can eliminate the “odor” i do not foresee any problem.

singapore island kitchen feng shui

Another myth about Singapore kitchen feng shui is the number of stove/burners. One burner/stove equates one wife, 2 burners = 2 wives…Most families i consulted feng shui more than 10 years have at least 3 burners. So far i have not seen 3 wives in the household. i have 4 burners at home how i wish i have 4 wives! LOL.

Generally speaking, for the female head of household you have to pay special attention to the kitchen area. The impact of kitchen feng shui affect you the most. However one also have to consider which sector i.e. N, S, E, W is the location of stove and the home destiny energy combo within the sector. The kitchen area in most Singapore houses are generally fixed unless you are rebuilding your own landed property. The placement of stove must be considered carefully not the kitchen area in order to benefit the family’s health and development.

One fundamental principle is that the stove position should not be inside “wu gui” sector and bad combo of flying star e.g. 2,5, & 9, etc. You also have to avoid physical “form” factors  that may cause problem to your stove. One notable example is that the stove should not be place on either side of the kitchen door entrance.

Fallacy – Stove located in the North-West sector bad for the male breadwinner

One common misconception is that the stove should not be located within the North-West sector which is symbolic to “Heaven” in Chinese call “qian” 乾卦 Gua or the Male Head of family or you can term it as patriarch. The Chinese classic consider this as 火烧天门不利主 harmful to the elderly or patriarch. We all know that as a matter of fact there are 8 sectors in Ba Gua, we can also appreciate that for a certain building structurally the stove location is always fixed on a particular area for all the homes in that building due to the stability of gas piping system. Something like sewage system where it runs at the same sector for all the floors. Hence we can safely say statistically 1 out of 8 chances the stove is located in the North-West corner of a given building. Do you think that based on any population of a country is it possible that 12.5% of the male head of family or elderly male is not doing well in health and luck? This is just a general sweeping statement which is quite similar to assumptions like North area represents Career, South-East represents wealth, South sector represent fame etc.  The fact to determine whether the stove is in the right position still rest on the energy combo based on House Destiny Xuan Kong 玄空飞星 flying star and other relevant feng shui principles.  Over the years i have also double-checked with owners there is no such truth that stove in the North-West sector is bad for the Male head of household or the elderly. Those who still observe this principle i suspect are not really hands-on doing feng shui on a day-to-day basis.

Check list for stove placement feng shui

Is your stove rusty? dirty and oily? then you have to watch out for any hidden sicknesses, food poisoning because it affects the family and personal hygiene which is common sense than feng shui.

Does your Main Door opens directly opposite to the Stove position? that will be a disastrous feng shui problem!

Yet another common feng shui misconception “开门见 灶 , 钱财多耗” considers that if you can see within your line of sight your stove from the Main Door (very common in island kitchen concept) will result in financial loss as illustrated below red dotted arrow. This is totally untrue, so no worries! However one cannot have your stove along the green dotted arrow which will definitely cause health issues and other problems.

Kitchen feng shui stove

When was the last time you renovated your stove? Did you pick an auspicious date to revamp your old stove ? Did something bad happen after the renovation?

Do you place your rubbish on top or under your stove? not good for hygiene.

Above your stove do you have an overhead beam? not good for the cook.

Do you have a wall at the back of your stove or is it a window? Window no, Fire hazard.

Some consider the fridge as “Wealth Storage” 财库 but there are no supporting rationale behind it?

Those listed above are general guidelines that caused bad repercussions to health, wealth and relationships. The kitchen should not land in San Yuan feng shui sectors having the combo of (2,5), (5,2), (5,9), (9,5), (2,7), (7,2) or any combinations with 2,5, 7, 9 in general. If it happens, cures are necessary because the stove and kitchen position does influences the health of the entire family. Modern stove like the induction oven do not have any orientation unlike olden theories. It is the stove positioning that is of paramount importance.

The stove position should not be in direct opposite direction to the toilet door or any door for that matter. First for hygiene reasons, secondly toilet is water and stove is fire they are conflicting elements. This is very bad and will result in quarrels, tension between couples, sicknesses such as kidney, urinary, heart, eyes, blood, skin and reproduction problems

i have seen some rare house layout where 1 single door serves both the kitchen and toilet. This causes negative energies like constipation, bowel problems. The occupants have to pass through the toilet before going into the kitchen, very strange layout.

The floor level of the kitchen should not be higher than the living hall, bedrooms etc, and this is for efficient drainage reasons not feng shui. The stove should not be placed under ceiling beams, it cause work stress and bad money luck to the person cooking not the stove itself. The stove should not be backed by mirrors or facing it. It causes disharmony, wealth, health problems. Do be cautious about placing mirrors in your home it does create unnecessary bad energies and there is no such thing as having a mirror doubling your abundance.

Similar to the toilet, the stove should not be located in the centre of the entire house. Some condos that i have seen have such layout which is bad for health and wealth.


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