Business feng shui

Business Feng Shui service 商业风水佈局

Why do top fortune 500 companies used business feng shui service for their already successful business? 

  • To increase revenue & profitability
  • To raise productivity for all staff
  • To find solutions for an immediate problem when all else failed
  • To foster team spirit and ensure harmony in all departments
  • To improve on a a specific function e.g. instilling a sense of urgency among staff

Office feng shui energy map 

Please allow me to explain how business feng shui service can work for you? It is easier to explain with an example. Below shows a typical Office Destiny Energy Chart. The energy chart is like DNA inborn together with the premise. It is like wifi signal invisible but exists. All offices possess positive and negative energy sectors.

business feng shui service


3 simple steps to provide the best possible workplace on Earth

After identifying the Office Destiny chart, the first thing to do is to neutralise the negative influence (化煞为权) and bad structural forms. The picture shows 4 negative areas to resolve money loss, sickness, lawsuit and clouded mind. If the bad energy is not mitigated, consequences of recurring negative sales, employees falling sick, contract errors etc will follow.

Say “no” to Commercial Feng Shui items

Next amplify the positive zones. This is through managing the movement and major sitting arrangement. Match Key personnel to relevant energy. E.g. CEO in power position and Finance director in a mental clarity area. The concept is to actively use the positive zones and play down on the negatives.

The business feng shui approach IS NOT to spend thousands of dollars to place lucky feng shui charms all over the office. Authentic feng shui does not require you to place commercial feng shui items like a chinese restaurant.

Quick results is the new norm in business 时间空间的互动

Today, we live in rapidly changing times. Businesses need to adapt, to grow and compete on a global stage. Speed & Change is the new norm. Thus the final step is to incoporate Annual Xuan Kong 玄空 & other feng shui formula schools to accelerate business success.

Some of the benefits in business destiny feng shui consultation:

  • Improve sales and profits by activating quality wealth sector
  • Enhance Company’s “reputation” and Brand image
  • Raise harmony & productivity for better staff cohesion, health & retention
  • Boost customers’ experience, retention and loyalty
  • Bazi Bonus short tips for 3 Key personnel to elevate individual luck
  • Matching departments to relevant energy for higher productivity
  • Executive summary report for future record and reviews

What to expect onsite

The onsite visit is divided into 2 parts. Feng shui and bonus bazi tips. We will do the feng shui walk-through together and explain energy of each sector with solutions. The entire consultation will take up to 1.5 to 2 hours.

Information for Quotation 

Company Name, size of office, address and contact person / mobile number

Details needed prior to onsite visit

  • Any other specific objective you wanted to achieve
  • Office Floor plan.
  • 3 personnel of your choice providing DOB with time, name, gender for Bazi Bonus tips
  • If you are the owner of the premise, the Year & Month of Shift-in.
  • If you are the tenant, the Year that your landlord did a major renovation or date of purchase

Payment Terms:

Cash or PayNow. Cheque payment or iBanking to arrange prior to the onsite visit


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