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Feng Shui Master Business Feng Shui – an Objective Updated approach 商业风水佈局

Business Feng Shui  “相地术 (天文地理学)”, the optimisation of office’s energy’s (理气) interaction with it’s physical environment (峦头) through feng shui applications. The objectives of business feng shui is to improve employees’ morale, harmony, efficiency & productivity thereby achieving Company’s business goals. Gone are the days of dressing your office with figurines of dragons, unicorns, tortoise… Feng Shui Master recommendations are distilled from more than 10 years of “hands-on” experiences that work. The feng shui solutions may look simple, yet it is based on traditional feng shui principles of  yin-yang 阴阳, active-passive 动静, shape 形, symbolism 象, 理, 数 etc.

Benefits to engage Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd for business feng shui:

  • Determine and analyse the “宅命Destiny” of your office
  • Activate Sales and Profit 财位 sectors
  • Enhance Company’s Corporate Branding from customer perspective 催官位
  • Position Key staff at “leadership” sectors
  • Improve staff cohesion, productivity & retention by diluting sectors that induces conflict and disloyalty
  • Health enhancement for all staff 健康 thereby improve productivity
  • Encourage customers’ retention
  • Matching the right fengshui sectors with the right functions of the Company i.e. finance, marketing, sales, PR, operation etc
  • 2 Bonus Bazi lucky elements reading for 2 Key personnel of your choice
  • Soft copy of the executive summary feng shui report documenting key recommendations within 3 business days. Bonus Bazi Tips are not included in the report.
  • Incorporate Annual feng shui for rapid results
  • Auspicious renovation & move in date with time will be provided if new office

Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd business feng shui approach

  1. Calculate and determine the “Office/Shop Feng Shui Destiny 宅命”.
  2. Explain the energies of each individual sector in your office. Recommend rectifications or enhancements. Fit the right department to the right sector.
  3. Activate the “positive human traffic-movement (吉凶悔吝者,生乎动者也)”.
  4. Energize wealth, harmony, status, benefactors sectors and dilute the Negativism of sickness, conflict and disloyalty.
  5. 2 Bonus Bazi 八字用神 (birth profile) lucky element tips.


  • Company Name
  • Size (area) of your office/shop/restaurant/factory
  • Number of floor level
  • Type or nature of business
  • Business address with postal code
  • Name of Contact person and Mobile number

BUSINESS feng shui consultation – details to be submitted minimum 3 days prior to appointment

  • SCAN COPY of your floor plan not capture by mobile phone.
  • Birth details including time of birth, gender, of 2 Key personnel of your choice (English calendar).
  • If you are the owner of the premise, the Year & Month of Shift-in.
  • If you are the tenant, the Year & Month that your landlord last done a major renovation to the building or date of purchase

Incomplete or inaccurate information will be subjected to postponement or cancellation or additional fees.

What to expect during the Office/Shop Feng Shui visit

  • Depending on the size it usually takes about 1-2 hr – inspecting and analysing the office environment, feng shui readings and analysis.
  • Full payment in Cash or paynow/paylah during after onsite consultation. Cheque payment or iBanking can be arranged prior to the onsite visit

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