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Chinese Birth Reading (Bazi 子平法)

chinese birth readingChinese Birth reading, commonly call Bazi 子平法 is a chinese metaphysics system to analyse our birth profile so as to help us achieve our goals and actualise our full potential.

Self-awareness & actualisation program

It is not wearing some lucky charm or jadeite and voila your life problems solved & you become more successful. If we are naive to think that improvement in life is solve by wearing or placing something then i believed there wouldn’t be heartbreaking moments like divorce, messed-up career, financial troubles, insolvency, illnesses etc. You don’t need to consult a bazi master just some good online shopping will do just fine.

Just like feng shui it only “supplement” our luck by 20-25% the rest is all our own effort. Chinese birth reading is to raise your self-awareness and let you know your future directions. By understanding yourself better is all you to put in the effort towards a more meaningful & fruitful life.

What is luck?

chinese birth readingHelping a person’s bazi problem or luck is NOT a situation where there are no solutions. BUT requires one to accept, adapt, advance and take action. It involves you stepping out of your comfort zone such as tweaking your character, behaviour, personality, lifestyle and habits etc. Change can be a painful process if we look at it negatively.

命由天定  知命而运命
运由己造  运变改心  改态度 预知运势  积极面对 提升生活

Bazi Reading is a tool to uncover your talents, strengths, weaknesses, potential, opportunities and likely challenges. It is like a navigation system revealing your future, what directions to take with a higher probability of success. A program to raise self-understanding. What motivates, how we make decisions, how we respond and how we relate with people. A program to troubleshoot your weaknesses.

Key life aspects of Chinese Birth Reading

Bazi reading covers key aspects such as character, health, wealth, career, relationship self-development (learning)…etc. The emphasis depends on the stage of life you are in. These aspects are not mutually exclusive. If you are unsure about your future and constantly underachieving your goals then this Chinese birth reading can guide you and reduce anxieties.

Right choices Right decisions  Right actions Right people Right timing

No one can change your luck except yourself! Chinese birth reading tells you how, why & what. The onus is on you to decide what you going to do with it. We provide the recipe you do the cooking. To quote Albert Einstein, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Chinese birth reading face-to-face or written 

Please note that you must have the courage to accept things you can’t change and wisdom to do things that you can change to make a difference in your life. Because the report is on point to reveal the good and the bad.

A. Verbal face-to-face discussion or Video Chat (overseas)

A face-to-face or video chat with Master Chan allows for Q & A interaction, unlike report which is structured. This is beneficial for people who wanted in-depth answers on specific areas of their life. A one-page Bazi summary will be given and do prepare to take notes.

Face-to-face or Video chat consultation fee is $398

The appointment is pre-book in advance. Email to giving your birth details, contact number and name. A good faith deposit of $100 by paynow or paylah via mobile no: 9071-2121 to firm up the appointment. Any realistic objectives you wanted to focus on.

B. Written Report format – Feng Shui Master Singapore

Part 1 – Day Master & Structure 日主, 月令, 格局

a. day Master – who are you? 八字体用 vis-à-vis with birth structure 八字格局高低 quality?
b. birth structure favourable & unfavourable elements? 喜忌配合 有情无情? 有力无力?
c. quality of your favourable element, rooting, intensity etc
d. any profile deviation – Standard 正格 vs Non-standard 从格 
e. bazi structural options using which element 用神調候通关 (not necessary all present)
f. where are the hurdles and prizes?

Part 2 – Birth profile traits, motivations & directions

This section tells you, “who you really are”. Day Master SWOT analysis. Where your talents lie, your inner motivations and what directions you should take.

Part 3 – Graphic presentation of your future with succinct comments 

A plotted graph of your life i.e. past, current & future 8 x 10 year Luck pillar. The focus is on current 10-Year luck period and the future. What preparations, directions and course of action for each individual 10-year phase.

Part 4 – Recommendations to improve your life

Tips to help you with Health, Career, Marriage, Fengshui, Timing etc. What you need to do to improve your life, not some talisman and hope that luck will improve without effort.

Consultation fee for the written report is $988

Payment must be made to get started.
Waiting time is 1-2 months for a written report.
Information needed: Birth details (Solar/English calendar) including time (no need to adjust for country time difference) & 
Gender. Any area or realistic objectives you wanted to focus on. 

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