Auspicious Date is Significant

why auspicious datesWhy auspicious date selection is important

Many ignore the significance of choosing an auspicious date for important events such as renovation, move-in, wedding etc. The repercussions for choosing a bad date and time can have a damaging long term effect !

Olden days most masters or public at large uses the Chinese almanac 通书/通胜. This system originates from 董公择日法 黄黑道. Today there are so many formula schools to make it so much better. 

Key criteria for auspicious dates selection:

  • it must not conflict with the Year zodiac sign of the person/s involved
  • should not conflict with the 宅命 House Destiny Chart if it involves the home particularly reno & move-in
  • dates should enhance the health, career, prosperity of occupants 真禄马贵人
  • ideally it should be compatible with 六十甲子卦命 (NOT the 8 type of 年命卦)
  • if possible matches with bazi useful element for the breadwinner at the same compatible with all family members concern
  • if possible the date fulfills 三元 三合 董公 日课

Please allow me to share with you one case study for easy understanding. A Home Destiny that is sitting North 358 degree facing South 子山午向. See picture extracted from classic by 钦天监历克择藏书 . In today’s context board of astronomy & mathematican, serving the emperor. Notice the compatibility of “water” element that suits the person and his home Destiny 玄空大卦-同类尊贵. Also there is no conflict between year, month, day & time stem with the roots.

One have to take note that such an auspicious date selection is unable to do if the time frame given is less than 6 months to 1 year.

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