Auspicious Date is Significant

why auspicious datesWhy auspicious date selection is important

Many ignore the significance of choosing an auspicious date for important events such as renovation, move-in, wedding etc. The repercussions for choosing a bad date and time can have a damaging long term effect !

Olden days most masters & general public uses the Chinese almanac 通书/通胜. This system originates from 董公择日法 黄黑道. Today there are so many formula schools to choose from to make it better. 

Please allow me to share with you one case study for easy understanding. A Home Destiny that is sitting North 358 degree facing South 子山午向. See picture extracted from 钦天监历克择藏书 . In today’s context these are board of astronomy & mathematican, serving the emperor.

Key criteria for auspicious dates selection:

  • it must not conflict with the Year zodiac sign of the person/s involved
  • should not conflict with the 宅命 House Destiny Chart if it involves the home particularly reno & move-in
  • dates should enhance the health, career, prosperity of occupants 真禄马贵人
  • ideally it should be compatible with 六十甲子卦命 (NOT the 8 type of 年命卦)
  • if possible matches with bazi useful element for the breadwinner and compatible with all family members
  • the date and timing have to fulfill 三元 三合 董公 吉日 吉时

Xuan Kong Da Gua auspicious date selection

One have to take note that using such formula may requires 6 months to 1 year. Notice the compatibility of “water” element that suits the person and his home Destiny 玄空大卦-同类尊贵. Also there is no conflict between year, month, day & time stem with the roots.

auspicious date feng shui

Lunar 7th month to AVOID on any basis ?

Another interesting belief passing around is that one can’t do stuff like renovation, weddings, shift in during 7th – Ghost month. In this case there are only 11 months in a calendar year to execute bazi reading, feng shui home/office etc and also Chinese almanac 通书 would skip this month for auspicious dates and time.

See illustration on lunar 7th month after 08 Aug 立秋,  within South sector 丙山 is favourable based on 太阳到山 principles, one of the many auspicious date selection techniques.

7th month auspicious dates


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