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Chinese Birth Reading (八字 Bazi) who are you?

chinese birth readingOne of the well known Chinese Birth reading formula Zi Ping Fa 子平法 is a chinese metaphysics system to analyse your Destiny based on date of birth & time.

By analysing your birth chart it reveals your strengths/weaknesses, life’s directions such as career, wealth, relationships and other aspects of life.

It provides insights about your past & make known your current situation & future directions. Some call it Destiny or Life’s calling. Understanding your life opportunities, roadblocks and detours helps you to take action  and make the best out of a given situation.

take proactive actions  😀  NOT lucky amulets 

玄学 信而不迷 方能得益  命随心改 运随心转 改善命运 认识自己 改变性格 好心 好话 好事

Bazi reading is NOT buying some expensive “blessed” charms or amulets and voila your life problems are solved!

If life challenges are so easily solved without effort. Then there is no suffering, broken marriages, career crisis, financial troubles, illnesses etc.

Most are convinced that by wearing some “lucky amulets” their bad luck will vanish into thin air. Understandably this is the easiest way out &  “psychologically” makes you feel good because you think that you have done something with your life.  Why pay thousands to make yourself feel good? You are better off donating the money to charities. What it takes is a positive attitude and strong will.

Are you prepare to know yourself & make changes

知命 运命 运由己造  改心  改态度 预知运势  积极面对 提升生活

Let me share a secret with you. The solution is already in-built in you. It is self-discipline 克己, positive attitude, personality tweak, changing your life habits etc. Similar to feng shui, bazi reading “supplements” your life. It deciphers your birth chart, reveals your future directions thus provide you with insights so that you can make better choices in life. The reading itself does not magically transform your luck.

The rationale for the consultation is to raise self-awareness, expose your personality strengths & flaws, so that you can work on it. Revelations about your future puts you in a better position to deal with your life challenges and rewards.  For e.g. if your 10-year luck forecast reveals your career is going uphill, you can make “pro-active” preparations like switch up your career, develop a new skill, start your own business.  

On the flip side of the coin anticipating setbacks helps you to make adjustments and course-correcting decisions/actions. One can’t let “destiny” dictate our fate.

are you comfortable when you are uncomfortable 

bazi master chan

First accept who you are.

After so many years of hands-on consultation experiences i came to the conclusion that it is not a situation where there are no solutions but it is really difficult to dance when your life hit a rough patch. It demands courage & determination to accept, adapt and take corrective action.

It requires you to step out of your comfort zone, alter your attitude thereby changing your behaviour.

Bottom line is your attitude, effort & discipline to embrace who you are and alter your lifestyle, habits, behaviour & expectations to effect a more meaningful & fruitful life for yourself. Obviously “change” is not easy. Some tweaking on your home feng shui can provide supplementary help but the real deal is still YOU! 

Change can be a painful process “if” we view it negatively.

birth reading

No one can improve your luck except yourself! Chinese birth reading tells you how, why & what. The onus is on you to decide how you going to deal with it. We provide the recipe you do the cooking. 

子平八字 Zi Ping bazi reading in 2 format 

If you are unsure about your future and constantly underachieving your goals (even with discipline, education, focus, hard work etc) then this Chinese birth reading service may help you to with some answers in life and reduce your anxieties.

Please note that you must come with an open, receptive mind. The courage to accept and prepare to change your habits/lifestyle to make a difference. Because the consultation will reveal the good, bad and ugly about you.

a. face-to-face (local) or video call (overseas) $488

A face-to-face or video chat with Bazi Master Chan helps you to gain a better perspective about yourself and aspects of life surrounding you. It is a heart-to-heart discussion that requires you to be completely honest about yourself. The difference between verbal & written is waiting time and fluidity because it is unstructured unlike written report.

The 2 hour plus session will objectively help you to understand yourself better, your potential, career, opportunities, relationships and others. It helps you to make better decisions for your future.

There is no written report just a short summary so do prepare to take notes.

The appointment is pre-book in advance. Email your birth details with time of birth (solar calendar), mobile no and name to A good faith deposit of $100 by paynow or paylah via mobile no: 9071-2121 to book the appointment. If you cancel the appointment the $100 deposit will be forfeited. Balance of payment to be collected at the end of consultation. 

Working hours: 2pm – 6pm

b. written format $1288 (please check with me before payment)

part 1 – Day Master & Structure 日主, 月令, 格局

a. day Master – who are you? 八字体用 vis-à-vis with birth structure 八字格局高低 quality?
b. birth structure beneficial vs unhelpful elements? 喜忌配合 有情无情? 有力无力?
c. quality of your useful element, rooting, intensity etc
d. profile deviation – Standard 正格 or Non-standard 从格 
e. bazi structural options using which element 用神調候通关 (not necessary all present)
f. where are the hurdles and prizes?

part 2 – Birth profile traits, motivations & directions

This section tells you, “who you really are”. Day Master SWOT analysis. Where your talents lie, your inner motivations and what directions you should take.

part 3 – Graphic presentation of your future with succinct comments 

A plotted graph of your life i.e. past, current & future 8 x 10 year Luck pillar. The focus is on current 10-Year luck period and the future. What preparations, directions and course of action for each individual 10-year phase. There is no graphs for face-to-face.

part 4 – Recommendations to improve your life

Tips to help you with Health, Career, Marriage, Fengshui, Timing etc. What you need to do to improve your life, not some talisman and hope that luck will improve without effort.

full payment to get started.
local payment by PayNow or PayLah to my mobile no: 9071 2121
Waiting time about 1-3 months for a written report.
Information needed: Birth details (Solar/English calendar) including time (no need to adjust for Singapore time difference) &
Gender. Any realistic objectives to focus on. 

credit card for overseas  payment only 

Please do consider giving back to the community if you have benefited from this bazi service


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