Business feng shui

Business Feng Shui service 商业 风水佈局 东方的知慧

business feng shui service

Master Chan 曾 business feng shui is to create a positive working environment for your employees, increase sales & profits by attracting vital life 三元纳气 & managing office Business Destiny’s Energy  interaction with it’s Environment 形 (内外峦头) 与 气 (宅命 纳旺 理气)兼备. 

The concept is to capitalise and utilise the most “current & prosperous qi (energy)”. It is  based on Xuan Kong Luck Cycle formula of 三元九运 regards to 20 years change 时间 for a given space 空间 .

feng shui office

It is all about “timing” to improve profits

feng shui timingQi 气, translate as air does not fully describe it’s complete meaning,  you can call it energy like WiFi signals invisible but exist.

Harnessing the latest energy and incorporating “零正催照神 water & mountain” positions will improve team building, raising productivity and revenue growth. Happy employees make happy customers.

Non-religious/spiritual No feng shui products Just old school feng shui in modern context

The office feng shui recommendations involve re-arrangement of layout, doors, fengshui remedies and managing personnel movement. This is to enhance the harmony of 5 Elements, yin-yang motion 阴阳交媾,  三元挨星, 三元先后天卦纳气,  active-passive 动静 etc

As a bonus, the office feng shui audit includes Bazi life short tips for 3 Key personnel of your choice and auspicious dates for renovation & shift-in.

A customised feng shui report within 5-7 business days for your record but not bonus bazi tips because answers are off the top of my head.

Master Chan 曾氏玄学 Business Feng Shui methodology

正信正知玄学 信而不迷 方能得益 东方之科学 来改善商业财运 

business feng shui


4 Key Factors for Business feng shui success

The onsite visit is divided into 2 parts. Feng shui and bonus bazi short tips.

First of all, calculate the Office Feng Shui Destiny Energy chart. Step 2 reveal your office positive sectors such as wealth, health, status, negative and neutral sectors. A walk-through of the entire office feng shui and energy of each sector will be explained to you with solutions. Focus on 4 Key Factors of Office feng shui success i.e. Destiny, Main Door, Key personnel locations/doors and movement. 

The entire consultation will take up to 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the size of your office. A customised copy of the feng shui report (not computer-generated) will be given to you within 7-10 business days. Bonus bazi tips will not be in the report because it is spontaneous.

Quotation for office feng shui

Email details to your Company Name, office size, number of floor levels, address, contact person & mobile number

Information required before visit

  • High resolution Office Floor plan/s
  • 4 Key personnel DOB with time of birth western calendar of your choice for Bazi Bonus short life tips
  • If you are the owner of the premise, the Year & Month of Shift-in.
  • If you are the tenant, the Year that your landlord did a major renovation or date of purchase

Terms & conditions

Cheque payment is not accepted
Local payment: iBanking or Pay Now to mobile
Overseas: Paypal to my email account

Onsite consultation hours: 2.30pm to 6pm Weekdays

contact or watsapp:
master chan +65 90712121


business feng shui service



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